Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jupiter+Moon+Venus=Smiley Moon!!!

1st December was such a memorable night!! Guess what? The sky was lighten up by the conjunction of Jupiter, Venus and Moon which forms a beautiful smiley!! As you could see, the brighter one (the left smiley-eye) was the Jupiter.. Once again, it's beautiful and miraculous!!

From some source, this conjunction was rarely occur.. And, it wouldn't reoccur until 2012.. (what a long wait!!)Wow!! I'm so lucky as I have chance to see it!! At some Asians countries, the conjunction forms smiley face, but some of the western countries have the sad-smiley forms.. well, maybe it's the effect of the crescent moon formation (dunno any word to say..)..

At my place, the formation occurs for just 15 or 20 minutes as that night was a little to windy.. For the moment my family and I realized it, we were so excited that we're shouting!!(not to loud..). I've tried to snap some pics, but.. my camera was on low-battery.. huhu.. fortunately in internet there's lot of it.. here are some of it..

view from Japan

beautiful scene from Australia

this one is from England.. ):

pretty snap at Maple Bay,Canada

This is somewhere at Mexico.. nice scene..