Friday, December 30, 2011

The Power of Anti Fans?

I was somehow came across this Soompi post while the unnoticed [ANTI FANS] word kept hovering my head.

Well, sure have heard a lot about anti-fans, and in Korea, the fans are MORE aggressive. 

Sometimes, I got that unfair thoughts of mine. While I watch fancams of any artists, they tend to just walk while looking down on the floor, no matter how crazy the fans are screaming. I was like "Hey! At least wave or something! Not even smiling?" 

But as I scrolled down reading, and watched the videos tagged, I could now understand why. Well, I don't know that anti-fans were divided into different categories. The serious ones, called SASAENG. (means.. KILL LIVING BEING)

They went beyond the privacy of an idol. Like, videotaping them, and show obsessed love like writing bloody notes.. (it's creepy..)

What caught my attention the most is the picture of Yoseob cleaning scribbles on the wall.

“Keep scribbling away“

Well, we understand that the love to our idols are so.. so.. BIG that we really really want to tell them ourselves "Hey, you know what? I LOVE YOU!" *okay.. that's emphasizing* Will surely do everything *even in a disgusting way* to get our idols' SPECIAL ATTENTION to us.

No wonder if I watch any variety programs, they don't really talk about their private lives too much. I know there are still rumours and gossips on papers and magazine, but I bet it's not as serious as in here.. Because the anti-fans are there. If you slipped something bad about their idols. you're dead.

Talking about the stalking fans, where they didn't even care if they spend $400 on a taxi. Even breaking into idol's dorm. 

Sometimes, while reading this, I've been thinking what is these Idols REAL THOUGHT on his fans? Does it divided into categories too? Like;

My Fans Categories:
The super duper loyal,true and great fans.
The silent fans.
The aggressive and I-need-to-stay-away fans.

And that would be bad, coz each time they went for a walk outside, and someone figured them out, they'd need to differentiate between these three categories..

Somehow I could see the tense of being popular. Fans follow you everywhere. If you wear masks and shades, they's say you have a celebrity disease. If you over-friendly with them, they'd be feeling special, and stalk you more.

I read this somewhere, 

"When an idol said he's not dating, 90% of it is a lie"

Yeah, coz if they didn't, anti-fans will be on the move and straightly haunt those who dared to take their husband-suppose-to-be idol. 

Anti-fans has a seriously, big part in Idol's life. Even I as the just-mild-crazy fan feels bad for them. No wonder suicide case kept increasing in Korea.. aish, anti-fans, just mind your own life lah..

Or, I don't know if this is the price of being popular? *shrugs*

Thursday, December 29, 2011

SS501 presents... The ANIMAL KINGDOM!

Laughing like mad upon seeing this picture.. *and it still tickles..*

Well, let's talk about who's who..

The poor turtle who is being bullied by carrying all those massive animals:
Maknae Hyung Joon
The excited horse who seems to be so happy being carried by Turtle Joon:
Mal Jung Min
The dog (?) who seems to not be bothered by the excited mal (and is wearing sleeping cap.. ready to sleep anytime anywhere?):
4D Hyun Joong
The guilty little monkey (it's suppose to be a gorilla) who is just watching the excited Mal:
Centre Kyu Jong
The shy otter on top of all of them, still figuring out why are the rest of members acting so dorks..:
Prince+Badboy Saengie.

Ah.. boys, palli and make a comeback.. or you'll be cursed to be these animals!! *I'll raise them for sure!*

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

3 months holiday.. what to do?

Haha.. it's a very long holiday eh.

Thought of finding part time job. So I talked with my parents.

"Dad.. Maybe I'll go to work somewhere here.." 
"Hmm.. okay.." , dad answered.

After a few moments of thoughts...

"Dad.. would you mind to give me allowance during my holidays? I won't have to seek for part time jobs then." 
"Well, of course I can.." , dad answered.

So that's the deal~ haha.. 3 months just staying at home. Oh, I love you dad! ^^
My mom is the happiest when she knew I'm going to stay at home. She got a FULL-TIME worker now~ haha! *sighs*

Sunday, December 11, 2011

하얀 고백♥

This is a very cute and beautiful MV shot in Japan~ The boys were so happy buying Christmas gifts.. I think this is the best gift ever for Inspirits.. ^^

The priceless face expression of Hoya when he held the Bikini postcard, haha~! Sungjong went as the first one appear in this MV.. Sungyeol gave himself (tied with ribbon on his neck) as the christmas present himself, LOL.. Dongwoo who's dissolved in the world of toys~ XD Woohyun with his mischievous looks yet so cute while playing the... mini frying pan? idk~ Sunggyu with his earphone walking followed by kinder kids.. and L who is just smiling enough to melt those girls walking passed him, haha~~

I saw someone posted this video on FB, but that time I'm still at granny's, so only today I could watch it.. So today, watch it to the fullest! ahahaha!! *went crazy already*

p/s : Still looking for the meaning of [크리스마스선물의 주인공은] which appeared at the end of the MV.. Google Translate said "The Christmas gifts' hero" but I sense some inaccuracy.. huhu~ I wish I know Korean..


Blame my busy student life that I didn't have the chance to watch Gumiho earlier, then only now I notice this hot but cute guy!~^^

No Minwoo! Haha.. the second hero from My GF is a Gumiho~ The ex-drummer of The TRAX.. haish.. at first, I didn't like him, coz the main hero is Lee Seunggi, so my eyes were only on him from the first episode. But as the episodes went on, Minwoo climbed up one stairs above Seunggi! keke.. (mian, Seunggi ah~)

My previous conversation with my cousin..

Me : Oh, he (Dongjoo) is so evil! I hate him..Cousin : But he is handsome! Far more handsome than Daewoong.. 
Next day,
Me : Hey, Dongjoo is so handsome!Cousin : He is! More handsome than Daewoong, right?Me : Nope.. Daewoong's still number one! 
The next day,
Me : Hoah! Dongjoo, my oppa is handsome!Cousin : Cheh.. you said you like Daewoong so much! Dongjoo's mine!Me : Nah.. Now Dongjoo's first.. heheh! 

Haha~ sorry dear cousins.. he's not yours alone..

err.. yeah, somehow.. 

Raining.. Raining..♥

Currently hooked up with Gumiho (so sad I was only able to watch it now~) so I'm  a little alerted when it's raining.. because;

1. SS501 is greeting me.. (haha! SS501 is my 비 남자!)
2. Miho is crying..

*I know it's nonsense.. but I do love rain~^^*

Just got home after the last day of exam where we quickly leave home to my granny's~ I miss this messy room of mine~ haha! XD If it's not coz I need to send back my textbooks, I might be staying longer away from home~ T_T

And there's possibilities I'll be away to my granny's (of my dad's) AGAIN after November 14.. aish~

These are the factors of why I'm SO OUTDATED of kpop lately.

So right now still thinking.. can I cope for another 2 WEEKS away from home? huhu.. idk~

p/s: currently doing a MASSIVE CLEANING to my messy room. And those piling papers and books. Now I can't even see my floor. Help. (ㅠ.ㅠ)