Friday, April 29, 2011

::Byul Story:: [Chap 2]

[Chap 1] | [Chap 2 of Byul Story]

Lately, Byul didn't really care about the ignoring, shining star. Because she's too tired of other things.

Actually, she has many friends. The chirping birds, the blowing winds, the waving green grass, the buzzing bees, the beautiful butterflies. And sometimes, the rain comes down to visit and cheer Byul up when she's feeling down. But, non of them really knows what is happening in Byul's heart. She's tired of waiting her admired star alone in the night. She used to decorate the place they always play together with flowers, and sparkling glitters, but it's all by herself.

She's tired. Tired of being the first to make move. Tired of finding these friends whenever she needs them. Except for one. The rain. Whenever it comes down, the black clouds, and sometimes thunder come along, indicating the rain who also feels empty. It touches Byul's fair skin, and wipes Byul's tears with its drops of rains, so nobody would notice Byul is crying.

But the sun dislikes it. Sometimes, Byul can't meet the rain for days, even weeks, because of sun. In the meantime, Byul waits patiently, in the heat, the torturing heat. But still, the sun can't stand looking at Byul stands alone under its hot rays, so, at last the sun called rain for Byul.

Then, Byul gets to meet her close and true friend again. They soothe each other, until it's time for the rain to go. After Byul bids a farewell, she whispered to the last drop of the rain "Please, come again"

Annyeong Haseyo *bows*

Wah~ I think most of my posts after this will have this word - busy!

School had really caught me into it's torturous detention room~ huhu..

Homeworks, assignments, study for exams, tutoring my li'l brother (whom I feel like shoving the books into his mouth!) is really half-killing me~

Tomorrow, will be getting my next issue of e-Pop!^^ saw the cover, there'll be some articles about Hyung Jun, Kyu Jong and Young Saeng! Finally.. usually this magazine is a bit biased to a group~ *coz the writers are this group's big fan* Rare to find about SS501 in each issue. So, I'm being grateful now~ lolz..

*ugh.. books, i hate you, but i need you.. and i hate that fact..*

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Get Well Soon, Heo Young Saeng~

As everybody knows, uri Saengie injured the back of his hand while rehearsing for his upcoming solo debut. So, his solo debut will be postponed until further notice. 4 to 5 weeks are needed for him to fully recovered. But yet, he want to push that to 2 weeks. Aish~ Saengie ah.. you should have a good recovery. Your solo debut can wait, we also can wait. Don't torture yourself~ T_T *it breaks my heart*

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hectic days~ One solved! *but lots more waiting*

Has been busy~ so rarely update.. but..

waah! Finally.. Sketsa, we made it number 1~! so happy..! Lot's of troubles came along - scripts to be found nowhere, unfinished props, got the last position to perform - huhu~ almost running out of the hall for those things.. Luckily, we made it. Everyone laughs watching our skit, from start till end. The special feature is, I put on Secret's [Shy Boy] song, which refreshen the judges and audience~ keke.. *the MC even dancing~* aigoo~ what a very great day~

And~ I was outdated most of SS news~ huhu~

Well, Saengie's hot solo album will be released by this 28th April! I'm so, so so excited! *kkyaa!* hope he won't lose his chubby cheeks.. coz that's his charm~ keke.. below are the pics showing him practicing ~ wah. super excited~

Credit to Liezle
[Article] Heo Young-saeng, of SS501, is releasing his first solo album.Source : SportsWorld 2011.04.11
As other members, Park Jung-min and Kim Hyung-jun, have already released their solo albums, fans have been inquiring about the solo album of Heo Young-saeng, the lead vocalist of SS501. His agency, B2M Entertainment, announced that his first mini album is to be unveiled on 28th.
For the album, he has again teamed up with Han Jae-ho and Kim Seung-su of Sweetunes and Steven Lee, and the title song will be a dance track. He is known to have chosen a dance track as he used to perform songs in other genres such as ballad as a member of SS501.

Other very exciting news is, our Kyu will be leading as Lee Shin in Goong musical! Wah.. he'd be so handsome, I'm pretty sure. With all his charms and skills of act, he'll make it Daebak~ wah.. Kyu Jong fighting!

SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong reveals his ‘Prince Charming’ look for “Goong” musical

Source: My Daily via Nate
Courtesy of ramham424 AllKPop 

SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong has transformed into ‘Prince Charming’.
The idol was cast as the main character ‘Lee Shin‘ for the musical“Goong“. On April 13th, he finished the poster photoshoot for the performances in Japan, and unveiled his ‘prince look’ for the very first time.
Kim Kyu Jong donned a luxurious dress coat, and emphasized his royal position with his haughty facial expression and lax body language. Although his picture looks very arrogant, it’s said that he made the photoshoot atmosphere very bright with his funny quips and laid-back attitude.
After filming, the idol-turned-actor stated, “I received a lot of advice from TVXQ’s Yunho hyung, who played this role before. I worried a lot about being cast as the main character, but I was fascinated by connecting with the audience. It’s a little awkward now but I’ll present my own Kyu Jong prince, different from the past princes in the musical. I hope you’ll all be interested.”
The ‘Goong’ musical will run in Kyoto, Japan from June 11th to July 1st.

Files in Pendrive became shortcuts? Here's how to solve.

Many of my friends are suffering like crazy coz of this. So, here I'm lending you a hand to help~ *hoho*

put in this code,  

 attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.* 

then Enter. After that, scan your pendrive for virus. Good luck!^^

Saturday, April 2, 2011

[VidSpam] Kim Hyung Jun @ KBS Star Life Theater Stalker (110318)

credit to HJfan2 for this vid~
So interesting! I've been wanting to watch this maknae and his dorky side~ keke~
He's a very friendly man, especially when he's with his fans. And..
He's super cute! Sorry Junnie~ last time I said you've turned to handsome from cute, but now you're back as my cute maknae~ keke..
Here's the vid. But still no subs, so I just could read and translate the Hangul words appeared only~ T_T *plz.. someone trans dis~*

The Story of 0330 [UKISS]

Previously, the original version has been released. And many were still trying to grab what's the real storyline of the MV, and what does the number 0330 relate to this MV And as for that, I jumped to a conclusion, in my point of view. Watch the 2nd version of [0330 MV] HERE.

From what I understand from this vid, it's about Dongho, who met this girl during getting a shelter from the rain. And he really liked her. As time passes, they became closer. They always met in the coffee shop, and play piano. 

Untill one day when the girl died. But Dongho still can't forget the girl. He can't accept the truth. He still sat in the coffee shop, pretending to be with the girl. Eli and AJ who saw this, can't do anything, but just watch him from the back.

Dongho also pretended to play piano with the girl, and he kept imagining the girl is sitting next to him, although he knows she's already gone. Hoon, SooHyun and Kiseop just watch him quietly, coz they know Dongho is just playing alone.

Until the time when Dongho pretends to talk with the girl through the phone. All the members were worried, but still, they kept quiet, till Eli stand up and stops him, though at first Kevin opposed.

Dongho got depressed, till all the members soothe him. Then he slowly face the truth, along with his great friends.

And here, I think [0330] is actually the day that girl died.. (March 3rd).. that's why on some parts of the MV, the girl wore a white dress, though Dongho wore his school uniform.

And~ this MV made my eyes teary after I understand the whole story~ *tsk..tsk..*

I Wished Upon the Star.. "May I be Yours?"

There's always a star that always shines so bright in your eyes. There's always a star that you always hoped to see every night. There's always a star that you miss each times clouds appear to be between you and the star. There's always a star that you wish will notice you're loving it. There's always a star that you want to be with for eternity~

And so does this girl, Byul. Everynight, she wished upon the starry night, that the star she admires will realize it's biggest fan on the earth. Before this, she had several stars that she liked. But, most of them never notice her. They just gave their back on her. And in the end, she realize they aren't the star she seeks for.

She promised to herself, to never fall into any beautiful shines of stars anymore, coz she's tired of crying alone to sleep, remembering how arrogant they ignoring her. But this time, her heart was melted again with the amazing shine of this new star. She never saw this kind of star.

Each time night comes replacing day, she will wait for this star to appear. When it appears, she'll feel secured, feel lovely and happy, although the star never realize her existence. Byul never minds, coz not realizing her, is a bit better than ignoring her. When dawn is arriving, Byul bids her farewell in whispers to the star, and welcoming the star to come again the next night.

The star, always shine brightly, giving the happiness to Byul. She always wants to keep the shine in a bottle or jar, so whenever she missed the star, she could open the shines she kept, to cure her loneliness.

But still, having one-sided feeling, is not enough. Byul can't do anything about it. Sometimes, Byul was depressed about this, for she always hoping the star would shine only for her.

The day comes when she realized this star actually belongs to others. The star and it's owner, admires each others. Byul's heart feels like being ripped out. She could barely breathe. By that time, she thought to herself whether nobody knows her existence, or does she so tiny that makes her nothing to exist in this not-so-big world.

Byul can do nothing but hoping. Hopes that at least the star talks to her. Hoping the star would knows there's a little girl always wishing every night for it. Hoping that her love will be accepted.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bran New Kiss! ♥

Bran New Kiss Track List:
(With download links)

1. It's Time (Intro)
2. 0330 (Title Track) *lyrics*

UKISS had finally made their comeback~^^ though with the absence of Xander and Kibum, and I'm missing the fantastic Xander's style of rap and Kibum's sweet voice.. T_T

Well, AJ and Hoon is.. still not bad though~ (sorry.. it's not them to blame, just me need some time to accept this~) Their vocal is nice too~^^

The concept of this video, [0330] is pretty meaningful and beautiful.. it's all about relationship and friendship! ♥ And, what makes me screamed and smiling like crazy was~ DONGHO is the main in the MV! He's uber cute! XD

This song is totally brand new of UKISS's.. the harmonic music, with piano songs, beautiful storyline (and of course with these handsome boys~ XD) This MV is DAEBAK! I really love the look of KEVIN in here. He looks so mature, so namja, so badboy~ And I've forgotten for awhile to the soft-spoken, goofy and adorable Kevin~ keke..

Here's some pics of Kibum and Kevin in Break Time. Seriously~ I missed Kibum.. and Xander~ T_T