Tuesday, March 29, 2011

[VidSpam] Park Jung Min & Kim Hyung Jun with Kibum on Seoul 2011 Fashion Week.

They're getting more charming, eh? keke.. Here, I love the close bond between Hyung Jun and Kibum.
He's a very supportive brother~^^
And.. Jung Min still with his habit on tilting his head when his being photographed. XD
To tall, I guess? *he's cute~*

[Dream Journal] I Dreamed of Piro Piro~ XD -29th March '11-

Wahaha~ I'm starting this type of post as a remembrance ~ ♥

Last night, I dreamed of.. me and my friends went to Piro Piro main office! lolz~ total absurd.

During that time, me with my usual two friends, Mimi & Nora went to the main office, all of us got a piece of paper on our hands for his signature.

But, when we seek Hyung Jun, he was out. So I insists to go home. But my friend, Nora wants to stay. (I dunno how Piro Piro's office on Korea be so nearby with my house) So as I left, I gave her my paper for his sign.

Later, she came at my house, with a wide smile. She said she met Hyung Jun! She even recorded how they met, there were several other fans too. I saw the vid on how he gave speech, just like how he does in a showcase!  But, my friends sadly said there's no autograph to have. He can't give one, so I was so disappointed for not waiting there~

Not so long after that..

"Baby let me love ya.. love ya.. love ya~!!" 

Ok.. that's my alarm tone. My phone has rang me up. No more dream~ T__T

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Young Saeng, Kyu Jong AND STORY~♥

When I browse on Liezle's, I found out that KyuSaeng's webby is already open~^^ it's a nice website.. 
Young Saeng's is now available for foreign member. But I gave up upon logging in. Too much problems~ T_T maybe will try conatct some friends of mine on how to join the webby..

Without logging in, can still see the gallery, but can't post on the fan board. Haish~ what to do.. I better learn Hangul more next time~ =,= 

By the way, B2M post photos of Saengie doing his recording. Ah~ somehow I could hear the song he sang~ lolz! 

Trans. A studio that was opened less than a month. At this place, everyone who are recording will be a hit!!!!... (credit to b2ment@twiiter + (English Trans.) chobeeSS501@twitter)

The Response to My Last Blow?

As I stated in my previous post, about the fake YS's FB account, Here's the response I got after the last message~

And guess what? She blocked me before I was able to block her. (weird on why I say it's [she]? coz I have a strong feeling that this fake YS is a girl..)

Ceh.. that means you're afraid.. stupid~ If you're the real one, you won't be sad for just one fan making a little fuss on you. Huh~ the worst actor ever. And the fans that supported this fake account, are also stupid like she does. Why can't you think wider?

And.. if I were a predictor, I would be super rich now. As predicted, she really posted all these messages on her wall. Lorh~ then you blocked me? No use lah. I got many behind me that not as stupid as you do.

Then some of the fans even commented with these common words like "she's so MEAN!" ";(" "oh~ oppa we believe you!" "I hate her very much!" "oppa, we'll be here for you~" ah~ gi mampos ar korang..

And a fan commented like this:

"Yeah dat's the best way u cud do.. but if i wer u oppa as what oderz call u... u better change ur profile name so dat diz dirth m0uth can't find ur fb anymore... nd remember her name so dat if she add u again u'll know"

Hahah~ know what? I can't wait to see their faces when they realized they're just being tricked. Maybe some would launch a war.. who knows? hehe~ I'm just stirring this fake user's life a bit, and she's at top of her nerve now. I'm going to wait for another time.. how far could you go on with this story..

heh~ Would this [Prince Otter], the fake user change his name? Would SHE or would HE? I'm also confused. Or this fake user wants to make a 300 episodes of boring-to-death drama? I dunno.. let's wait together~ hehe! ♥

Friday, March 25, 2011

You think you're smart enough? Nah~ I'm smarter than you.

Lately there's so many roleplayer in Facebook. A Twitter friends of mine informed me an account that admit he's Heo Young Saeng. REAL one. We both felt weird coz as far as we know, he don't have any Facebook account, and he is too busy and don't even have time to update his Twitter. The weirder thing is, he states that he has a GIRLFRIEND and already engaged. And, 'he' speaks English so fluent, even in writing, and he understands most abbreviations we commonly use.

I know I should just let them be like that, don't bother. But I'm feeling like giving a blow onto this one so-called real Young Saeng. So as I started, I added him (or her? I dunno..) and send message to him, like "oh hi! let's be friend". Then he replied "ok, let's be friend"

Then, I send an 'explosion'. I sent him this.
Then he replied, he was like, "okay, never mind if you don't believe me.." "You can unfriend me" blablabla.

Next day? Guess what? He's being tricky. I think he had just scared himself out, so he made this not-quite-smart plan. To post ALL THE MESSAGES I sent to him on his FB wall, and let his friends or those-who-believed-he's-the-real-Young Saeng read, and bash me. He even post the link of my Facebook account. Stupid~

And his friend added me on Facebook. Like I dunno what her intentions are for adding me. Huh~ you stupid fakers..

I feel very pity to those who are believing this user is really Heo Young Saeng. There is still no official announcement about him making a Facebook account. Maybe they are the new Triple S, who got over-excited about finding 'REAL YOUNGSAENG' on FB, and just believe he is. This user is tricking people. 

"oppa, we're here for you~" "Just remove that babo girl" "She only wants attention" "She's so mean" bla..bla.. I'm waiting the day that all of you will unite to KILL this user after you found out he's just no more than a hoax, a liar~ By that time, don't be stupid to say you don't know. You guys bashed me before~ hohoho~

I'm in my plan to block this user for imitating a celebrity. Muarghahaha! Somehow I feel good when I'm evil~ Lolz..

And this is my final blow, before I block this user.

And I wonder what he'll do next? pfft.. whatever. I got a lot more stuffs to 'kill'.. 

[Vidspam] Cuts from KyuSaeng's Summer and Love DVD.

credit to KYULOVECHAU1

They are totally adorable in these vids! Kyu Jong and Young Saeng.. why are you two being so cute and handsome? I'm feeling so happy watching these~♥

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Everyday is Lovely~ hehe.. ♥

No deep meaning regarding the title above, Lolz. Just dunno what should I title this post~

Today, we barely study~ only two subjects. Most of the teachers were absent. And yeah, I felt slightly "yeah!".. hehe..

So we went to the school counselor's room to discuss for our upcoming skit. I'm responsible for the audio for the skit, but I don't really get the story.. the so-called-director-guy seems to be too.. oh~ I don't know. He's too arrogant, I guess? I'll just follow his words as long as I don't feel like to commit a crime onto him..

Actually, firstly I was 'caught' to participate in English Parliamentary Debate. I was nearly crying, screaming to refuse this. Coz I know, it's super KILLING! I've experienced being the 3rd minister. And I stuttered most of the time. I'm pretty bad when it comes to speak in English spontaneously. Result : Our school lost, and after that we ate our lunch after crying badly. T_T I'm glad that the debate's date is clashing with the skit competition, so I could RUN from debate! fuhh..

Recently, I browse on Young Saeng, and found the article where Hyun Joong and Young Saeng were 'caught' by the paparazzi in Hong Kong with some girls. Something had took my attention, and I replayed that part for almost 20 times!

Here's the screen-captured. I resized it coz the quality is bad if I enlarge the pics.
If you notice, the one on the right side is Saengie with a smoking-gesture, and Hyun Joong is on the left side.
I dunno if what I'm seeing is true, but some said he DID. Dunno if he quit and just smoke that day only. 
Not that my interest on him will decrease as he did this, coz that doesn't really matter.
Just concern that would affect his angelic voice. Oh~ I can't sleep when I first saw this.. =,=
Young Saeng ah~ I know you're just a human like others too..
I promise I'll have no more doubt on you after this! Lolz~ ♥
It's clearer in the video below. at 0:28, that gesture~

no matter what, still Love Ya Saengie! Chu!~♥

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wah~ a cold Tuesday~

It rains since morning, though not as heavy as in the morning, I'm still cold now. 26°C, no wonder~

12.00 pm, still awake~ lolz.. I'm about to sleep now~ tomorrow got a program, will wear our PBSM uniform again~ *anticipating? dunno~*

Just recovered from a mild fever yesterday. Felt like skipping today's school, but remembered of some important task to be done by today I cancelled.. At school, feeling like in a snowy class.. too cold! and we're not wearing layered clothes, so that's why~ Still got flu and sore throat~ ah.. fever~

And.. just by remembering my still-have-heaps-to-be-done-and-completed homeworks, I feel worst~ huhu~ T__T

Young Saeng ah~ 
if you'd cheer for me like this.. 
It'll boost up my spirit to 501 times highher! lolz.. ♥

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

[501Tweet] B2ment official Twitter account~♥

B2M Ent has made their Twitter account, and started to pist pics of KyuSaeng~ *I'm super happy!*

these are some tweets including photos they posted. credit to Liezle & xiaochu (Quainte501)

b2ment | 2011-03-22 | 3:45pm  
녹음실에서 녹음하시는 귀요미 영생군과 우리 식량들~~^^In recording studio, cutie pie YoungSaeng-goon who is doing recording and our food~~^^

b2ment | 2011-03-22 | 3.49 PM
역시 신비주의 최고봉. 허스카 ㅎㅎ Certainly the peak of mysticism. Heoseuka *dunno if this is referring to.. horsecar?*

b2ment | 2011-03-22 | 4:06 PM 
한편 이시간 우리 귤옵뽜는 표정연습에 몰두하며 즐거운 시간을 즐기시고 있습니당~~ㅎㅎ Meanwhile at this time, our Kyul obbba is engrossed in practicing his expression and is enjoying a fun time~~heehee  *he's getting better in selca.. guess Saengie taught him eh? keke* 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Park Jung Min's showcase in Malaysia is officially CANCELLED.

Need Entertainment is very sorry to announce that <2011 PARK JUNG MIN SHOWCASE & FAN PARTY MALAYSIA> had been cancel due to our company's communication and management problem. We are very sorry toward Sony Music, CNR Media, and to all the fans, especially Park Jung Min. -Need Ent-

Seriously.. I screamed when I saw this.. don't even care with my mum's weird stare to her weirder daughter that screamed like crazy in front of her lappy.. =,=

Though I can't come even this is confirmed to be held, but at least I won't be jealous enough to SG Triple S for their FM previous day.

Because I know, Triple S Malaysia would have the same experience too. Poor to those who had the tickets. The management is very poor~

Seriously, I think they just look this FM as a mere thing, not-so-important-cancelled-also-okaylah event.

First, it's Hyung Jun's FM. Now, it's Jungmin's showcase? Oh~ I just hoping when there's the time SS501 will come here once again, the management company would have no problem, and I'm rich enough that time to attend...

Jungmin-ah~ TS here really wants to meet you.. T_____T

Piro Piro!♥

Hoah~ who don't know PiroPiro? It's the character toys managed by the HnB Company, Hyung Joon and Ki Bum~^^ There are two characters so far, PiroPiro and SiroSiro. I think there'll be another new character, MaroMaro based from what they state in the official website. Want to know who exactly is PiroPiro, SiroSiro and MaroMaro, go here for the story~ it's a very interesting and creative story! ♥

Before PiroPiro was launched, I think UKISS gotta had them first~ these are the pics Kevin tweeted.

lolz~ Soohyun seemed to be amazed eh? keke~

Yah~ Kevin.. you wouldn't dare to bite Kibum's ear, so you just bite PiroPiro's.. hehe~XD

Kibum and his PiroPiros~♥ 
*somehow I wanna be the one that he hugged!*

Introducing~ the spokesperson for PiroPiro! Kim Choco~♥

Wishing the business of this character merchandise will be successful and popular worldwide! fighting!

Green Peas ♥ SS501

One summer, in my eyes

Shines a green star, You
We, to each other, our love blossomed
Like the stars in the night sky
Sparkling green star
That look is so very lovely

And every one of the moments that we’re together
And every one of the promises that we made
Also, every hour that we’re together
All of it
Forever, we will hold on to

For us, you all are our precious green peas. And we are your pea pod that protect you all the time. Pea pod and green peas without each other is imperfect. We need each other. And as for that, we will stay together, forever. Nobody could break us. -SS501-
I want to become a star

Wherever on this earth
No matter at what time
(I want to) shine for you all
24/7 from Monday to Sunday night
Together with us, (you) will be happy

Double S & Triple S, right beside me - Young Saeng-

And as I cry
And as I laugh
None other than you, always at my side
And whoever can say whatever (they want)
Unchanging, one and the same
Our love will be together forever

Always, like sparkling stars
In all the time that we are together
Will shine even more brightly
Precious green star
My love

(All of you) your love, thank you

We swear we love you
All for you

"I remember, we were the sky's day
The natural world and for that dream
We can do it, always the same dream, the happy smile, a full place
We can make it"

--Wings of the World--

High up in the sky, no matter where you all are
No matter at what time
(I want to) shine for you all
24/7 from Monday to Sunday night
Together with us, (you) will be happy


SS501 oppa, let us be your sky of green stars, ocean of green pearls, in this warm green family may us be united for eternity. -Triple S-

Human skeleton structure *Hyung Joon version*

as requested by my friend, Nora~

here's the Baby version for bone structure..

it's not actually hard to remember, 
but putting this onto our bias's pic boosts our spirit to learn Bio, eh? hehe~

now i'm having problem on remembering structure for insects and fish..

and i dunno who i'm going to refer on like this~ lolz~XD

Saturday, March 19, 2011

[VidSpam] MTS Brunch with Kibum and Story of His Withdrawal from UKISS

I guess this issue of him leaving UKISS is pretty hot now. He has been interviewed for this several times.

Here, he makes better explanation regarding the issue. It's pretty awful to see him cry.

As what he explained, their contract is somewhat like the 'slave contract' as their contract lasts for 10 years. But, the company ends his and Xander's contract after 3 years, but nothing were charged on the company. I dunno if this is the trick or else. He also stated how the payment was made for each of their activities. 

Kibum started preparing to be an idol since 16 y/o, and he even gave up on his studies. But Kibum himself didn't expect things would be twisted to be like this. Some rumors even stated he's more into his character business than UKISS, and said he deserved this. *i'm killing those people!*

During his early debut, he was the main in UKISS, and also Alexander as they have the big influence - his brother is Kim Hyung Jun, member of SS501 while Xander can speak up to 7 different language.

In the midst of the show, his mother came. Then I just know that they actually has no father. No father here means their parents divorced when they were still little boys. As her mom speaks on how she was left with her two sons to raise, she suffer a lot during raising them and by that I cried~ 

And then Kibum said, for their family, their father is Kim Hyung Jun. (I'm seriously crying at this part). Kim Hyung Jun takes the responsibility to take care of the family since he started preparing to debut at 15 y/o so he carries the most stressful responsibility. And Kibum is being apologetic for not being able to help his brother. Here he stated Kim Hyung Jun is more angrier than Kibum does when Kibum was forced to leave UKISS, coz he really care for his brother and always promote UKISS wherever he is.

If they are terminating Kibum coz he lack skills of singing, hey.. he never got any chance to prove his skill. Coz I've listen his singing when he's on some varieties, and he's not bad though.. the company had made a wrong decision, truly..

Easy way to remember human skeleton structure~ *KyuSaeng*

read at someone's wordpress~ they did this.

so, I got an idea, and I made mine! wahaha~

now it's easier to remember, nae?

Biology is becoming easier when I relate it to something that I like.. huhu~


Friday, March 18, 2011

[PicSpam] Funny Macros of SS501!^^

I really love macros made by TS for SS501's pics~ So here are the ones that I like, and I laughed the most at~♥

Super Show 3 in Malaysia~

Venue : Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil
Date : 19 March 2011
Time : 6PM
Duration of Concert : 3 hours

It's tomorrow! These concert has encountered many problems.. About the clashing venue with other programs.. (319)

My friend who is an ELF had collected her money to go to SS3, but there were a news that said it was cancelled, so she used that money.. Unfortunately, the concert is still going on, and so she couldn't go. 

But here, I'm still wishing they'll made it here~^^ please have no more problems.. Even Heechul had tweeted about going to Malaysia. (he tweeted in English~ lolz~) 

[VidSpam] Park Jung Min vs Kim Hyung Jun @ Mnet Wide Entertainment News 110318

credit to : Liezle+happyjihwanlove

though don't understand most of it coz there's no subs yet, I could understand a bit.

The video firstly showed SS501 as a group, with their last stage before they pursue their solo activities.

When the X-Concert clip was shown, with the boys cried on stage, followed by the fans, I'm feeling sad all of sudden like how I cried when I watch the X-concert before..

There's the clip of them greet as "hello, we're SS501!" since they debut.. ah~ my eyes are teary~

Then it shows the solo activities of Jung Min and Hyung Jun~ ♥ The closeness of MinJoon!^^ Both of them visits each other when ones are doing their activities. So close! Minjoon forever~

오빠, 보고싶어요~ ♥

I'm in a relationship.. with?

Got a week of holiday~ but mostly were filled with classes.

At home, homeworks and house-chores.

And even having nightmare taking SPM without any preparations~ *that's super killing!*

Right now I just finished doing my History homeworks.. guess what? 37 essays, 50 structural questions, 16 pages of notes to be completed, 1 Biology paper-3 and PAI's exercise all to be done before next week~ I know I'm the type who loves procrastinating~ and now I'm totally regretting it. But the teacher should have a bit more mercy though~ huhu..

This year, it could be said that I'm in a relationship. My boyfriend is Mr. Exam. I called him with various names - Mr. Homeworks, Mr. Hand-killer, Mr. Holiday Thief, Mr. Cruel etc..

I don't know how we started to date each other. As soon as I started 2011, he came by. Weirdly, all the teachers in the school loves him, not as how much hate as I have on him. Sometimes I liked him, sometimes I don't.

He always made me struggles to memorize notes, force my hands to do heaps of deathly homeworks, and threaten to punish me if I didn't complete any of his tasks.

There's sometime that I manage to sneak out and free myself from doing his order. I surf the net and enjoy as much as I could~ but later after that, he'll caught me, and my homeworks will feel like it has been double-up!

He once said to me, he did this all coz he loves me and care for me. Only it's in the most brutal way. He promised me, he will turn to be a very loving boyfriend but not now, it's by the end of this year IF I do the best for his last task - the SPM.

Okay Mr. Exam. I'll wait for that moment. *fighting!*

p/s: why i'm imagining Exam as 'he'? coz it makes me feel lot better than considering Exam as 'her'

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In the world of green, with SS501~^^

It has been for about 1 year+ since I became a Triple S. Though I wasn't there since their first stage, being a Triple S myself made me feels like I've known them long time before.

Being a Triple S, I learned loyalty. I still remember after they finished promoting Love Like This, there was long period of time before they make their comeback for Love Ya. During that time, it really testing our faith into them. The loyal fans, keep waiting, up-to-date with their current activities, and anticipating full-heartedly for their upcoming stage. And when the day comes, the excitement is superb! Feels like all of us, TS united and share the happiness with the boys.

Not just that, being a Triple S makes me experience the warmth and love of SS501. The boys are known for being a very kind ones. Always care for the fans. The most popular one with golden heart, our Kyu Jong~ And we also love them like they do. We'd feel uneasy when they fall sick. Somehow we felt as if we have telepathy~ (lolz~)

And.. whenever it rains, I felt so great and happy. Why? It felt like the boys are greeting us via the tiny yet lots of little raindrops that sometimes formed rainbow, the beautiful gift~ We felt closer to them. SS501 is somehow related to rain. Most of their occasions like fanmeeting, concert always will be accompanied by rain (even when they came here in Malaysia, it rains on the 1st day~). I don't know why too~ but I love rain~ ♥

Trust and Love. These two meaningful words, is what we hold on to when they were separated under different agencies. Yes, we were a bit broken-hearted when we heard Hyun Joong firstly made his way, then followed by the others. But, the boys ensure us, they'll forever united as SS501 till forever, and beg us to [Trust & Love] them forever. Since then, we firmed our hold, and never let go.

Now, we're still believing, although those 5 are now doing solo activities, one day they'll return on stage as 5 for us. And we'll always love them~♥