Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Fave Irish Band

This band is my favorite band! Although now they are just four-some, and i kinda miss Bryan McFadden, this band kept stronger day by day. Even my mum adore them. I've once attend a program at my school, and the facilitators plays on the ''My Love'' song where we've to sing along, on the next day all my friend keep singing the song. (now they know that Westlife's cool! =_=). For me, the best band-mate that i admire in Nicky Byrne. He's the eldest member in the group, and yet he's the cutest man ever! He has a husky voice, charming iconic style and funny personalities. While Bryan, he's funny and talkative. Shane, i love his voice! Kian, he's great in musical instruments and Mark, he's cute with his dimples, his blue-charming eyes and i adore his voice.. They are just great. Wish they would come to Malaysia.. though i'll never gonna be at the show.. at least, they're here.. `^_^~ Can't wait for their new album..