Friday, October 23, 2009

End Year Class Party^=^

Just this morning, we held this end year party, attended by teachers and friends. Firstly in the morning, we organized everything (chairs, desks, presents, food etc). Then, when it's time to eat, i still remember their hungry faces, they grab almost everything.. Luckily i manage to have some satay coz just for a few minutes, the plate gone empty. Then, the exchanging presents session. During this, we laugh a lot! There's a friend of mine who just got 6 cartons of juice!! Imagine, everybody else got mugs, frames, dolls, and flowers.. Juice box? Poor her.. when I met the person who gave the juice box, I ask him what he'd got. Then. I laughed! - he got a secondhand book, which i just read yesterday!! This party end up so good! ^_^

Monday, October 19, 2009

Wonderful weekend!!

Last three days, were filled with exciting moment with the facilitators from MMU!! They are definitely the best out of the rest! We've been taught about Adobe Photoshop ( which seem to be not-an-easy-task thing..). Although i wuz kinda stressed with the tasks given, with the very short time, and the problem we had in our group.. -some important stuffs lost..-. But, in the very end of the day with these facilitators, i have to admit, i really don't wanna have the farewell with them!! Wish that they would held a program in our school again someday.. I definitely enjoy the days. My body was cramped when i reached home and i slept most of the time after unpacking the stuffs, and yet, i enjoy te program!! Thanks, you guyzz!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Yay!! Hurray!!

The face of Tenma above was as same as mine for the past two weeks.. and yet, i had passed through the weeks!! And, the examination is finally ended.. *sigh*

Now, i feel so.... pleased.. (though this is just for several months - next two years, another examination is waiting.. =_=). My friends and I had planned so many things to be done afterwards.. Well, yeah, we have to wait for the results, but at least one of the sacks on our back had dropped down..

After this examination ended, many planned to have a holiday-on-day-school.. but, Miss A said the enrollment for the MRSM have to be done, so, maybe i wouldn't skip school day, unless the temptations win over me.. again..

Tomorrow, we the girls are going to have a celebration of Eidul Fitri. Some said we're too late, the eid is almost over.. Who Cares??!! (^_^). It's better celebrating it after the exams over.. more good feelings.. no stress..

Well, okay.. i'm waiting for my friends to be online.. now where are they?!