Monday, February 1, 2010


SS501!! My favorite band since i watch Kkotboda namja a.k.a. Boys Over Flowers!! Haha.. I really adore them!! And, below is the blurbs that i really want to talk about!!

Kim Hyun Jung (Yoon Ji Hoo) is the leader of this band.. and, his personality is definitely different from Yoon Ji Ho.. I realized this after i watch their Idolworld at Japan.. Lol.. Hyun Jung's so cute!! If i was to choose between Yoon Ji Ho and Kim Hyun Jung, of course Kim Hyun Jung will be my choice!! But, from some sources on the internet that i read, his personality became more mature after the Boys Over Flower drama, i mean, he's more calm and quite.. Well, he didn't change a lot actually.. he still have his humor-personality, and i like it the most!! Oh, and he was called '4 dimensional' and 'dog' by his member.. haha.. it's really him.. In "Thank You For Waking Me Up" (TYFWMU), he's definitely the heavy-sleeper among the other members.. even if they do karaoke in his room, he don't even move.. I still remeber when Jung Min puts some lipstick on his lips, Park Kyung Lim puts the curly-wigs, enough to make him look like an aunt.. haha..

Prince Charming Heo Young Saeng, is my favorite one!! I like him the most among the other members.. he's damn cute and a bit quite.. It's funny when he tries so hard to protect his image.. I still remember his "Arrogant Pose" in Star Golden Bell.. besides, i like his high-pitch voice.. ah.. adorable.. Oh, and his nickname is otter!! He and Leader born in the same year.. but, they're too formal when both of them communicating.. (awkward..). Even in 3 Color Woman Talkshow, when they were forced to shake hands and promise not to be awkward anymore, they still do.. haha.. In "Thank You For Waking Me Up", where Park Kyung Lim comes to their apartment to wake 'em up, he'll wear cap when he's sleeping.. i think i know why.. his image.. haha!! Anyway, he's still my prince!!

Kim Kyu Jong.. the cute centre of SS501..he's born in year of 87, same as the other two members ( Jung Min and Hyung Jun).. and, he has the face of a model!! so gorgeous!! i still remembered his "comic dance" in 3 Color Women Show.. Lol.. i'd never expect he'd dance like that, haha.. He's afraid of dog, but when he met Daengee-ah ( a dog in TYFRMU), he was able to hold her, though he still, of course scared a bit. From what the other members said, he never got mad at anyone.. or, on my point of view, he's like their brother.. haha.. In TYFWMU, he's the earliest member to wake up, 30 minutes earlier.. Besides, he, too has a wonderful voice.. he can sing high and low vocal.. so great..

Park Jung Min, the sexy charisma is, i think the most outstanding member and the most talkative person in this band..! He has his popular smirk which i adore the most! In Star Golden Bell, it's revealed that he's the dirtiest and the most easily-get-mad member.. haha.. Well, i still love him though.. He and Kyu Jong host the "Youngstreet" radio.. I can't forget the song "Mal To You" (mal = horse) that SS501 sang for him to tease him.. haha.. he's the SS501 horse.. and, he always bully Baby Jun/ Hyung Jun.. poor Baby Jun..

And last but not least, Kim Hyung Joon!! He's the youngest among them, (maknae) and he's quite adorable!! He's so different in their MV coz he looks so mature, but the reality is he's still the dorky maknae outside! Really love his mature voice anyway..I like it when he pout his lips.. In Idolworld, the other members set a prank for his birthday, and i still remember when he cried coz all the members blame him ( of course, just acting.. though the other members felt very guilty).. so cute..

Oh, he has a little brother, Kim Ki Bum (marumir) from U-KISS, who's also cute!! At first, i thought Ki Bum was his brother coz he looks more mature.. haha.. can't forget the scene where Hyung Jun disguise as Ki Bum in his car on the way to Ki Bum's talkshow where he said his brother's leg hurts.. haha.. sweet brothers!!>>>>>>

By the way.. they did cameo in Boys Over Flowers.. when i heard this, i straightly log on to youtube and found the video! Remember when Jan Di and Oh Min Ji went to a pub where Jan Di got drunk without Jun pyo? That time, there's a group performing on stage.. Guess who, its SS501, they sang U R Man.. ( that time, just Hyung-Joon, kyu-Jong and Young-Saeng). Click here for the link to the video. Below is the pics of their cameo that i snaps..

from left : Kyu Jong, Hyung Joon and Young Saeng

Lastly, aja aja fighting, SS501!!!