Sunday, May 17, 2009

Duelist, the beautiful movie ever.

I've just watched this film. Although it's a little too hard to understand, it's a great movie. Plus, there's Kang Dong Won! He plays the Sad Eyes character. OMG, he's so gorgeous in that black suit, playing swords, with his fascinating hair and eyes, just enough to make me breathless.

In this movie, i found out, there seem to be a forbidden love between The Sad Eye, the criminal and Nam Soon, the police. But, i could see they share a same feeling, and they're so good to be together. At the end, i almost cried when there's the scene where they dancing-yet-with-swords, it's like it's so hard for them to stay apart.

p/s: I just love those who are sword master!! ^-^

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Iljimae, the best drama ever!

I think i don't need to tell what story this is about coz everybody would knows this. It's a superb!! For the first time i watch it, i thought it would be just like other drama as the beginning is a bit boring. But, i force myself to watch coz the main actor is Lee Jun Ki, one of my favorite actor. Then, the drama start getting interesting. The drama have the sad moments where Geom had to throw stone on his won mother to protect himself, when Yong (geom) failed to rescue his sister,when he remembered his moment with his father, Lee Won Ho, when his adopted father died to protect him and many other 'when'.. Lol... There's also some funny scene, mostly when he's with Bong Soon, when he's chased by Swo Dol, his adopted father, and many else. There are some romantic scene too, where Iljimae with the noble miss , Eun Chae, but she never saw Yong's face and yet they still in love. While on the other side, Bong Soon also have feelings to Yong. (if there's choices, i'll choose Yong with Bong Soon!! ).

Ther's also a bit confusing about the ending. Many internet forums keep debating on it. It's about the Iljimae whether he's dead or not. Actually, on my opinion, he's not dead. He's actually slashed by a blunt sword that the killer had wrongly thought he's dead. Then, Iljimae dissapeared for four years. From wat i see, Kong He, tha master bought two pairs of shoes, giving me a clue that it's of course for him and Iljimae. Then, remember the first episode? On the last episode, it's actually as same as the first episode's..! ( watched back if you don't believe..). So, it's prooved that he's not dead..

I found out many people keep comparing this drama with Hong Gil Dong. Whatever they'll say, both of this drama is a great drama, but for me, Iljimae's the BEST!!

Here are some of the main character.

Lee Jun Ki as Iljimae / Geom / Yongee

Lee Young Ah as Bong Soon

Park Shi Hoo as Shi Hoo / Cha dol

Han Hyo Joo as Eun Chae