Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Got UiTM's TESL Foundation.. waa..^^

okay.. maybe since my last post regarding my interview story (just below this post) kinda making me feel sad, I didn't update my blog until the day I got the UPU result.. haha..

Seriously, I was having a total frustration if there's anyone mentioning TESL.. ever since..

Until yesterday, it's the day to check for UPU. A friend of mine, Fatin (the one who saved my life by calling me in the morning telling me about the interview) called me and said she didn't get the TESL Foundation. I was like.. "What? What about me?" Okay.. my heart was pounding so hard like it's trying to escape my rib cage. (exaggerating~)

So at 2, I went to Nora's house together with Sunmie.. together, we checked for ours. But argh, Sunmie and my netbook can't load the page. So, Nora checked first. Wow! She got Biological Science Foundation in SARAWAK! Hysterically we screamed.. *her mom cried* Sunmie checked hers, and she got Poli for Civil Engineering.. I was impressed coz she also got what she wants before!

Then I checked mine. I entered my IC no. and clicked -ENTER-.. nervous, I covered the screen with my palm. Slowly, I lowered it.. and then I see..

Like crazy.. I screamed despite my sore throat from coughing.. wow! I never expected it.. coz I wasn't selected for the IPG interview, so there's less hope for me.. but this really shocked me. It's my first choice on UPU. I did COUNTLESS humiliating things that interview day. Alhamdulillah, thanks for realizing my dream.

Believe me. Since yesterday, I've been staring at this result for hours. Because I still don't believe it.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Asasi TESL's Interview.. *the story*

Hah.. because this was actually one of the thing I'm still regretting until now, I think by putting it up here would allow myself too forgive myself.. *what?*


On Saturday morning, while I was planning on what should I do, I got a call from my friend who was telling me that she got the call for the interview. So, I hurriedly opened UiTM's website, checked my name.. and yeah.. "Congratulations, you're being called for an interview for this program."

Only 24 hours before the interview. Great.

     I prepared my baju kurung, and packed my shoes. (a sneaker type.. idk what to call). Then my mom said "NO!" So did my dad. So, we went to buy a pair of nicer shoes. Huu..

     Luckily my aunt live nearby the campus. So, we slept a night there. Early at 7 am, we set off for breakfast first. Though my tummy felt like it didn't have any space for food anymore because nervous has occupied it, I swallowed the roti canai though. I could saw there's a boy, wearing formal attire and got that nervous face too. So I guessed he's also going to be interviewed just like me.

     Meticulously, I walked out after finished the breakfast. And who knew it, because of my new+slippery+I-wasn't-used-to-wear-such-style shoes, I tripped on the chair and shook a table of which one of the customer was eating his breakfast on. OH! I feel like disappearing forever!! I could feel everyone's eyes were on me, a girl who's wearing baju kurung and carrying a big bag early in the morning. But, it's still great that I didn't slide and fell down. Or I'll absolutely cancel my way to the interview.

     Arrived at the faculty, there's already lots of applicants there. I checked my name, and went for the written test. I saw others brought in big pencil cases and lot's of stationery. But I was just holding two blue pens. =_=;; The objective question was, wow.. so high-leveled. It took my 7 times to re-read, and I need to read again for each question I was answering. Because it's just one hour, I speed up and turn to the essay section.

     'Write about 250 words about dangers of social networks to the teenagers.'

     Wow.. it has been months I didn't hold a pen and write an essay that long. Luckily, my brain wasn't jammed that time, and I could write out every ideas that came into my mind. The only annoying thing was, my table kept shaking and shaking each time I was writing. It's frustrating.

     Okay then, here's where I went to the torturing part. *kidding.. heee* I met another applicants. While I was being worried because I didn't bring a passport sized photo and other certificates, I also talked with the others. The challenging thing was, they're speaking. In English. I know it shouldn't be a problem for an Asasi TESL's applicant like me. But, my weakness is, I can't converse in English confidently. *huuhu..*

     My name was the fifth. So, after I have been waiting nervously for the bell to ring, I stepped inside. I handed the panels my files. Then I carefully sat down on the chair.

     "Okay.. so introduce yourself." She asked.

     I took a deep breathe, and answered, "I'm an 18 years old girl who loves to write stories. *smile*"

     Weirdly, she looked at me. Along with chuckles, she responded. "So the first thing you want me to know about you was, you love to write stories?"

     Okay I admit the moment she said that, I regretted on why I introduced myself like that. But, actually I've planned to say such thing from the day I applied for this program. You know, they said don't tell something the interviewer already know - name, school, b'place, etc - Just, I don't know why only now I regretted it when she said that.

     Then, we're talking about my inactiveness in sports (yeah, I'm weak at sports..), and even about my internet connection which was cut by my dad so I can focus on my SPM.. haha~ the interviewers were really good at vanishing my nervous feelings, though I was going to burst anytime. *I kept swinging my legs throughout the interview. I doubt they didn't noticed it.*

     Then it ended. I came down to see my parents.

     "Eh, it didn't take too long?" Mum said. I just smiled. Ah.. what a tiring and regretful day..

I don't know if I was good enough to compare with other more fluent and confident applicants.. T_T Well, I tried my hard.. so, goodluck for me..^^


Monday, March 5, 2012

Heo Young Saeng will be in Immortal Song 2

hoaah.. before this, the only reason i watch Immortal Song is coz there's Infinite's Woohyun.. (totally biased..)

Then, I kept thinking, if Saengi joins this, it'd be daebak coz he have a great voice too..

And yeah!! My dream come true! Heo Young Saeng will perform in Immortal Song 2! Wish he'd be permanent.. =,=

Now I wish I have KBSW channel. Please. T_T

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Park Jung Min sings 'Gemilang'

Okay.. now tell me who else watched it?
I googled but can't found anything..
I need to make sure that ads was true and I wasn't hallucinating while listening to him being taught by a Malaysian woman to sing Gemilang *he's seriously cute singing in Malay!!*
I was sure I was watching it on Astro (either on MTV channel or Hitz channel.. I can't remember..)

Eish.. I wish I could bring that Astro at my granny's come to my home.. =,=

oww it's frustrating...!!

Kpop 2012 comeback~

*pic credit to naver blogger~

Huwaah~ on March we'll have B1A4.. those dorky boys, I wonder if they'll comeback with a more manly style this year? I wished to see them in such image though..

and was it just my eyes that I saw LEE JUN KI there? He's doing comeback? wow~♥ okay he was just released from the army 16th February ago.. keke.. Well, this pretty boy was actually my previous first love.. *shh.. *

On April, there'll be CNBLUE!! aww they gonna rock the stage!^^ I missed them singing korean songs.. haha~ *nonsense..* they're pretty busy in Japan.. Okay honestly, I missed Jonghyun! keke..  Then there's UKISS making a comeback too! Aww.. *somehow.. reminiscing the times when there's Kibum and Xander..*

On May.. jjajang!! Here's our anticipated INFINITE!! there's some correction on Infinite's name, (already corrected by the naver blogger). it's supposed to be 인피니트 (Infinite), not 인피니티 (Infinity?) eish..

The other thing that caught my attention is on June.. there'll be DSP new debuting group. Well, is it the rumoured boy band? Kinda anticipated it though.. a bit.

What's on my mind after I read this? Of course, the sudden call for money.. money.. come to me now.. I need you..

"Money.. money.. money.. I'm chanting for you.. money.."

Sunday, February 19, 2012

뇌구조.. brain structure test! what's on your mind?

Found this website (in Korean..) click here to try~ about the brain structure, well. it doesn't actually brain structure, but more of what are actually in my minds..
As I don't really understand what's been written on the page, I just put my name in the 이름 box.. =,= wrote in Hangul coz it doesn't support English..

and then.. the result..

mwo? impatience? and the nolgungri (놀궁리) i can't search for the meanings, and i got three of them.. haha~ what is it actually? =,= well, at least i got two idols there.. so true.. XD 

but then i saw at the bottom, 

[Create your own brain structure]

So i clicked and made my own! (with help of Google translate of course.. thanks, GT!)

food.. give me food.. i want food.. 

추운 아침..

cold morning.. supposed to go practicing my 'L', but it's cold, and it just rained last night.. so the circuit would be absolutely wet.
well, mum's out for kenduri in Pahang, and dad's not home too.. to avoid giving burdens on who'll pick me up on the academy, I decided to just stay home.. =,=

In the evening later, will head to granny's. Going to babysit my dear cousin tomorrow.. haha, i dunno what'll happen, seriously.


actually, i just wanna post this cute gif of Hoya (credit to the owner of pic) , but it seems weird to just post the pic itself out of sudden. Haha.. so i blabbered a bit about my nothing-special-daily-routine.. cheh..

what's so special about it? 
well.. it's usually Namstar's trademark, throwing the loves to the fan.. 
but seeing Hoya actually DO AEGYO (pouts, epic hand-bent for the love sign, and throwing it full-heartedly)
 it gets 132423x cuter!^^ Definitely 호애기..

Hoya's epic rap..

*credit to owner of pic

i think Sungjong's nodding to agreement because he misheard it as "Love Star" as it sounds pretty same..

Got little but killer shocks.. keke..

on what? haha..
on Myungsoo-Sungyeol-Sungjong's triangle love.. keke!

i'd like to put the gif, but considering it might be too controversial (?) so  didn't. aigoo, not enough with the pepero game with Myungsoo, you're on stage with Jong. Yeollie, L is clenching his fist upon watching this.. haha! (best fan service ever..)

Lately, Yeol appeared playing in my mind more often than Hoya.. where are you.. =,=

"i.. don't know?" lolz..

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blonde Young Saeng~♥

He'll be acting in KBS 2 sitcom 'I Need a Fairy'.. aigoo, he won't have much screentime as this sitcom also casts many other actor.. but since he succeed with his musical, I think he'll shine in this.. keke! How cute he is, in that hair colour.. =,=

And as I was strolling his Twitter account, found this pic he twitted,

...pic of him with Park Ji Bin.. (the boy who acts as JanDi's dongsaeng).. it seems like in Japan by looking at the shop name. Ayy this hyung and his dongsaeng.. they're so cute and close.. (actually, I'd like to say "Ji Bin you're WAY TOO LUCKY! Let me be you one day!")

argh that cute dimples!

Believe in yourself.. 뭐?

Haha.. being random here..

This is just something we made today~

Well, it's pretty related to my current activity.. -- learning Hangul after 2 years postponing it. gah, it's so hard to differentiate the verbs, the particles.. just like i was learning English when I was 7 years old.. =,=.

야, 이제 난 한국말을 할수 있어!

...but i kept imagining how proud i'd be if i'm able to speak hangul fluently.. keke!

Friday, February 3, 2012

My new flower boy.. recruited!

Hehe~ i knew him before in CNBlue, but that time my kpop craze was totally for Youngsaeng, so i didn't give a glance to him.

But since I am watching YongSeo on WGM, he's shining brighter than Yong~ keke..

With Jungshin chingu.. XD

With Minhyuk ah~

the charismatic look once he gets hold of his guitar..


So, he's now recruited into my HANA's FLOWER BOY list.. keke! Welcome!

(to be accurate, my bias(s))

Heo Young Saeng (still #1)
Lee Hong Gi
Kevin Woo
Yang Yo Seob
Jung Jin Young

여러분 안녕 하세요~

yeah~ since it's a very long break, i'm continuing my unofficial studies in hangul (cheh~)

found this website 2 years ago, and thanks to it's great posts, i could read hangul now~ but i stopped learning coz of examinations, so that time my ability declined a bit. (it hasn't even started yet, so, an epic fail?)

so, this time i re-open the website (almost forgot the website name, so worried i can't find it anymore) and yeah~ i go through the lessons again~

so.. the achievement so far.. i can read hangul. haha! will study it harder! together with Nora♥L we will use this opportunity to master hangul! *fighting!*

Thursday, January 12, 2012


*I went crazy..*

Haha.. I'm so happy for all the wishes I received. You don't know how happy I was reading each of your wishes..^^

With 8TV also singing birthday songs for their 8th ann, I felt like the song is directly addressed to me.. haha!

Sincerely, I appreciate everyone who wished for me. Not bragging, but Yay! I'm 18 yo! haha.. Suddenly I feel matured.. *joking.. that'll never be.*

Today, passed my computer-test (though I've been actually so idiot to wait there after I finished where my mum even went to the car already.. * embarrassed!*)

Notice the way-so-crazy picture above? I think I'm the only Photoscape user who still don't realize there's these objects (i call it stickers) we cud put onto the photos just by using Photoscape! *feels like promoting.* Found out after my brother edited Seungyeon's picture to a monster-that-ultraman-used-to-fight.. lol. asked him "How'd you do that?" he replied.. "You don't know? it's here.." haha.. dumb.

Ah~ as this day passed, I promised to be more like an 18 years old girl.. perhaps.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Upcoming Daebak Drama..

So I watched the preview for the first episode of [Sunshine Girl], and there's our maknae Jjunnie!

Although his clip is just a few seconds in this preview, I replayed it numerous time, coz I can't get enough of looking at his cute mad-expression! haha..

And by looking at another preview for episode 1 (under the name Glowing She) I cud predict what type of character he is after reading the caption for him.. haha~

"나 강민, 최고의 스타~" 
(I'm Kang Min, The BEST STAR~) 

well, just hope my net connection wud lasts longer, coz I'd like to watch it.. along with L's [Shut Up! Pretty Boyband] which will be aired on January 30th! haha..

Friday, January 6, 2012


Finally.. what? Haha..
Finally I got enough confidence to tweet him,

and he REPLIED!

who is he? Read here.. my previous spazzings about him.. XD

haha~ after Nora♥L♥Joon tweeted and got replied, it took a long time for me.. to try and tweet him too..

yih, I know he's still a rising star, and yet i'm happy like crazy when he replied. I can't imagine if Young Saeng replied mine. I'd probably explode.. XD

INFINITE's Second Invasion

A super-duper great and amazing concert from Infinite for Inspirits!
I could smell (smell?) the wonderful remix songs, Hoya's super dance , L's killer stare, Namstar's aegyo, Choding Yeol's comic dance, the excited and laughing Dongwoo, the super cute Jongie, Hamster Gyu's powerful vocal and everything already! *sighs*

I envy those Inspirits who will be attending this.

Once again, I wish I'm rich!! Or, anybody rich enough, JUST TAKE ME THERE.. 

Teen Top's Driving Me Crazy~

Ahaha.. The post title..that's a little bit emphasized..

But yeah, Their awesome MV is finally out! 
And L.Joe's the main character! *dies*
Honestly, from this MV, I could see [Clap] for the 'crazy gestures', [Supa Luv] from the train scene and [No More Perfumes on You] from the sweet smiles Chunji shots! haha..

I hope they'll win with this song, and starts to shine this year~^^
Fighting Teen Top!♥