Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Love & Trust Only for SS501~

Lately, there's so many rumors spreading about the boys and confusing people especially TS. But still, I believe there's a LOT of TRUE TS out there, still believing, trusting and wishing everyday that our oppa would stay together forever. The things that are happening right now, are just making our bond stronger that nothing could ever separate us.

Although I'm not the fan since the very first day SS501 stands on the stage, but I've felt the greatest warmth since I joined this Green Family 1 year ago. TS is kind, always welcoming and of course, supports the boys to the fullest!

SS501 oppa, since their very first debut, have been working so hard for the best performance and for the fans that already supporting them from their early days. SS501 is known as one of the group that loves their fans so much! Here is the proof of why I said that.

And, not to be excluded, their close brotherhood relationship. Hyun Joong and Young Saeng, the hyungs that always took care of the dongsaengs, Kyu Jong, Jung Min and Hyung Jun.
the 4D LEADER who always calls jung min mal,,the JUNG MIN who always flicking our maknae,, the MAKNAE who is the group's energy and kyu jong's partner in all his pictures LOL,, the KYU who's always taking his picture with V FINGERS OR peace sign and sometimes partner of JM or HJB when flicking someone.. and lastly our lovely SAENGIE who's always shy but a talented boy and one of the opponent of our maknae when it comes on imitating a personality(well ys is definitely the winner here hahaha) -- Claire --

From 'SS501' album until 'Destination', still there's the same spirits. Though now they're not standing on the stage together, it doesn't mean they're gonna be separated forever. They only having their solo activity, to expand their talents, and to pursue their dreams, All the members even said that. "SS501 is not disbanding." the concrete words, which is truly an assurance for us. They just want us to keep believing in them. Just take it as they're in their vacation now, coz they've really worked hard for this 5 years. And, to letting the trust go is not too easy, as we've shared great moments, which is too precious to let go.

SS501, a combination of the alphabet and numbers that have special meanings in them. The first “S” stands for “Super”. The second “S” is an abbreviation for "Star". The number 5, 0, and 1 means "five members united as one forever".

p/s : Really, will keep loving and trusting these boys! And.. anticipating the next album! Kya~!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kim Hyung Jun arrived at Singapore.~

Huhu.. today, you're suppose to be here, Hyung Jun-ah..

So envy of SGTS now.. but what can I do?

Will just wait for October 9th, and hope that time, there won't be any problems anymore..
(though i surely can't be at the fanmeeting..)

Wish he had a great time there~

Already watched the fancams of his arrivals (SGTS are so fast updating!).. some lucky fans even got his signature! *stressed+jealous*

They sang 'Love Like This' chorus upon his arrival. Hyung Jun, wears blue shirt, and sunglasses.. so handsome! He even took some letters from the fans.

Anyway.. wishing the five of them would do the fanmeeting together again someday.. Missing them so much..~

I Love You, I'm Sorry.. - Heo Young Saeng -

Love this song!! Though i never watch the drama (Will it Snow for Christmas?), but I can feel the feeling through this song.. (Lolz.. ) Plus, it's Saengie who sang it! ^^ I miss his lullaby voice.. more solo for YS please! hehe.. but, I miss SS501 more..~

나즈막히 그대 불러봐요
najeumakhi geudae bullobwayo
Trying to call you softly

눈을감고 그대 난 봐요
nuneulgamgo geudae nan bwayo
I close my eyes and still able to see you

들리나요 느낄 수 있나요
deullinayo neukkil su itnayo
can you hear can you feel or not?

그대잡은 끈을 놓지 못했죠 바보처럼
geudaejabeun kkeuneul nohji mothaetjyo babocheoreom
after catching you then do not want to miss it just like a fool

숨을 쉬듯 언제나 그댈 찾아 헤메이죠
sumeul swideut eonjena geudael chaja hemeijyo
During every breath I am hoping I can find you

습관이 되가죠 버릴수 없죠 난
saupgwani daegajyo beorilsu eopjyonan
Became a habit I can't change it

사랑해요 아프고 아파도
saranghaeyo apeugo apado
I love you even continuous hurting also like this

사랑해요. 지우고 지워도
saranghaeyo jiugo jiwodo
I love you continously wanted to remove also like this

그대 그리움이 오늘도 하얀 눈꽃되어 날아
geudae geuriumi oneuldo hayan nunkkotdoeeo nara
The missing towards you It has turned into white snow flakes flying up today

그대곁으로 난 가요
geudaegyeoteuro nan gayo
I want to come by your side

보이나요 느낄수 없나요
boinayo neukkilsu eopnayo
can you hear ? can't feel it right?

그댄 내게 다시 돌아오기를 그러기를
geudaen naege dasi doraogireul geureogireul
You once again return to my side like that

사랑해요 아프고 아파도
saranghaeyo apeugo apado
I love you even continuous hurting also like this

사랑해요. 지우고 지워도
saranghaeyo jiugo jiwodo
I love you continously wanted to remove also like this

그대 그리움이 오늘도 하얀 눈꽃되어 날아
geudae geuriumi oneuldo hayan nunkkotdoeeo nara
The missing towards you It has turned into white snow flakes flying up today

그대곁으로 난 가요
geudaegyeoteuro nan gayo
I want to come by your side

미안해요 아프고 아팠죠
mianhaeyo apeugo apatjyo
Sorry repeatedly grief once more

미안해요 지킬수 있다면
mianhaeyo jikilsu itdamyeon
Sorry if only can protect

하루채워가듯 살께요 그댈 그림자로
haruchaewogadeut salkkeyo geudael geurimja
Living everyday fully as your shadow

이젠 그대 곁으로 난 가요
ijen geudae gyeoteuro nan gayo
Now I am coming to your side

Friday, August 27, 2010

[Preview] 장난스런 Kiss!! Mischievous Kiss!!

Found some longer previews on YT..

This drama must be very popular in September!! Kya!

Just, hoping the viruses is strong enough in Malaysia, so that it'll be aired as soon as possible..

SS501.. Lova Ya Forever!!~

I miss these boys so much right now..~ T^T

Mischievous Kiss Video Teaser..~


The teaser is out, and it's SUPER-CUTE!!

Can't wait for the love story of Seung Jo and Ha Ni.. ^^

Leader's so charming, indeed~ and So Min eonni is cute! So I think they would be a perfect match in this drama..

I can see now that this would make me addicted more that BOF, hehe..

Though couldn't follow last night's trending, thanks to my super-slow net connection.. =_=

But, will keep replaying this vid for times.. coz it's CUTE! haha!~

....and, the way Seung Jo yells "Hey, Oh Ha Ni!" reminds me of how he played and yelled to his dongsaengs in SS501 before.. I miss them!! huhu~

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kim Hyung Jun's fan meeting, postponed to October..


Why it's postponed?

Just thought that it'd be on this Saturday.. and I'm anticipating though I can't go..

Even thought e-pop's next month would have the repo..~

Heard that GD is not ready yet for the FM..

Huhu.. but still, I can't go..~

Hyung Jun-ah.. really miss you, and the other four oppa.. huhu..

Get back on stage soon!! (Lolz..)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Teen Top.. new K-boyband..~

Sharq.. she have been affected by k-pop virus! haha.. biased to Teen Top's Niel..

She's the one who introduced me to this band.. At first, she kept talking 'bout Teen Top, which I'd never heard after she watched their debut on Music Bank..

Then, she started to change her FB profile pic, to Teen Top's.. hehe.. totally affected..

Actually, this band is not too bad.. Talented though. Their debut song, Clap, is nice!^^
And, I liked this one, ChangJo, out of the whole group.. he's cute! and, he's dongsaeng, for me coz he is 15.. ( at last, a group that has members younger than me..! )

idk, but my friends told me that I have this one type of taste when I choose my favorite type.. hehe..

And.. Sharq can't stop tagging me TT's pics on FB.. hehe..

Monthly test ended.. =__=

Yay!! after a week, the test is over..

Though it's just a small test, I don't know why some of the papers seems to be so hard for me..

And, the results, I can expect it.. not too well.. haha..

This week, I've been a bit stressed actually..

Aside from the test, can't go to Hyung Jun's fanmeeting, got a lot of assignments, busy managing Suwita, and.. stressed over this one little thing that made me explode.. >.<..

Which is.. when someone, previously never have any passions over what I am obsessed over so much, but then, now in present, they turned out to be the fans too, exaggerating as they knew it better than me.. *nearly burn the monitor when I found out this..* not once, but TWICE!

Huhu.. I can't be greedy, I know. But, I just can't help it.. :P

Well, will get through this frustrating week, with full of determinations.. (Lolz..)

Aw.. Saengie oppa.. miss you a lot.. wish I could see more of this bright smile after this.. hehe.. Won't get stressed anymore then.. haha..~

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hyung Jun Private Fanmeeting in Malaysia [Teaser]

He's so happy and nervous..
Same like TS here who would be there this 28th Aug.. but not me.. ( I can't go!!!)
He's truly cute, and Choco too! Haha.. wish he'd brought Choco along..
Love his last phrase " Saya chenta kamu, terima kashih..~" hehe.. Super-cute!!!

Hello~~ Kim Hyungjun here~~
Malaysia fans have been well right? It’s been some time~
A day with my fan and friend Choco~~ *hehehe*
Just joking. Anyway, on August 28 at 2pm, at the Kuala Lumpur Convention centre,
finally, I’ll be having my wonderful Msia fanmeeting~~
Keep anticipating much. I’m feeling much nervous too and is shaking,
but I will prepare well to meet all of you, it’ll be nice if we would be together at the same place~~
Will see you in Malaysia~ Saya Canta malaysia~See you in there~
Terima Kasih (thank you)~~

Credit:Geneses Dream Entertainment facebook+Text translation from Ode@blogspot+ss501fighting.wordpress.com

Playful Kiss aka Mischievous Kiss Official Poster!!~

cre: http://ss501fighting.wordpress.com/

Excited to see this!
Anticipating Hani and SeungJo! hehe..
Leader looks so good in the poster, so do Jung So Min.. which is why I'm anticipating it so much!~~

Credit: http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=2010081908185450288&type=1&outlink=1+Thanks Ode for the translation

Upcoming new MBC Wed-Thurs drama ‘Playful Kiss’ to be released on September 1 has revealed their 4 types of fantasy-like posters.

On the 19th, according to a Group Eight personnel, this time’s posters display a fantasy-like feeling accompanied with colourful objects thus forming a unique combination with the characters. With this, it brought about larger curiosity to what interesting episodes ‘Playful Kiss’ will have in store in future.

Group Eight also said, ”In order to bring out the strongest charm our K-version Playful Kiss could have, our staff and producers devoted all their heart and time into doing researches between the original manga and J-ver, T-ver; and of course not forgetting hard work for these posters, too”.

In addition ”You see, because Korea itself, is the main factor why audiences internationally across the world choose to watch K dramas, and exactly because of that, in audiences’ point of view, in order for them to regard our works across as really beautiful video pieces, we have decided that utter visual effects goes as the concept core behind the shooting of these posters”.

Recently at the poster shooting location, as compared to Kim Hyun Joong who has to remain at his unchanging posture and keeping on with an expressionless face thanks to his tactless character Seung-jo, Jung So Min who portrays character Oh Ha-ni –who is always overflowing with energy– instead displays her beautiful break-through smile all the while and goes around mixing with people, which is why she earns the liking of surrounding staff.

Despite his fellow cast mates joking here and there on the set, Kim Hyun Joong who has to maintain his cold and indifferent expression all the time exclaimed, “because I’m too close with Seung-jo, I’m now unable to even laugh”, thus drawing laughters with his peculiar statement.

When shooting ended, Kim Hyun Joong added, ”In Boys over Flowers, I had the F4 whom I could rely on, but now, because I only have Hani (Jung So-min) who doesn’t remove itself and sticks onto me like ‘super glue’, it’s such a migraine”, “Seung-jo is always Number 1 no matter when and where…For the sake of portraying that Number 1 character, to be honest, if Playful Kiss can achieve really good results, it’ll be really lovely…”, asking for a favour from the audiences.

Heo Young Saeng.. #3 for Mnet's Legend Voice Idols!

Wa!! Saengie ah.. you really deserves this! I love your angelic voice so much!! ^__^ The first place is Kim Jin Ho of SG Wannabe, and the 2nd is Park Bom of 2NE1..

Monday, August 16, 2010

Dang!~Monthly test!!

Monthly test arrives so soon.. Thought it's just a small test, that's what I'm afraid of coz I'll not be taking it seriously, and will be causing my result to be having some sickness.. +_+ And, I'm sure I'll be the Night-Rider for this whole week.. Please, finish faster..

But, if Young Saeng would be my a-week-tutor, I'm sure my result will be healthy as much!! ^^ Plus, he'll be waiting with this pose.. omo~~ (*punching my arms* wake up..! Lol~)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Anticipating Mischievous Kiss!! --장난스런 키스-- Superstar mini drama!!

Can't wait for this drama.. Wanna see the acting skills of Hyun Joong (Jihoo sunbae on BOF).. Jung So Min is pretty cute too, so this would be a popular drama this year! Ah.. I'm wishing I have the tv cable for this channel.. This drama is the K-version of the original drama from Japan.. There's also Taiwan version, It Started With A Kiss, and it's a quite popular drama. That's why I'm looking forward for this drama. Watching the news and footages on YT, but can't get enough of it! Lol..~

Meanwhile, Kyu Jong, Hyung Jun and Jung Min also will act in a minidrama, Superstar.. Whoa.. have seen Hyung Jun's episode's trailer before, but didn't know that the other two will also act in.. I'm excited!

Episode 6, Kyu Jong - Never Ending Love

Episode 8, Jung Min - Meet

Episode 4, Hyung Jun - Black City

But still.. I'm missing the prince, Young Saeng. Thought he'd act too.. hmm.. miss his bright charming smile.. and his adorkable-ness.. ^^

Credit: http://blog.naver.com/irene7591 + SS501fightingwordpress.com

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

News on SS501~

Read this at some blogs.. i know, this is not the official yet, but at least, it's as a reassurance for us.. let's just trust them, coz I know everything's gonna be alright.. ^^ but still, will wait for the official ones, and stop speculating..


With 2 moving into new agencies, there is massive concern over the remaining 3 members’ moves.

According to a related personnel, 3 of them — KimKyujong, HeoYoungsaeng, KimHyungjun — are searching for new agency companies. Amongst these 3, Kim KyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng are said to be in midst of discussion of a contract with famous female singer L’s agency. Whilst for Kim HyungJun, he is said to be looking for a another different agency company from KimKyuJong and Heo YoungSaeng.

Though all of them are dispersed in different places, they do not wish to let go of SS501.

Including Kim HyunJoong and Park Jungmin, Heo Youngsaeng, Kim Kyujong, Kim Hyungjun all wish to persist as SS501 rather than any disbandment, which has common sentiments as surrounding personnel, too.

For the time being, SS501 will not carry out activities together, but in future, they will most probably be like Shinhwa; ‘separate yet together’.

But because they are not in the same agency to do group activities together, fans found it hard to anticipate much and are inevitably little sad.

fr: spn daily


According to CNR media on the 10th, “Park Jungmin signed on to us because he wants to widen his acitivities in the asian region, of course inclusive of domestically (korea). In future, he will be aiming to attain a firm position in asia as a multi-entertainer. Also, Jungmin will be positively and eagerly participating in any thing related to SS501 as SS501′s Jungmin, and so with that, SS501 activities will be his first and foremost priority in anything”. Though having said that, for now to see, the name ‘SS501′ belongs to DSP Media, since each member are moving into new agencies, so when they carry out work in that agency, it isn’t very likely that they could use the name SS501, so it seems like only lip-service is performed…

A personnel from SS501′s leader Kim HyunJoong who have moved to agency KEYEAST expressed that HyunJoong’s relationship with the other members is good, and in future too, it will be possible to carry out music activities as SS501 together”, he also stated their stand that Hyunjoong did not move out of/leave SS501 at all. But with Park Jungmin’s situation now, it doesn’t seem so likely. With that the case, in order that both of them will not be responsible for any form of rumoured ‘disbandment’, all such information are going through only from each’s agency representatives.

-2nd last paragraph ommitted, talks about unlikely and unkind situations-

While on the other hand, with Kim HyunJoong and Park Jungmin having released official statement about their recruitment into new agencies, remaining members Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong and Kim HyungJun are receiving massive concern over their future moves. It was said that CNR Media has been in contact with Heo YoungSaeng, KimKyuJong and Kim HyungJun too.

fr: cookie news


Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy birthday to SS501 Maknae Joon!~

Saengil chukha hamnida, Kim Hyung Joon! Although now you're 1 year older, but you're always the Baby in TS hearts. Take care of yourself, have a happy and blissful for the 365 days on your new year..~ ^^

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Trip To KL..~

On 31st of July, we went to KL to visit the Petrosains. We really had a great time there. Although we kept being scolded and 'chased away' by the guards and workers in the Petronas Twin Tower..

"Excuse me, no camera here, please!"

"Sorry.. don't stand in this escalator area, please.."

"Please move away.."

Oh.. we really hate it.. -.- However, it's good that Petrosains had gave us so much fun! The gondola, the physic section, chemistry stage, dinosour world, outerspace and many more.. We don't even knew it had been two ours that we spent there.

Then, we go to BTS and change our uniforms. The first place to go, the food court! We're so hungry like hell! =_= After our lunch, we straightly headed to the shop which sells kpop stuffs. When we found it, we almost scream just as we found a treasure box.. :p The shop is a bit small, but it has a pile of kpop stuffs! We're there for half an hour.. but, i ended up buying 2 cute SS501 buttons, coz the stuffs there is really, needing so much money, and we've been thinking several times, before we decided to buy buttons for ourselves. Then, my friend called me from the magazine store. E-pop! I straightly go there, and bought the mag. (but, there's none of SS501 in it.. kind of upset though..)

At 5.30, we went home. The people in the bus is so noisy! But, I was too tired, so I slept while my friend on my side played some songs on my phone, 'till i arrived at school..