Saturday, July 30, 2011

Your smile will never fade in our memory.. thanks for being with us.

We really didn't expect this would happen. Not this fast.

[22nd July, 2011, morning.]
He held a Physics seminar for us. That morning, he said disappointingly that some of the students went in the hall late. Then, he said..

"This may be my last week with you. My last week to talk and teach you all"

We started to think about the issue of changing to a new principal, coz him, our current principal was ordered transferred to another school. Then, after he finished the seminar, we called him over.

"You're not leaving to that school, right?" we asked. But, he just smiled, and didn't answer us.

[That evening.]
We planned to make a petition, to make him stay as our principal until he retires. That evening, we gathered, and Nora called him. We asked him if we could do something so he could stay. Weirdly, he didn't refuse. 

"Okay, just do it." he said.
"You'll need to sign a letter then, okay?" Nora replied.
"No need for my sign. Get the PK1's sign instead" he said.

Then, as we approved, talk a little and said thanks, Nora put the call off. But, before she did, principal seems like having something to said, but too late coz Nora has pushed the red button.

That was the last time we talked to him. And we're regretting it.. coz now we really want to hear that last words from him..

[25th July 2011.]
Morning assembly. But principal wasn't there. The MC kept saying his name, though he wasn't there.

Then, through the week, we didn't even saw our principal in school. Not even a single period of Physics class during that week. 

We started to worry if we were too late making the petition. Was he already transferred to the new school? Rumours said the new principal (A WOMAN) was ready to transfer in. 

I even printed the petition form. With the reasons of why we love our principal.

[30th July 2011, afternoon.]
Went to the book store to buy ep0p together with Mimi and Nora. Then, Nora told us that principal was currently in ward, coz of heart attack. We thought about visiting, but don't have any transport. Don't know why.. we really felt like going to visit him, but sadly, no transport.

30th July 2011,7.15pm 
I was watching [Marry me Marry], then got a call. It's Nora. When I picked the call, she talked in a cracking voice. I thought she was excited over something, coz I could barely hear her voice.

Turned out she's actually crying. I held my phone closer to my ear.

"Our principal had passed away.. " I went blank. Felt like stop breathing. I ran to the kitchen, don't want my parents noticed, that I'm actually starts to tear.

"Wait.. what? You're serious?"

"Yes.. it was this evening. Someone told me." Tears ran fast on my cheek. My face felt so hot. I cried. And could hardly stop. My hands shivered. So hard for me to hold my cellphone.

Then, one by one of my friends called to inform me. The extra class that night was canceled, coz they planned to visit at the hospital.

I told my mum if i could join, but she didn't allow.

At 9.10 pm, my friend called. She urged me to come over, coz principal will be taken to Negeri Sembilan the next day. 

After a little talk, my mum agreed to send me to the hospital. I know she didn't really want to send me over. She mumbles in the car.. I'm sorry, mum.

Arrived, they said he's currently in the surau for the pray. We waited outside. Then, we talked about him, Hw he taught us. And we cried.

Not so long, the body is ready to be put inside the van.We came closer. But I can't see his face, coz he has been put inside the case for jenazah.  My friend who got the chance to have a last look on his face said, he looked so calm and peaceful. I cried again.

Until the van went away.

Heard from the people there, he actually had secretly went to the Sungai Buloh Hospital for a med check up. So, he's keeping of this alone with him. Nobody knew he was sick.

There are too much to write about you. But I can only write till here. To Encik Ruslan b. Bustani, our beloved principal. you will always live in our heart. Your smile will never fade away from this school that you had contributed so much for. May Allah bless you. Al-fatihah..

I still have that petition form in my files. Which we planned to get signatures starting this week. With your name, and our reasons of why we love you so much that we can't let you go away from this school. But, you actually left.

Monday. An assembly without your wonderful speech.. i miss your very own style when giving out speeches..

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Unmarked Grave..

Okay~~ it's a local telemovie~ we just finished watch it.. *it's total crazy.. us..* My friend d/loaded it and decided to watch together at my place.

Got 8 people in my tiny living room. I tried to play it via USB port on my Haier tv.. *lol..* but failed.. tried to connect my lappy to the tv.. failed too~ tried to connect my lappy with my bigger computer monitor.. EPIC FAIL!

So finally we just watched it in my tiny lappy screen~ *tsk..tsk..*

About the story, it's pretty interesting *though I actually seldom watch local telly* it's all coz the scenes were captured in Korea~ and when they spoke Korean, amazingly we could understand a bit! haha.. results from being in a total obsess to Kpop.. =,=  we even noticed some part that was wrongly translated by the subtitles.. *brags~*

There are two actors from Korea, Keun Nim (the ghost) and Lee Yan.


From start to the end, we're so attracted to MINHO! ^___^ it's a character portrayed by Lee Yan.. he's so handsome, I tell you.. I envy the actress that got the chance to act with him. *ugh!!* At the end, he hold the actress on her shoulder.. argh!! we screamed to the top of our lungs! He's WAAY too handsome! with that simple sweater..

I googled for Lee Yan~ but got nothing.. maybe he's still a rookie.. 

then, I typed in Hangul..

이얀.. 드라마.. 말레이시아..

Bling! Found his Twitter account plus this one he tweeted!
 Thanks to Google translate, I could understand this~ =,= "I got a drama offer in Malaysia, does this means a good chance?" *it's like a good opportunity for him*

Wahaha!! I almost screamed! Coz it's so hard to find out about him.. T_T 

I did found @leeiyan on Google, but I didn't thought it IS this Lee Yan.. only after I saw the tweet, then I'm sure this is him~ haha..

*credit to @leeiyan* kekeke!


Mianhae.. coz he's so cute in this movie~ =,=

Sunday, July 24, 2011

LEDApple.. a new band that I like!^^

Consists of five members, Jaehoon, Kyumin, Youngjun, KwangYoun and Hyoseok, this is a band that sings, DANCE and play instrument att the same time! Well, this group isn't that new actually, as they had debuted last year. Only that this is their comeback, with withdrawal of former members, like their rapper, I-Oh because he had Tuberculosis. Below is the photo of LEDApple before I Oh left. He's the one with the white blonde hair~ *I actually liked him.. LOL..* The other two former members are SeungHyun and Min Yong

Their 1st Mini album, 'Who Do You Think You Are' is totally awesome! I actually started to know this song after I saw someone tweeted about LEDApple on Twitter. Then, I searched for the video of their comeback. The song is very nice!

Rumours said that the songs resembles (they actually mention plagiarism) CNBlue's LOVE. But seriously, for the first time I listened to this song, I didn't even heard any of it that resembles any other band styles. They're songs are TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Not being biased, coz FT Island is my favorite band. But, this band actually have their own style. Maybe the songs resemblance are due to the same song composer that composes songs for BOTH band. Try to search for the composer.. =,=

And they actually had an issue before their comeback. Haters (or I can say antis?) we're accusing that they were hand-syncing and not really playing their instruments live, as they were publicized before their show. Then, they post a video on Youtube of them playing their instrument LIVE. They also featured the messages from those antis. I tried to search the video from AKP, but failed. Then, thanks to steroyal, I got to watch the video. Here's the article regarding this issue~

I love it at the beginning, Kyu Min showed on his iPad "핸드싱크X" That's to prove to the haters. Oh~ I think the haters are jealous~ just let them alone then. I'm sure they're all biting their feet upon watching your performance~ XD

Recently they've released their 2nd MV, Birthday Killer. It's a rock song. This MV also about haters issue~

"In the 'birthday killer' MV, Kwang-Yeon suffers from the comments from his anti-fans and this leads to him deciding to commit suicide. While the other members of LEDapple search for him, the music video depicts the idea of 'lets look for hope and freedom for others around you rather than committing suicide' as well as criticizing the anti-fans who leave heart-breaking comments these days."-steroyal-

 It also mentioned "LEDApple's CNBlue Plagiarism" in the MV, if you watch closely at the close-up screen featured.
씨엔불루 표절 레드애플 *pic credit to @songsstar*

I think it must have been frustrating for them to face these haters and antis, even in their comeback. But, they dare to prove that they can do at their best, and show that the antis are wrong. I respect this band.

All the best for LEDApple! And.. welcome to my kpop Idol-fan World!♥

 Wishing him to get well soon~ aish.. you're so cute! ><

p/s : Gah.. it's 4 am here.. And I'm still awake~ guess I'm too obsessed with LEDApple already, haha.. can tell by looking at this entry. Bunch of words after knowing them less than a week~ =,=

Friday, July 22, 2011

We're crazy over an old newspaper..?

Done buying stuffs from the convy store, we walked outside.

Suddenly, my friend stopped. She stared on a box of.. er.. onions' peels at the corner of the bread racks.

"Hey, it's UKISS!" she said. UKISS? I went to the place she pointed. She's right! There's photos of UKISS, printed on an old newspaper (not so old I guess).. We were about to take the newspaper.

"But.. it's in chinese la..~"

The other problem is, it's a newspaper IN A TRASH BOX.. *embarassed to admit this* but the trash box just full with onions peel and papers. Not really dirty.

As we were staring, deciding what to do, an uncle passed by. Mimi said he just watched us weirdly, *well yeah, what's a group of girl student do surrounding a trash box?*

Nora turn the paper over using her LEG, then we squealed!

"It's HYUN JOONG! With his Break Down image!" now we know this paper is not old. But the uncle seems not knowing kpop eh~ haha!

The worker at the front stall watched us just like how the previous uncle did. Weird. We're still standing there..

Without thinking anymore, I reached my hands and I actually TOOK THAT PAPER and ran away~ then my friends followed..

"You're so crazy! You really took that paper?"

And we were laughing like crazy, coz we're already half crazy.. doing crazy things~ haha!

...And I don't know what I'm going to do with this paper. Read? I can't understand.. Add to my photo collections? I have the photos in the paper already in my PC.. keep it? I don't know~ haha! Coz I made a decision in unstable mind.. LOL! 

Laugh~ you can laugh.. coz I've already hurt my tummy for this~ lol.. 

p/s : we weren't that kind of rich fan that could buy anything anytime regarding kpop. So, when we met something free related to kpop, we went blank and crazy~ haha!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

One day in a cold Thursday...

Haha~~ trying to make a spooky title.. but seems like it doesn't works~ XD

Today, got no class at all for the first 4 periods~ aish.. for the first time, no CHEM CLASS! *amazed* We also didn't have that 'favorite class' too.. 

So, as usual my table turned to be the nice spot to sit and talk. All of my friends gather together~
Others in my class were busy studying and revising.. and me too. I opened my Mathematics book.

But then I closed the book.. haha!

After half an hour chit-chattings for a thing (I can't mention here what we're talking about, haha! :P), the wheather outside the class turned to cloudy and windy.. "Dummm!!" Thunder also! aish.. so tragic~ =,=!|

Then, I suggested we share ghost stories.. *woot!* (weird to have ghost stories during daytime.. but we don't dare if it's at night~ keke!) So one by one shared stories.. Then went to famous ghost movies~ haha.. though I'm having goosebumps, I just continue to listen.. Ju On, Dark Water, The Cello, and many other asian ghost stories..We shared all - true stories, fiction stories - all got us gripped by a little fear.. *lolz..*

"I'm afraid of what's under my bed"

"I often listened to unknown sounds from my room"

"She saw an old man whom we didn't see"

"The door knob.. someone tried to open, but there's nobody"

Haha!! We were soooo scared! But still goes on.. Then, "DUMM!!!" another thunders.. Was so shocked! The boys were fixing the dancing curtains, and closed the window~ haha.. It's raining heavily during our 'ghost stories session' and SO COLD too! I shivered myself~ =,=

Then, stories end as our English teacher came in.. but, I might recalling those stories tonight! huhu.. who told you to listen.. grr~

p/s : And I just watched the video of f(X)'s Pinocchio.. where they said there was a 'ghost' at the back.. oh my..

Monday, July 18, 2011

Songs by Heo Young Saeng, B2ST, Jay Park, 4minute, MBLAQ & more banned by Ministry of Gender Equality & Family

credit :  VITALSIGN @ allkpop
The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family is back with yet another list of songs they’ve banned for supposedly containing content that’s harmful to the youth.
Included this round is B2ST’s “Rainy Days“, which was banned for the use of ‘drugs’ in its lyrics.  A line from the song states, “I think I’m drunk, I should stop drinking.”  The ministry explained that it alluded to drinking and that it could influence the youth in a negative way. Baek Ji Young’s “I Can’t Drink” was banned for the same reason.
Jay Park’s “Don’t Let Go“, After School’s “Funky Man“, and Heo Young Saeng’s “Out the Club were all banned for sexually suggestive lyrics, while X-5’s “Fantasy” was banned for the use of slang and the mention of ‘offensive businesses’. 4minute’s “Heart to Heart” music video was banned for the same reason as X-5’s.
DJ DOC’s “Joy and Pain” and MBLAQ’s “Again” were banned for the illustration of violence, while Kang Seung Yoon’s “You’re My Heaven” was banned for sexually suggestive content and the promotion of violence.
SECRET’s Song Ji Eun’s second solo track, “Going Crazy“, had both the song and music video banned for encouraging crime.
The ‘offensive businesses’ mentioned above is referring to none other than a club. Any song or music video that contains the word ‘club’ or a scene from a club will be hit with a ban. As previously reported, songs that are banned cannot be sold to minors under the age of 19 and cannot be aired before 10 PM KST.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My First Crush...♥ Lee Jun Ki..

I know I'm so totally biased to HEO YOUNG SAENG, and believe me he's number one in my heart now~ keke..

But here I'm posting about my first love *LOL* as I enter kpop world...Lee Jun Ki!! ♥ I had crush on him since I was 12 years old.. he's the one that catches my eyes, though he's not the leading character in My Girl. I was so crazy over him that time! Got a keychain with Junki's pic on it, whenever I'm bored I'll look at it~ *but it's missing now.. the keychain* I print Junki's pic, and they were all in my wallet, on my wall, in my notebook, and my cp wallpaper.. Even on my class shirt, when others put their names on it, I put 'Junki'.. haha! totally crazy..

I think, during that time, he's among the famous flower boy~ haha.. seriously, in most of his dramas, he's much more prettier than any of the actresses.. Truly flower boy~

Watched videos featuring him, especially the one he collaborated with Lee Hyo Ri for Anycall~ He got that kind of eyes, very sharp and super-killing gaze! The song I like is Lee Hyo Ri's Anystar..he lookes so gorgeous! haha~ also featuring Bom..

Love him in Fly! Daddy Fly! too..~ though he's not the main actor, but seriously, he portrays a mysteriously, quiet boy with no family *I guess, can't remember the storyline so much* with that image like a matured boy who's able to cope the hard life, a boy with a mysterious image, and he knows boxing and art defence! Plus with the look of a pretty boy, that whole image is actually my favorite character!

Before I did found this vid, I thought he was in Star Golden Bell, but it's just a phone call. It was Nicole of Kara who called him, coz she's a fan of Lee Jun Ki too.. *I think so* but when she called Junki with help of Junhwan, Junki thought it was a drunken caller who called a wrong number as she laughed axcitedly upon hearing him greet~. Haha! That's so great to even just listen to his voice~ Aish~ and listen carefully, his caller ringtone is Suju's It's You! lolz~

He's also the main featured in Lee Soo Young's MV, both Grace and Secret. He is a member of a hot air balloon, then a girl had a crush on him, not knowing he already have a girl he loves. His eyes was in a worst situation after exposed in a chemical reaction with his gf, so his gf donate one of her eyes.. *I guess that's the story* so he can't do anything to repay the love of the girl who had a crush on him.. Just a trip to the sky~

Ah~ although now Youngsaeng's in my heart, Junki still my favorite actor~^^ keke..

[The Musical] July issue. KyuJong Musical Diary

It's so great to read Kyu Jong's diary upon his musical show in Japan. Can feel that he's sharing his nervousness with us fans, and I feel like I was there together with him befora he went on stage for his musical debut stage! Oh.. his words are so sincere.. Kyujong fighting! I know this musical has gain a lot of success, coz I know, you're a talented actor and singer~^^

[The Musical] July issue. KyuJong Musical Diary
Magazine translation July issue. Kim Kyu Jong’s Musical diary.
Chinese translation by : redcat111 (
English translation by: reena29shadow@twitter

Please re-post with full credits.

8 June (Wednesday)

Kyu Jong: Today is the day we set off to Japan. Is the day I start on my first musical challenge in Japan. Other than that, it’s also the 6th year anniversary of our debut as SS501 members. Today is such a meaningful day for me. Arriving at Kyoto via Osaka, we head over to the theatre to check on the sound system and stage. Why am I shivering… If I were to put it into words, I’m now feeling really odd about this. This isn’t the stage that I’ve always been working on, but a brand new stage? But seeing the Minamiza theatre with my own eyes is really great! Looking at the audience from the stage, I can feel the heat in me and also feels fortunate at the same time. The first day here, I’m already looking forward to working in Kyoto.

9 June (Thursday)

Kyu Jong: Not sure if it’s because it will be my first show soon, I’m not able to sleep well, lying and turning around on my bed for the whole night. To be honest, I still have a very long way to go. I’m also thought about being the main lead for my first attempt in musical, can I do well? Been thinking about all these. But there’s always the team & cast, who have been supporting and giving me energy. Because of them, I have got energy. When rehearsal starts, I was looking at Run-hyung’s rehearsal. Maybe because I’m only familiar with dancing and singing during rehearsal, so I’m still very new to this. Where to walk, costume, sound systems, have to check all of it one by one. After getting used to the stage, I felt more relax. How should I put it, when standing on the stage, I can feel that I’m alive. Feels very relax and fortunate. It feels really good to be able to stand on such a wonderful stage. Many people will come to watch our show tomorrow right? Yes, I’ll definitely need to prepare myself well! After rehearsal, drank nice citron tea to soothe my throat from all the rehearsal, I lied on the bed. Now my heart is also drumming, all my nerves are working towards the stage.

10 June (Friday)

Kyu Jong: Raining morning. Got waken up by the rain. 8am! Used to sleeping late and waking up late in Korea. I’m not used to waking up this early. Finally, it’s tomorrow. Looks like it’s still not time yet, but yet tomorrow is already our first show. So, for our last rehearsal! For the last round of check, every staff and cast members gathered on the stage. Starting our final rehearsal feeling really nervous! For everyone, for ourselves, for the show, I will work hard. Because it’s a stage like this, so I felt that I have to work even harder. Tomorrow, our Goong! Goong Goong Fighting! Fight Goong! Must have a good dream tonight!

11 June (Saturday)

Kyu Jong: Open my eyes, thinking. Thankful, thank you. Really thankful to be able to welcome such an important day. First stage! Was so nervous that I don’t even feel hungry for not eating anything. After makeup, hair styling, putting on the costume, this finally felt real. At the backstage, team congratulated the few of us on our musical debut, shouting “Goong Fighting!” together. Knowing that all the audience have already been seated 5 minutes before the show starts, my heard starts drumming again. “So, I’m Prince Lee Shin. The Prince Lee Shin that no one will be able to do anything to me.” With this determination, I got ready to go on stage. Finally, the bell rang, show starts. Musical debut stage! The moment when I stand on the stage with lights and audience cheers shining on to me, how will it feel like. So, I’m not Kim Kyu Jong, but I stood on stage as Prince Lee Shin, and completed my first 2 hours and 30 minutes debut show. During ending, everyone sang together. Really, I just teared. This is an unforgettable debut performance.

Thankful, thank you. Audience who flood the theatre to watch our performance, also people who help make this wonderful show, and many who have worked hard for us, I’m sorry that other than Thank You, I don’t know what else to say, I will do my best till my last stage.

Chipster rulez! muarghaha~~

Please just ignore the price tag.. keke~

Well yeah, I'm totally addicted to this snack! And this one is my favorite flavour..! *tangy~sour~* Usually people don't like this flavour.. but it's my favorite~ anything sour and tangy is my favorite!

Sometimes if I bought this, I'd hide it in my bag and eat alone in my room.. *sorry lil bro.. you go buy yourself*

There's once when I went to Tesco, I noticed in the snack section, a VERY BIG packet of SOUR CREAM CHIPSTER©! And there's only one left.. I quickly frabbed it and put it in the troly~ haha.. then mum was like "when did this got in here?" so I answered "Oh pleeaaasee~~".. succeed! Two days for me to finish it! haha..

But recently the convenient store nearby didn't sell this anymore.. *why? idk.. only Jack & Jill's©* ah.. uncle! 

To uncle who own the convy store.. please put more Chipster© on your rack! huhu..

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mwo? National Service?

National Service.. a.k.a. PLKN.. a gift for the chosen one after SPM..

Many were terrified at this thing. So do I. As my friends said the name list for 2012 is out already, we're at the highest of our nervousness.. *Waah! I don't want!*

Try checked at school's lab, but no internet signal.. *sigh* checked in the counselor room, can't reach the page coz it's temporarily down. I was so afraid~

Tried sms.. but got no reply. Even asked my dad to check the webby on his pc, but still.. 'HEAVY TRAFFIC'.. gah~ I'm feeling like slapping the webpage *if I could..*

Woke up this morning, and checked my phone. Got an sms from Mimi~ she wasn't chosen *though she want to be chosen* waah! I'm terrified! I open the pc and surf the web again. still, DOWN. So, I re-SMS for an answer..

Then, when I was on YouTube (K-vid time), my phone rang. "A message!" so, with a pounding heart, I unlock my phone, tap on the screen.. to the inbox..

Next, I almost screamed! 

coz.. I'm not chosen! wahaha!! I hope not to be chosen in any of the other series, please.. it would be burdensome to further my studies..

 And I had checked via the web recently..

p/s : Please.. I dun want any of other series.. T____T

Monday, July 11, 2011

[News] Heo Young Saeng Said, "Among all the idols, YoSeob and JongHyun voices are the best."

I know this one is not the latest article, but I love it~^^

Source: 韩网+Liezle
Chinese Trans: 0317 @HeoYoungSaeng Baidu Bar
English Trans:
Pls repost with credits

SS501 solo member singer Heo Young Saeng spoke highly of BEAST YoSeobSHINEE JongHyun singing voices.

On the broadcast of TV Mnet Beatles Code on 30 jun Heo Young Saeng who was one of the guest prove his theory.

On the day, the MC ask a very sensitive question to Heo Young Saeng, "Recently interview programs are becoming popular, have you ever think that, among all the idols does your performance as a "singer" is already considered good?" With that Heo Young Saeng answered, "No, it is not like that, already have a lot of good friends, my singing ability is still not good enough."

Furthermore, on that day of broadcast, Heo Young Saeng admitted dated a female artiste during the beginning of his debut attracted people's attention.

When being asked among all the idol singers whose singing ability is the best and on giving them marks, Heo Young Saeng replied, "BEAST's YoSeob is the outstanding one. SHINEE's JongHyun is also not bad." The MC asked, "As you are within the five?" Heo Young Saeng replied, "In that case is just fine." He still remain modest throughout the whole show. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

[VidSpam] SS501 – K-Wave Station [09.07.11]

credit to PIKEYEENY

So great to see all this five's solo activities compiled in one!^^ Ah.. Jungmin's so famous now~ Mr. Park Famous! *I miss the time he used to make numerous nicnames for himself*

Leader's popularity, not only the quiet Yoonjihoo, the arrogant yet romantic Baek Seungjo, labeled as the next Bae Yong Jun.. his solo activity is a hit too~^^ *and his 4Dness didn't fade away~ haha~*

Young Saengie~ you're still the best! *biased* Still the shy prince.. and you're so close lately with leader eh? keke!! *I love HyunSaeng*

Hyung Jun ah.. the one Young Saeng worried at~ keke.. you're a succesful maknae now~ When will you go and fight with Jungmin like Tom & Jerry? *miss*

Lastly, Kyujongie!! Ah, he's still with the soft and kind image *which I like*.. When he portrays Lee Shin, the charisma overflow~ you're a talented actor~^^ and, he also mention "We'll surprise you".. Actually I'm excited over this!^^ I know their comeback would be a BIG HIT!

Don't worry.. Triple S is strong with the LOVE and TRUST you guys taught us before.. that's what we're holding on~ so, wishing you for a DAEBAK success! FIGHTING OPPA!!♥


I don't know what to title this post~ keke..^^
Well, it's a symbol of boredom, I guess? Coz now I got a determination.. *what?*
Gonna finish a strip comic in my sketchbook.. all about the life of a kpop fanz~^^
I get bored easily whenever I'm doing a same thing in a long period, same goes to drawing. But will try my best to finish this up!^^
Right now only got one strip.. Not even a page~ huhu.. BUT! Will finish it till the last page~^^

Saturday, July 9, 2011

[PicSpam] B2ST's Macros..^^

Posted SS501's macros before.. so here is posting some on B2ST~^^ most have YoSeob in it.. keke!! *totally biased*

*do not own the pic~ credit as tagged~^^*

Hoah.. Leader Yoon.. 

Nah.. I know you though.. XD

Cute little army~ with Yoseob.. rule the world?

seriously.. Dongwoon looks hot in red! XD

 yih.. Junhyung's pouting.. haha!

 lol Dongwoon..

perfect 4D Hyunseungie.. "v"

what've u done, Yoseob?

 always.. the adorable Gikwang.. ^^

 Hah! Doojoon, Gikwang and Yoseob's familiar routine.. *___*

Friday, July 8, 2011

[VidSpam] FT Island Show : Eating peppers and aegyo.. XD

cre : squadKPOPforever2 via Youtube

This one cracked me up so much~ keke.. But didn't get to see how Minhwan eat the pepper..
The daebak one, is the pepper made by Hongki to Wonbin.. gah~ "human can't eat this!" haha..
Hongki is paying his revenge I think.. ^^

p/s: 홍기아 너는 이거나 먹어~~ XDXD

Why am I still thinking?

Ah.. this has been happening last week. But till today, my mind kept playing the scene..

I don't want to remember and feel guilty, coz I'm not. 

But, coz of those who were in a real guilt, and it affects us.. coz now coz of these few people who did the mistake, the whole class is getting the blame.

I know I'm not wrong. But last night, I was having a weird feeling. Goosebumps, my heart was so nervous, *thump..thump* like coming outta my chest.

I hate this feeling! I'm the type that care even it is just a small matter. And I hate that kind of me. Why? Why me?

Ah.. curse on that person. Coz of that person, I'm having this kind of feeling for almost a week.

Please.. this feeling, please go away. You're not even worth for me to keep in my memory box.

I feel like vanishing.. or at least, get rid of that person.. *grr!*

Thursday, July 7, 2011

[VidSpam] HyunSeung and his chinese song.. =,=

Seriously.. I was laughing so hard when he first said the word.. "Tian Mi Mi.."

All the members were also laughing, even Doojun rolled on the floor~ haha..

At first, i thought it was alien's language.. *mianhae, Hyunseung!*

he's too 4D minded! Didn't admit he copied the song. But instead, he accidentally had the same idea with the original song writers, and even claim if he was born first, the ori songwriter is the one that plagiarised his song.. haha..~

No wonder Yoseob could translate what he sang.. aigoo.. too bad no Gikwang here.. maybe he's too tired, or disappointed coz he was eliminated? idk.. ^^

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[VidSpam] Heo Young Saeng's Dance Rehearsal

I know this has been for awhile, but I only found it recently~ *poor me..* it's the dance rehearsal of Saengie.. As seen it the practice video, he dance smoothly, didn't really exerts much energy.. but, it still looks COOL!^^ Saengie is DAEBAK!^^

I'm the mischievous girl.. heheh~ *or a genius? idk..*

This was when my school held the School's Professional Meeting~
Ah~ I got my mom came to school at 10 am~ keke.. *coz I wanna go home faster* turned out that my mom came first, and sat on the first row! XD

Finished signing and some chit chat's with our dearest class teacher 'bout my achievement in class.. *lolz..* then we went straight to my li'l bro's class..

I decide to leave school first, so after my mom gave me the house key, I went to the school gate. Ah! I forgot.. students should have parents with them to go out the school! While I'm just holding the key. So, like someone who didn't see anything, I walked straight passing a school guard there.. *actually I disliked this guard, from the any other friendly school guards* 

Suddenly.. "Hey, where's your parent?" he asked, pointing on me. That time all I think is to knock him down till he forgot who himself is.. *memory loss-like*

I can't think of any other reasons to ease him. So.. I said "My mom's in my brother's class!" Hah.. I should know that's one of the lame excuses most students would give. it's just I'm in the exact situation, not cheating.. But, this guard didn't believe. 

"No.. you wait there."

Hoh.. I'm not waiting there under the heat! I walked quickly to my brother's class, and took my mom downstairs. At first, I insists her to send me first to home *coz my home is just a road across the school* by motorcycle. But then, a lighting bulb appears on my head.. keke..

We walked to the front gate together, and I shot a killer look to the guard.. as if my eyes were saying "here's my parent.. you see?!" *he don't even dare to watch back* After I reached the flyover, as planned, mom went back to brother's class, and I went home safely..

aha~ didn't even send me home actually.. Just wanna make that ajuhssi allows me to get home..  coz after that my mom went inside the school again.. aish.. *burdenful*

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Top Kpop Idols

There are many talented kpop groups out there.. but for me, I'm biased to Boy Groups of course.. *perv* here are the groups I like the most.. keke~^^

1. Of course, SS501!!

    The group that taught me what is Love and Trust, the group that open my eyes to the world of kpop. 4D Leader Hyunjoong.. he'll makes you laugh with his unexpected reactions.. Shy but have this badboy image, our prince Youngsaeng. He's too cute and charming at the same time! Centre forever Kyujong, a very kind person.. but when it comes to meals time, he's the first! Next, our sexy and charismatic Jungmin! Often being teased as a mal.. *horse*.. love to tilt his head to the right when photographed "coz i'm too tall" lolz.. Finally, our cute maknae, Hyungjun.. this boy has turned to a manly image.. but I still call him Baby~ XD Although now each of them with respective solo activities, but seriously this is the group that for me became closer when they are apart from each other~ Jungmin and Hyungjun supporting each other coz their activity promotions were close, Hyunjoong and YoungSaeng too, supporting each other, even perform a special stage together as their promotion also clashed with each other.. and also our dear Kyujong who is currently doing his musical in Tokyo.. I'm anticipating their comeback.. It would be a total DAEBAK! SS501 만새! 화이팅!

2. FT Island

    Gah... this group has totally immersed in myself.. This is the first band group that I like the most! Although I knew CNBlue first, but when I ofund out FTI, they won my heart~ No need to say, Hongki's voice talent is no joke! His goofy character, and many of us mistook him as the leader.. (sorry, Leader Jonghoon~). And, his flower image!! haha.. Minhwan, Jaejin and Seunghyun, they're adorable~ oh, and their former member too, Wonbin.. they are the flower-band group.. keke~^^


     I don't want to be a bad fan.. but, I prefer UKISS back when there were Kibum and Xander together~ but hey, I do like these Bran New Kiss, it's just I missed the old one more~ My bias in this group are both Kevin and Kibum~~ Kibum arrogance, Kevin girlish-style *mianhe*, Eli with his famous pigeon-style, power vocal SooHyun, ulzzang Kiseop, ice-cream maniac Xander, and stubborn Dongho.. this is a great group.. Still, I'm greeting a warm welcome to AJ and Hoon..^^

4. B2ST / Beast

     This is a group, which for me is another hidden gem! They're so talented, I tell ya.. the dorky leader Doojoon.. *I luv his eyebrow, srsly*.. Junhyung the talented rapper.. Junhyung is actually the former member of XING, together with Kevin. When he joined XING, Kibum already left XING.. I didn't know XING has produce a talented group of singer. But can't imagine if Junhyung isn't here in B2ST, coz he's one of my fave~ Next, cutie pie Yoseob! He looks so cute and young, tho he's 21 actually.. and he's my fave members too! Then, Dongwoon.. this man looks like the oldest, but he's the maknae actually~ Gikwang, he has the image of a good boy~ *and he trusts people easily* hyunseung, this pretty prince.. keke!