Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Triple S, let's keep the faith!!

Many Triple S are fully shocked by the news that we got yesterday. The news about SS501 Leader, Kim Hyun Joong leaving DSP ent. and goes to KeyEast ent. Meanwhile, the other members, I don't know wether they're still gonna renew their contract with DSP or not.

When I first found out about this stuff, i couldn't breathe, my jaws fell and i felt like i'm gonna scream. I know although it's hard for us to accept, it's harder for Hyun Joong to consider the choices. No wonder on SS501 X-Concert, our Park Jung Min especially had cried so hard.. maybe that's some of the reasons.. Even me was crying when i watched the X-Concert, and hearing their greets & speeches.. (T_T)

There are also a lot of bashing comments towards Kim Hyun Joong for his decision. But I'm absolutely think that it's SO not right to do as a true Triple S. However, we don't know what choices is the best for them. I'm with Leader Hyun Joong no matter what, because he always wants us to believe in SS501, and as the loyal Green Peas, we should. Furthermore, he's just leaving DSP ent, not SS501. The official statement is still not released yet, so let us wished that everything's gonna be fine.

SS501 is gonna be 5 forever as 1.. Triple S, let us just keep the faith because we had love them and have been with them for such memorable times that it's hard for us to lose the beliefs in them.

화이팅! 우리는 영원히 연합 것입니다

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Poor Little Kitty~

It's a pretty cold evening as the rain had just poured down several hours ago. My mom and I were in the kitchen, as usual. But then, we heard sounds from a kitten.. (or suppose i say meow?) It lasts for 15 minutes, so my mom decided to take a look. Then, she called me and pointed to a black&white kitten at the ground. The kitten kept wailing. Then i noticed that the kitten is fully wet, as if someone had poured water on it. "Poor kitten!!". Then mom urged me to go and get the kitten to be dried up.

When i approach the little creature, it had stop wailing, but trying to walk, weakly. It was shivering, afraid. I felt so pity, so i hurriedly wrap it in a piece of cloth, safely held in my arms and i took it into my house.

I quickly dried its body with a hair-dryer. It still shivering, and then starts to wails again. My mom made some instant milk, perhaps it was hungry that it would drink. But, it refused.

After i completely dried its body, i wrapped the little kitten in the cloth and send it to the 1st floor where most of cats are usually there. But, the cat-mom didn't come even after 2 hours. So, i decided to ind the new place that the cat-mom had brought its other kittens, not so long then i found it, and i put the poor little kitten in the new place, with the other kittens.

Not a big thing actually, but i felt so happy that i helped that kitten.. Hope it will live longer.. ^^

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy 5th Anniversary, SS501!

8th June 2005, the very important date where 5 wonderful boys debuted on stage, performing 'Warning' so energetic. After a long journey, hard work, sacrificing their sleep times just to practice for the best performance, they made it on their very first stage with the tears of joy. It's a very memorable moment, to both SS501 and their lovely supporter, Triple S.

Now, it have been 5 years since we share our love, smiles, laughs, tears. All the memory is so precious. Nothing is going to change the love between SS501 and Triple S.

Our wonderful;

4D Leader Kim Hyun Joong
Shy Prince a.k.a. badboy Heo Young Saeng
Center Forever Kim Kyu Jong
Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min
Cutest maknae Kim Hyung Jun

So, in this precious day, I would like to wish..


Hope we'll celebrates this precious day for... FOREVER!

Because our memory is so precious.

You're our Snow Prince..

We'll Love Ya, Forever..

Let's stay together.. sketching more and more wonderful memories..

We, Triple S will always support you, love you, all the time.

사랑해요!! SS501 화이팅!!

we, 완.두.공. will always give you the brightest shine of green star, forever..

SS501 화이팅!!!

Happy Birthday, Kim Hyun Joong!

Happy birthday to our lovely, 4D Leader, Kim Hyun Joong! You're the greatest leader in the world! You've sacrificed so much to give out just the best from you for your lovely Green Peas. Keep fighting! We will always by your side, no matter what. SS501 fighting! Leader fighting! Triple S love you forever!~