Friday, December 17, 2010

All in one~^^

Today, it's pretty cloudy. Could barely see Mr. Sun. And I'm enjoying it~ keke..

Well, last night was a very great time in Twitter. Coz Young Saeng tweeted a lot last night, telling that he's currently in Phillipine. Never seen him tweeted that much though~ Then, Kyu also tweeted. After that it's confirmed they're in Phil, and will head back to Korea on this Saturday.

Young Saeng even tweeted in English last night!^^ I was so happy that he did it..

2010-12-16 @ 11:40pm
Still not enough to learn English.. 이거맞나?ㅠㅠ번역한거라..ㅋㅋ English studying fighting!!!
Still not enough to learn English.. Is this correct? ㅠㅠ Have to translate.. keke English studying fighting!!!

Here's the pic that he posted on Twitter.

2010-12-17 @ 11:56am
우리는 곧 한국으로 돌아갑니다..^^ !!
2kjdream We are returning back to Korea soon..^^!!

While I was in Twitter too, I found the reason of why Jung Min unfollow Baby on Twitter.. it's a pretty childish reason, Lol~

2010-12-16 @ 10:56pm
JungMin0403 @HyungJun87
확인해바바~~~^^나 10만 이벤트 응모하려고 언팔로우했다 팔로우했다 그랬으니까!!^^나 당첨된것같애!^^*
Wanna check~~~^^ In order to enter for the 100,000 follower event, I unfollowed then followed you back!!^^ I think I will win!^^*

Hyung Jun did a promise to give prize to his 100 000th follower, (the prize as what I remember is related to his Cafe-In musical). And Jung Min even thought he won, hehe.. nice Tom & jerry..~

Meanwhile, On 14-Dec, Kim HyunJoong was at Tokyo Dome for charity event"Message! To Asia", and had a short interview time with reporter from Korea at a late hour after ending the event. Ambitions in the future as a Hallyu Star, desire to be both singer and actor, Kim HyunJoong said frankly on his thoughts about being called as 'The 2nd Bae YongJoon'.

"I don't feel upset when being called as that. I think that it is a compliment this way because 'Yon-sama' has an extreme influence on culture. I wish to become even just half as good as him. My weapon is to be able to act, dance and sing, so I think I will be something, be it 'The 2nd Yon-sama' or 'The 1st Kim HyunJoong'."

Seriously, when he stands beside Bae Young Jun, I could barely differentiate which one is which, without looking properly coz they both resembles a lot..
Oh, and seems like it's today that he'll be in Hong Kong for Yahoo! Buzz Award.. He did win 3 prizes, and even the main prize! Ah.. I wanna vote in to before, but the deadline was when I'm still in my granny's.. T__T

Haish.. I still think that leader should make a Twitter account now.. ㅅ_ㅅ

main source : (credit to liezle@blogspot)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jung Min @ SSTP with SM the Ballad

Now's streaming SSTP too..^^

This one is when the SM Ballad, with Kyuhyun in ShimShimTaPa. (credit to @mystyle0220)

They sang a very nice version of Sorry Sorry~^^

(p/s: just knew that KyuSaeng are both in Phil tonight. will be back to Korea the day after tomorow. They're there for photoshoot, i guess, based from Saengie's tweet.. he tweeted a lot tonight..)

Cute pic of HJB napping on sofa~

credit : liezle@blogspot+ArtNews
Found this pic when I was reading blogs of SS501. It's actually a pic of Hyung Jun, having a nap. Probably exhausted of his rehearsal for Cafe-In musical. This little maknae looks so cute while sleeping. Feels sorry though that he seems to work so hard to present his best performance.

He always stay bright and cheerful, though he has to rehearse with musical, recording the OST and even DJing in MuHigh. His determination is superb!

Wishing his musical for a big success!! Daebak!

Help~~ ㅠ.ㅠ

Ok... my hands are now both swollen, red, and the most important is, ITCHY!

It started yesterday, first with a tiny dot on my finger. Then, it got worst. My hands started to swollen, as an inflated balloon. Thought it'd be better after I put some hot water on it.

But, that night, it got worst. Plus, even my feet are experiencing the same condition. Can't sleep coz it feels like my hands are burning. Whenever I scratch them, it'll left a very painful feeling, so I try hard to resist scratching.

This morning, still itchy. And my hands was like two times larger than usual.. huhu.. browse some info on the net, and found something that may answer my confusion. Perhaps I'm experiencing allergy. But allergy to what?

Asked my mom. Then she said "Perhaps coz you touch the bananas yesterday. That banana got something white powder on it. Maybe you're allergy to that"

Okay.. case closed. Now waiting for my hands to regain it's original size.

PS : still in pain when typing this, coz it's even hard for me to close my hands.. ㅠ_ㅠ

[Photos+Video] Park Jung Min & IU @ Melon Music

credit to :

Last night was the Melon Music Award 2010, and fortunately I was on Twitter on the perfect time to know this. After asking for some links (thanks to gobblepop!) I was able to stream the award.
Jung Min made a surprise duet with IU, singing 'Nagging', which is originally a duet of IU and Seul Ong. In this duet, Jung Min and IU exchange their lines, where Iu sang his, he sang IU's.

It's a nice and perfect song actually, and I was so excited seeing Jung Min on stage! But, a few tweeted in Twitter, complaining how he's singing, who's he compared to Seulong. Dun want to raise the fire, so I just let that be gone..

The thing that made me a bit mad is, when it's Jung Min's stage, the live streaming got lagged times, so it's not really a perfect show for me.. T__T I want more..

Then, for about 15 minutes, he posted this photo on his Facebook. And at the same time, he tweeted too.

오랫만에 무대였는데 방송사고났어요ㅠㅠ 우이잉~~놀란마음 감추고 노래불러서 잘했나몰라여ㅠㅠ 우아앙
It was a performance since a long time but I had a broadcasting accident TT TT Ooiing~~ I hid my shockness and sang the song so I don't know if I have done well TT TT Ooang

Seems like he did a little wrong when he sang. But I didn't notice, as there's lagged time.. But, overall, the stage is nice~^^ Thought SS501 wud make a surprise stage last night, hohoho~ Anyway, anticipating Jung Min's comeback next year.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yay! Finally!^^

So bored today, so started drawing anime. Bought Motomi Kyousuke's Penguin Prince yesterday, ah.. thought Beast Master will be there, but not yet..

And, today for the first time I manage to draw a male anime! Dying with the hair.. with Kyousuke san's manga as reference, I draw these.

I always suck at drawing male.. coz it will looks just like the girl character I always draw.. Well, thanks to Motomi Kyousuke san once again!^^

The above is the edited version. At the same time, I wanna improve my GIMP skill too.. =,= Below is the original one. Took me 1 hour to draw just these two..

I love the boy anime with charming eyes, waving hairs, tough body.. But, seems like I can only draw to this level for now.. T_T

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

[Photos] Jung Min @ MBC SHimShimTaPa

credit to

it's the pic from yesterday's Shim Shim Ta Pa..

tonight, I listen earlier, coz I wanna sleep earlier.. =,= I've used computer too much today~

and seems like there's KyuHyun with them tonight, so am anticipating tonight's official photos!^^

Shim Shim Ta Pa with uri Sexy Jung Min!^^

ah.. on the previous Jung Min's Twitter Interview, me and my friend do ask some several questions.. but none were RTed and answered.. *huhu* guessed too many popped out, and he gets confused.

Even asked in hangul too, but sems like there's a user's copying each of my hangul tweets to him.. grr..

it's okay then. at least he may had read our tweets.. =,=

Here now, is listening to Jung min's voice on Shim Shim Ta Pa. Streaming online through WMP. Worked so hard on how to put the URL. I think, maybe have been for an hour! huhu.. Finally, browsed for Yahoo answer, found how to put the URL..

Jung Min will be in SSTP (00:05 ~ 02.00 am KST) of MBC with Park Gyu Ri as the DJ along,
from 13th to 19th of Dec.
Just paste this URL to your Windows Media Player.




So good to listen to his voice.. so happy!^^

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Worth to watch! ~♥

These videos really cracked me up. I always browsing on YouTube late at night, when my family all have gone to their dreamland. So I've to cover my laughs, 'till my belly hurts. Sometimes mom will show up, saying "are you choking or what?" huhu.. kpop virus, mom..~

Entertainment Wide, with SS501
Though this is when they're promoting Deja Vu, it still feels fresh. I miss their dorkiness like in this program.. T__T It's so cute when they play the games where who get mads of the topic the other members are throwing at, he'll be eliminated. And they're seriously cute in here!

SS501 Kim Kyu Hong Manwon Happiness

Really love this one. Have been wanting to watch this before, but can't find the subbed one coz YT deleted them. Kyu Jong is definitely the NICEST guy! Many people in this show praising him for being so kind. In this show, he can't eat unless it's the leftover or he has to pay. There's once when Hyung Jun is his helper, means he can't eat too. But, coz Kyu is kind, he later called Baby to eat the leftovers, while he lay down at the corner.. So sweet!

Shin PD with UKISS
Superb! Infinity stars for this show. I really laugh hard when watching this. The painful punishment, the spraying games, the unique character of UKISS made this show wonderful. They're never covering themselves. And Kiseop.. really made me fell off the chair.. laughing..

Infinity Girls : Kidnapping UKISS
This is about the 6 woman entertainers divided in group to kidnap UKISS member, where those who got the most members win. So cute to see the confusion between the members on who to follow, Hyunyoung's team or Jihye's team.. (I kept supporting Hyunyoung, dunno why~) All the pranks to get them really made me ROFL..

Shin PD with Super Junior and MBLAQ
Looks like this Shin PD show is a great show, never fails to make me hurt my tummy from laughing. This time, it's Suju+MBLAQ.. The game with that sleeping bag is truly unpredictable.. poor Kyuhyun who looks very tired..^^ Firstly I want to support Cheondung's team, but when I see Yesung, I switched.. hehe..

안녕 하세요!~♥

Oh.. Have been a week that I came back home from granny's.. but only now I post here.. keke~

Almost die coz can't connect to the net for two weeks, as my cousin's BB is broken.. T__T

And I'm truly missing the boys during that time..

Jung Min is releasing his album, and I've seen his [Not Alone] MV teaser. So charming!

Then, Leader Kim Hyun Joong came to Malaysia for TFS (The Face Shop) promo, in Pavilion and Sunway Piramid. I'm feeling so bad I couldn't be there.. Only if Pavilion is nearby, then I could be there. He also film for a cameo for drama Dream High, as the role of the Top Hallyu Star.

KyuSaeng also started to do promotion and FMs under B2M management. Have seen a few pics of the FM, and Saengie seems so namja now!^^ (still missing that chubby shy badboy though..)

Read over Kyu's sweet tweet, and he recently post some pics he doodling with snows on the ground. Seems like it's heavily snowing there.. *envy*

현.영.규.말.쭌. Luv (Hyun.Young.Kyu.Mal.JJoon.Luv) He must missing SS501 so much..^^

And Baby Joonie is currently working for his Musical, Cafe-in. Ah~ missing this dorky little maknae too..

This morning, is actually the Twitter Interview for Hyung Jun via his Twitter. It starts at 11 am KST (10 am here). Seriously, i forgot about that.. here's one of his pic from the interview. He seems so happy~^^

credit to Liezle@My Cozy Li'l Corner

It's okay though, still have tomorrow, Jung Min's Twitter interview, starts at 2pm KST (1pm). Will sure join them!!! (anticipating!) Wonder if Saengie and Kyu will have the time for Twitter Interview too..^^

Watched the video of Jung Min at Narsha's Volume Up, where Hyung Jun called, and pretend he's not HJB.. Haha, I can see JM's face like "cheh, as if i dunno you're Joonie" .. but he still pretend he didn't know him.. so sweet of them.. ♥