Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's Holidays!!

Arghh!!! Finally! It's holiday!! I've been waiting for this moment.. For the first week of the holiday, I attend a Sports Club Course for 4 days.. It's nearly horrible.. well, yeah, whole of the day was full of activities.. I could feel my legs 'loose'.. plus, the camp site were a bit haunted.. Fortunately, I didn't face 'those'.. Then, I spent a week at the hometown, visiting my grandparents. By the way, we have the opportunity to have a picnic at the beach.. although the beach was no-water (ebbed)..

But, sometime I felt rather BORING.. well, there's nothing to do in this holiday, except doing my mom's command-tidy your room!;wash the dishes!;wash the laundry!;-.. Yeah, I know I'm a girl..However, I have to study harder.. Next year, I'll face my second big examination..PMR.. Oh.. I think almost everyone would be so lazy to sit on the table, take a bunch of paperworks and referring books, hold the pen and do all of those.. But, my dad offer a lot of incentive for that.. I'll work harder for that!! Muarghahaha!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Tribute to Teacher Sree, Teacher Ara, Teacher Sharmila and Teacher Shantiny..

They used to be our practical teacher a few months ago.. I really miss them especially Teacher Sree who taught us English.. At first, we thought we'll never suit with any practical teachers as no one of them were as what we like..

But, day after day, we become closer.. Furthermore, there's Choral Speaking competition which needs these practical teachers to teach us.. So, we come to the rehearsal every evening for 4 weeks.. It's a wonderful memories.. I still remember when the teachers were shouting when leading us the choral speaking us as they know we're the noisiest class in the school..

I remember too when me and my friend were following Teacher Sree to an uptown school to send a competitor.. (we're just the spectators..).. The other teacher who was driving apparently don't know where the school was and it took us about 2 or maybe 3 hours in the car, finding the school that meant to be.. It makes me and my friend's leg cramped after we arrived.. Lol..

After five months on practical, it's time for they to turn back to their university.. A week before, we held a farewell party. Teacher Sree treat us KFC.. It's so fun.. Teacher Sree force us to eat the cakes that she'll push the full-in-the-hand-sized cake.. Luckily i haven't got that.. Seriously, it's funny when my other friends were having a dirty creamy faces.. Ha..ha..ha..

Then, a few days after that was Teacher's Day. So, the UniSel students (it's the practical teachers..) do some drama.. It's damn funny!! Then, the next week, they went back to their university.. Although it's kinda sad, we wish they found their hopes..

To the teachers who would read this, i just wanted to say, WE MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! THANKS FOR THE GREAT MEMORIES YOU SKETCHED FOR US!!