Tuesday, March 30, 2010

U-KISS ^_^

Okay.. this is my favorite Korean Boy Band too. It's the Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star a.k.a. U-KISS!! Really love them!! Their songs are really catchy and addictive, especially Bingeul Bingeul and Man Man Ha Ni.This band consists of 6 members initially, but one new member, Lee Ki Seop joined the group in 2009. Two of them, Kibum and Kevin are the former member of Xing. Apparently this band has no leader, when i always thought Kibum is the leader.. (lol)

Shin Soo Hyun, the main vocalist, is the eldest who was born in March 11, 1989.
His nickname is Power Vocal. Well, no wonder, he has most of the lines in their song, and I'm really impressed with his voice.. ^_^
His talents are R&b, dance, soccer, and playing the piano.. *great!!*

Alexander Lee Eusebio, born in July 29, 1989 is the one that is well known for his ability to speak in 7 different languages!! Wow!! And i I love when he raps. So cool! Oh, and he's a camwhore too, however, he's still cute! He was born and raised in Macau, Hong Kong and later did his studies in Las Vegas, USA.

Remember this guy? Yes, he's Kim Ki Bum, the dongsaeng of SS501 magnae, Kim Hyung Jun.. they're both superb cute and talented!! Born in December 29, 1990 O-type blood, the former member of Xing.. At first, I thought Kibum is the leader of this group coz he looks so mature! ( I even thought Hyung Jun was his dongsaeng~).. He's called expensive guy. I don't know why.. for me, he's really cute, but can be really scary once he got mad.. oh, and he's talented in composing music.. one of them are Hyung Jun's solo, Hey Girl (under H&B)..

Eli, or Kim Kyong Jae, born in March 13, 1991 is the rapper and the Super Pigeon of U-KiSS.. haha.. that may sounds weird, but, he really can imitates pigeon so well.. (i'll fell off the chair laughing everytime i saw him imitates one~).. His talents, this is what made me Wow so long - various martial arts! -.. really, charming.. Eli was born in Los Angeles and moved to Washington DC at a young age. He also moved to Beijing at the age of 15 to study for 3 years, hence he is fluent in Mandarin and English.

Kevin (Woo Sung Hyun), born in November 25 1991, is my favorite!!! Oh, and he's the former member of Xing, along with Kibum. He's the angel of U-KISS.. just look when he smile, it's damn cute!! He'll be really pretty if he's a girl.. Lol.. He's also a camwhore too.. He was living in San Fransisco before, so his English is really fluent. And, I really like him paired with Kibum.. just the perfect match! (KeMaru forever!)

Lee Ki Seob, A-type blood, born in January 17 1991 is the new member of U-KiSS who joined in 2009. He is a former ulzzang, appearing on the second season of Uljjang Shidae. I admit, he's really photogenic..~ I remembered in Vampire show, after the finished shooting Bingeul Bingeul MV, they talks about Kevin who has the most lines in the song. Then Kiseop suddenly said "I have so many lines, it's tiring.." where he actually have no lines at all.. haha, poor him.. They suppose to give him at least a part.. anyway, he's cute and funny.. (can't forget when he ran away from his date when they're suppose to ride a roller-coaster..)

Shin Dong Ho, is the magnae, born in June 29, 1994 (wow! he's my age!!).. He's the vocalist and the lead dancer. He spent most of his childhood in China and is fluent in Mandarin. And he's type B, and the type-B personality really matched him.. I watched their Vampire Variety show, and, most of the time, he'll ignore anything that doesn't matter with him.. Such a cute boy anyway.. ^_^