Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3 Bez's Last School-Day Party!!

Last Monday was full of excitement! We held a party to celebrate the last school day of our lower-form year. With so many snacks and junk food on the table, it's really fun! At first, i felt weird, why we held the party on Monday (and why not Friday). Then, they told me the 3rd form student were given earlier holiday, so monday is the last day.. We did so many things that day. We captured so many pictures, we play balloons like little children on the playground, and so many other childish manners..

This is what happened when the food were on the table

When the school bell rang (means, it's time to go home) we felt like we don't wanna go home yet.. Some of my friends cried too. After some sad moment (hugs, hand-shaking, wishes), one of my classmates decide to captured some pics together.. so, though it's raining, they gather and smile! (i didn't coz i'm capturing).

Fidie and Azfar (They'd eat a lot..)

From left; Me, Zaf, Sharadz,Nora, Mimi and Nabila. (it's raining actually, but, do we care? We just continue playing the balloon.. - stopped when the teachers pass by..)

Various pose of my classmates..

She completed the Rubik for the first time!

These 3 years had sketched so many sweet memories that worth a lifetime to remember. Hope we'll be together forever, either near or far.. Farewell..