Monday, April 26, 2010

Congratulation, friends!! 축하합니다!!~

Last Wednesday, eleven student of 4 Aktif represent our school for a skit competition (district level) at Kuala Selangor, --including me.. I do the sound-effects stuff, together with my friend.

At the moment we stepped in the hall, we felt anxious.. Plus, when we saw the other school have a lot of props, while we just brought several manila cards, files, laptop and flowers. There are also no place for my friend and I do the skit's sound effects.. (no speaker, no plug.. oh..) Goody my friend brought his laptop, and the MC gave us microphone, as a replacement..

But then, we were the first school to perform that day! We're rushing as fast as we could.. Then, after a little moment, our skit started. But (again..), the microphone didn't working, and so the sound-effects.. I did everything I can with the mic, but it still doesn't work. Tears almost fall on my cheeks, while my partner kept walking back and forth, tensed with the situation..

The skit went on without sound effects (which we prepared nicely-matched with the skit.. that's why I cried when it doesn't work.. luckily the actors manage to act with this problem).. After several minutes of tensed moments, one of my friend (our director!!) told me that the mic's plug on the stage was pulled off. Then my friend asked my other friend (who do the props stuff) to put the plug back on. But, she refuse and force my sound-effect partner to go. Then they start arguing on who should go. I couldn't wait, so I straightly went down and put the plug back on.. problem solved.. =_=..

The skit ends with a perfect sound-effect. We, the crew at the backstage relieved. Then, we took our sit and continue to watch the other school's skits.

After several hours, we went to the main hall for the result. We felt anxious again.. When the 3rd and 2nd place were announced, and none of them were ours, we thought that there's no hope.. But then, when our school were announced as the winner, all of us scream loudly.. even I couldn't believe it! Our main actor also won the 'Best Male Actor' award.. haha.. they'd done a good job..

We felt so happy that we won coz we'd sacrificed our classes (for a week!!) for rehearsals.. and we did the skit on our own, with a little help from our teacher who did changes that made our skit better than before.. a BIG THANKS to Puan Siti Murni for your help.. (sorry for the late appreciation.. please understand that we're seriously busy after the competition..~)

Lastly, do the best for the state level!! We can do it!!!
창구야, 파이팅!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All 'bout Today~

I just feel like I want to publish stories 'bout today coz I brought my camera to school today.. But, I don't know so many great events (maybe not so great..) and stories happened today. So, here they are..

First in the morning, we headed to the Staff Room to find Ustazah Zabidah for our folio interview.. (that's the main reason on why I brought camera today..) But then I left the task to Mimi and Bal as I have to duty at the school main gate. And here's the snap.. not bad..
Mimi with Ustazah Zabidah

Then, we all walked to the hall for the co-curriculum assembly.. *sigh*. After the long and 'interesting' speeches, we heard emergency bell rang.. it turned out to be the emergency demonstration only. We headed out of the hall, and we were given speeches again, about fire. But i don't really hears 'em, coz my friends and i are busy capturing various poses of us.. Haha.. I have to bring along my camera coz I don't want to face the risk of being stolen as one of my friend had experienced it once before..
One of their nice pose, plus with the extra boys behind them who suddenly came out from nowhere..

they even pose with the fire-fighter truck..

Then, during PE, we went for a jog outside the school, (at the jogging park), equipped with our meals.. (just like we're going for a picnic..) We're so excited, although the day is almost afternoon, and you can imagine how 'cold' it was..
jogging..jogging..jogging..walk..walk.. (>_<)

Farahanys & Dayah after the jog..

at last!! the picnic! haha..

just done eating.. (the sunlight shone well on Dayah.. natural spotlight..)

Then, we walked back to school.. and we felt hungry again.. haha! We've done so many thing today.. (did we?idk..)During Math, we're so tired even the teacher noticed! Goody he's an understanding teacher, he allowed us to sleep for 15 minutes after he finished teaching..

Actually there's a big story when we went to change to our uniforms in the changing room. But, I better not to published it here.. with that, here's the end of today's Wonderful Day with my Camera.. LOL!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jung-min sshi!!

*pics - credits for PHeroMIN, i edited the pics, but i don't own the original pics.*

Saengil Chukha Hamnida, our sexy charisma Park Jung Min!! Hope all your dreams come true!!~

SS501 fighting! Mal fighting! *kekeke*