Friday, November 25, 2011

A short break!^^

안녕 하세요~^^ greet you with these cute TeddyFinite!^^♥

Still in the middle of SPM.. still got two more KILLER PAPERS!

aish.. can't even think what I'm going to be, after I took Physics. these two might KILL me.. T_T But still, I can't believe in just a week, I'll be free from books~ *for awhile*..

These short 4 days break are special for Chem and Bio. And I must study Biolohy as hard as I could.. coz.. MAMA award will be aired LIVE on 8TV THE NIGHT BEFORE MY LAST PAPER, WHICH IS BIOLOGY!

since I rarely post, (well.. coz of exam.. and coz of NO INTERNET).. would like to post about the most unforgettable moment happened during my unable-to-connect-to-the-internet time.. (T_T)

It's about my lovely grandmother..
I posted about her before, when she was still unconscious. But it turned out that a few days after that, she left us forever..
I still can't believe it, but I must accept it. She's always waits for us whenever we visit her. Put me in her special treat. Hugged me. Oh..
Next time when I come to my granny's house, she's not there anymore..

I still remember the last time I see her face before her funeral, I kissed her forehead. It's cold. Too cold that my tears dropped. The thing that I took attention the most, is that she has that smiling face. Although she didn't move anymore, I could sense it, she was like "Don't cry, I'm fine" (well of course she didn't speak.. it's my imagination.)

Ah.. granny, I'll always be praying for you.. al-fatihah~