Thursday, January 12, 2012


*I went crazy..*

Haha.. I'm so happy for all the wishes I received. You don't know how happy I was reading each of your wishes..^^

With 8TV also singing birthday songs for their 8th ann, I felt like the song is directly addressed to me.. haha!

Sincerely, I appreciate everyone who wished for me. Not bragging, but Yay! I'm 18 yo! haha.. Suddenly I feel matured.. *joking.. that'll never be.*

Today, passed my computer-test (though I've been actually so idiot to wait there after I finished where my mum even went to the car already.. * embarrassed!*)

Notice the way-so-crazy picture above? I think I'm the only Photoscape user who still don't realize there's these objects (i call it stickers) we cud put onto the photos just by using Photoscape! *feels like promoting.* Found out after my brother edited Seungyeon's picture to a monster-that-ultraman-used-to-fight.. lol. asked him "How'd you do that?" he replied.. "You don't know? it's here.." haha.. dumb.

Ah~ as this day passed, I promised to be more like an 18 years old girl.. perhaps.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Upcoming Daebak Drama..

So I watched the preview for the first episode of [Sunshine Girl], and there's our maknae Jjunnie!

Although his clip is just a few seconds in this preview, I replayed it numerous time, coz I can't get enough of looking at his cute mad-expression! haha..

And by looking at another preview for episode 1 (under the name Glowing She) I cud predict what type of character he is after reading the caption for him.. haha~

"나 강민, 최고의 스타~" 
(I'm Kang Min, The BEST STAR~) 

well, just hope my net connection wud lasts longer, coz I'd like to watch it.. along with L's [Shut Up! Pretty Boyband] which will be aired on January 30th! haha..

Friday, January 6, 2012


Finally.. what? Haha..
Finally I got enough confidence to tweet him,

and he REPLIED!

who is he? Read here.. my previous spazzings about him.. XD

haha~ after Nora♥L♥Joon tweeted and got replied, it took a long time for me.. to try and tweet him too..

yih, I know he's still a rising star, and yet i'm happy like crazy when he replied. I can't imagine if Young Saeng replied mine. I'd probably explode.. XD

INFINITE's Second Invasion

A super-duper great and amazing concert from Infinite for Inspirits!
I could smell (smell?) the wonderful remix songs, Hoya's super dance , L's killer stare, Namstar's aegyo, Choding Yeol's comic dance, the excited and laughing Dongwoo, the super cute Jongie, Hamster Gyu's powerful vocal and everything already! *sighs*

I envy those Inspirits who will be attending this.

Once again, I wish I'm rich!! Or, anybody rich enough, JUST TAKE ME THERE.. 

Teen Top's Driving Me Crazy~

Ahaha.. The post title..that's a little bit emphasized..

But yeah, Their awesome MV is finally out! 
And L.Joe's the main character! *dies*
Honestly, from this MV, I could see [Clap] for the 'crazy gestures', [Supa Luv] from the train scene and [No More Perfumes on You] from the sweet smiles Chunji shots! haha..

I hope they'll win with this song, and starts to shine this year~^^
Fighting Teen Top!♥