Tuesday, December 8, 2009

~~~~~D' Reunion!!!~~~~~~

Hype! Last Saturday was a very memorable day! It's the reunion of Sixth Standard STudent of 2006.. The girls arrived early - about 10.00 am - coz we thought we have to do some works before the party starts.. but, my friend ( who held the reunion at her house) said they'd just bought all the food, and we don't need to do anything.. so, for about 2 hours, we talked, gossiped and laughed..

When the boys arrived, we hurriedly 'attacked' the food corner.. *hahaha*.. Then, a game was held - truth or dare - followed by exchanging presents.. By this time, some of my friends left coz their moms had come to fetch 'em.. Then we continue the activity by.... eating the cake!! haha.. I was so excited that time..

Before we left, we gathered to capture some pics.. The image above is just one of the pics snapped..

Oh, and below is the image, back where we're in Sixth Standard, with our lovely Puan Norseha..

notice me? i'm at the 3rd row at the back, second from the left.. how short was i that time..

p/s: The most famous questions they asked on me were, "Why are you so tall?" "What did you eat?" "You're shorter than me back then!".. Haha.. honestly, even i didn't know how i get to be this tall.. Just, after i stepped out of the primary school years, I began to be taller and taller.. and i'm proud of it.. hehe.. Even now ( secondary school), I always be the middle person during class photoshoot for school magazine..

I inserted the 'My 3rd form class photo'.. notice me again, i'm in the second row, at the middle, just behind my class teacher who was wearing red&black..
Credits for Haziq ( i took this pic from his Myspace..)

Hehehehe.. so long then!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Excited for tomorrow!!


Yup, i'm so excited for tomorrow coz it's our
sixth standard reunion!

I can't wait to see my three-years-hadn't-seen

But, as the reunion will be held at my friend's house,
she charge a few fee..

and to bring a present for the
exchanging-presents session..

(no doubt, my financial is a bit low lately..) *sigh*

But still, i'm eager for

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

(0_o) Hy Hee!!!

Alright.. as the year end has comes approach, means i'm goin' to turn to 16 next year.. ah.. time rolls so fast without us even knowing it. So much things happened when i'm fifteen.. okay, put that examination aside, i'd known well of my friends and share a lot of precious moment with 'em, i'd learned of maturity and how to cover my feelings when i had a crush on someone (oops?!), and lot more.. below is the song from Taylor Swift's Fifteen that i'd cut. The original lyric is here.


When you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you
You're gonna believe them
And when you're fifteen feeling like there's nothing to figure out
Count to ten, take it in
This is life before you know who you're gonna be
When you're fifteen and your first kiss
Makes your head spin 'round
Don't forget to look before you fall
I've found time can heal most anything
And you just might find who you're supposed to be