Sunday, February 27, 2011

As a Malaysian Red Crescent (MRC) on the Sports Event 1M1S

Early in the morning, at 6.40 am, we set off to school. Though it's still dark and we could barely see the path we walk on, we just go on, excited to ride the first bus to the stadium. As we arrived, the hostel students were already queuing towards the main gate~ lorh, I'm wondering when did they start to line up.. =,= Then, the first 5 buses arrived. The hostel students firstly rushed to the first 2 buses. I just waited by the side.. let them be.. huhu~ Then, we board the fourth bus, and off to the stadium.

Arrived at the stadium, straightly manage the site for MRC and Civil Defense group. Aish~ the event has not yet started, but we got our first 'victim', fell off the bus while rushing in. Then, as soon as the event started, we split into 3 groups, and were located on the track. I could feel as if my face was burning.. T__T

For the whole day, nonstop, we treat people who were in fatigue and passed out, and also those who were injured. I'm also feeling like I'm the one who was running, coz it's seriously TIRING! But, that's our job and priority. Even we did the treatment with procedures, some of the teachers there weren't able to understand, as they kept commanding us (and I'm feeling like slapping them then run away! >.<) I just kept silent. We're just the helper, not a pro. ugh~

When the sports parade event came, we were just arrived from the mosque. We quickly put our stuffs on our site, then I came to the track to see my little bro as the mascot of Iswara. Lolz.. he's a bird in purple. And I didn't, ever expect he and other team's mascots will dance along with the aerobic team performance. Except for a team's mascot, Persona. Their 'tiger' fainted during the principal's speech... =__=

Then, the sports event came to the end as the day was getting darker. Luckily my mum came, so I don't have to ride the bus. With my two other friends, we went home. Seriously. It's tiring, but a very memorably day, coz I could still feel the pain on my back. And now my face is darker.. T__T huhu~

Thursday, February 24, 2011

UKISS Kibum is leaving~

I'm still shocked. It's now UKISS' peak of fame. These should wait, at least. I just don't know what should I say more.. T__T Kibum is my bias in UKISS, followed by Kevin.. I'll miss his arrogant yet dorkiness.. huhu~

even Hyungjun tweeted to his dongsaeng~ what a warm brotherhood~ (credit to Liezle)

2001-02-24 @ 12:38am
HyungJun87 @90KKB My dear brother, even though it's tough but because you will always be filled with good people and good things, so it's fine if you don't worry too much,

2001-02-24 @ 12:39am
HyungJun87 @90KKB Because in life, this and that thing do happen, let us laugh it off^^ I love you brother

2001-02-24 @ 12:40am HyungJun87 Because everyone will know the truth, let's live a wonderful life my brother

2001-02-24 @ 12:41am HyungJun87 @90KKB Because everyone will know the truth, my brother Hwaiting

NH Media makes statement regarding withdrawal of UKISS's Alexander and Kim Kibum

U-KISS’s agency, NH Media, recently came out with an official statement regarding the withdrawal of two members, Alexander and Kim Kibum.

NH Media issued a press release on February 23rd which read, “We felt infinite happiness during the time we spent together with U-KISS, however, after a long time of worrying, we made this difficult decision because we genuinely felt that the team needed member replacements.”

With Kim Kibum’s case, we made a mutual agreement to terminate his exclusive contract recently. With Alexander’s case, he may be leaving U-KISS, but after a very long discussion, we decided that he will be remaining with the agency to fulfill his personal, overseas activities.”

“We think very importantly of the time we spent together with the two members, and we’re thankful for the time we sweated together. Even though we have ended his exclusive contract, we hope that we can maintain a good relationship with Kibum, who is still a family member in our hearts. Also, as his former agency, we hope to help him in a variety of ways in the future.”

“Through these happenings, U-KISS will reborn as a more mature and developed team. There will be two new members of U-KISS who will reinforce the group’s comeback next month, and they are currently working hard with the other members. We will be revealing the new members to the fans soon.”

NH Media concluded, “We thank you again for showing interest in U-KISS, and we apologize for causing concerns.”

Source @allkpop

Kim Kibum explains his departure from UKISS

“Hello this is U-KISS Kibum, or more specifically, an ex-member of U-KISS, Kim Kibum.

After two months of delay, I’ve finally plucked up the courage to write this post.

First off, the agency and I have made an agreement about my exclusive contract on February 2011.

As the agency desired a member replacement, we wrote out a consent document for a contract dissolution, and from that day on, I became a former member of U-KISS.

Contrary to what most of you might be thinking, this is unrelated to my Piro Piro business… nor is it about losing interest in U-KISS.

I always thought importantly of U-KISS more than anyone, and I’m proud to say that not once did my Piro Piro character business impede my schedules with U-KISS..

I always thought of the members as more than family. I’m extremely upset that I have to part with them like this, but it was because of my lacking areas which warranted my former agency to desire a member replacement.

I may be leaving on a one-sided decision, however, I was able to learn a lot and meet many people, as well as the U-KISS members.

My feelings are very mixed up on the thought that the few lines in this message could hurt a lot of people I love.

I will continue my personal activities on broadcast.

Thank you to all the people who supported me wherever I was, and I will meet you once again as an entrepreneur,

Thank you.”

source : @90kkb (kibum)'s tweet, 23rd Feb 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Heo Young Saeng's Father February Interview

[Trans] Heo Young Saeng's Father February Interview
Credit : Liezle
Source: HyunSaeng China
Chinese to English Trans:

"Ever since Young Saeng went to high school, he became more mature and recently he is like a big brother. Sometimes he will talk back at me."


Heo Young Saeng in actual fact isnt an introvert and quiet child. Although his relationship with his school mates are good, but due to that he is a single child thus he doesnt talk much at home.

"I am a Christian, thus there are bound to have some influence with regards to Young Saeng's name. During his childhood, Young Saeng love singing. It was around 4 years old, when he was taking his school bus on his home, during the journey while listening to the radio station which was playing Park Nam Jung (slam10: I dont know whether my translation for the name is correct. sorry if it is wrong) song, Young Saeng sang and dance at the same time. After we got home, I find that he is better than I thought so sometimes we will go to norabang (Karaoke) to practise, of course we did not let his mum knows about it."

As long as he is following his variety show scripwriter father to the TV station during those days, he doesnt feel like going to other places. He even consolidated the different artistes' signature which he got into a book eg Shin Seung Hun & Kangta. Maybe it is due to that, Heo Young Saeng naturally love music and also his similiarities towards Shin Seung Hun.


Heo Nam Su gave birth to Young Saeng when he was 23 years old. As he who lost his mother at young grew up lonely told himself that he will treat his children well if he has any in the future. So although he is a father at quite a young age, but he is very proud to say that he is a father who is like a friend.

"Ever since Young Saeng went to high school, he became more mature and recently he is like a big brother. Sometimes he will talk back at me. "Dad, please dont be angry, cool down before saying anything..."

Young Saeng had his own crossroads times where he doesn't want to study during his high school but to no avail. He was stuck in the middle where his mum wants him to study medial in the university but his dad wants him to do stuff which he likes thus Young Saeng was very confused.
In the end, due to the distance between his school and the training room, Young Saeng chose to live alone. Because of personal reasons, Heo Nam Su couldnt live with his son.

Heo Young Saeng received very tough training and also at the same time went thru a period of puberty. People laughed at him saying that"You will never ever succeed", he proved them wrong. When SS501 got their 1st award at 2005 KM Music Festival: Best New Male Group Award, he cried loudly. He knew better than anyone what his son was going thru, all the difficulties, thus he was very heart pain and can only use tears to console each other.

"He called me 1st, hopeful and wanting to get my acknowledgment. Although our conversation did not last very long, the images and the feeling during that time is still very vivid till now".


"I am very apologetic towards Young Saeng. When he was young, we moved house many times, when he was in grade 5, he cant adapt to moving from Incheon to Chuncheon. One day, there was a huge reaction to his talent performance in school, maybe it was during that time, he decided that his dream was to become a singer."

Even though he did not really object to his son's dream, but he did hope that his son can go to university, after graduating, go to a good company to work and live his live peacefully and ordinarily. But he did not stubbornly stop his son, Heo Nam Su keep his hope of wishing his son to give up his dreams in his heart and went to find an old friend who is a music producer.

"Even though that he is stubborn saying he does what he says, but still I totally support and agree thus he start his training in SM entertainment. But if he continue to stay there, probably, he will debut with Super Junior as their members. But DSP wants to groom him and debut him as member of SS501 and he did that."Thus his route is easier than other trainees. Even though having fame, Young Saeng still feel lonely.

"For a person who cooked ramen to eat, I am not sure whether I will be shocked or surprise. Our Young Saeng is not a person who get sad easily. But also hard to tell regarding the sad stuff which he went thru went he was in his teens, plus during that time his heart was very fragile...."

SS501 members are now in different companies.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Petition to preserve SS501 fan page circulating online

I know this fansite, SS601. Though it's all in Korean, but there's some TS Korean who could translate all the posts. It is a great source for SS501's info.

I usually went to the site, though I don't understand a thing.. it's a nice website. But they'll shut down on 28th February. That's a bit sad.

Even Hongki retweeted a fan's tweet regarding this matter.

Petition to preserve SS501 fan page circulating online

credit : allkpop (sarahsusiepak) + liezle

F.T. Island’s Hongki recently retweeted a post by a fan about a petition to keep SS501’s fan page alive.

Although the SS501 members have gone their separate ways after their contracts expired, the members have promised on a number of occasions that they would regroup to perform at some point in the future. However, the SS501 fanclub, known as SS601, is faced with closure, with the page officially shutting down on February 28th.

As such, some fans have gotten together and created a petition to keep “the cornerstone of SS501 fans” from disappearing. So far, nearly 500 people have signed the petition.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hyung Joon to appear in Kan MiYoun's MV [Paparazzi]

credit to TonyKPOPMV

read this when I was browsing at Liezle's blog. Wah~ uri Hyung Joonie will be featured in this MV, I'm so excited for him~^^ In the teaser, his image is like MiYoun's hot boyfriend.

But, I don't know why. He seems to look more CUTE though he wears that tough look.. *mian, Baby..*

btw, Kan Mi Youn unnie looks so beautiful in this MV~ and I'm super jealous with her.. *grr* keke~

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kim Hyung Jun MBC Progamer Season 2

I still remember watching the 1st season of this show. Maknae's so lovely~ keke.. This year, there's the 2nd season. The uploading on YT will be done after this by Team Liquid.

credit to yen4KHJ@wordpress

Jung Min Sweet Tweet~

Today Jung Min tweeted a lovely tweet, including a photo of himself~^^

잘 다녀올께요!!^^ 추운데도 먼 걸음해준 소녀 및 마음은 소녀모두 고마워요!!^^ 감기조심!! 따듯히 입고다녀요!!^^
I'll be back!!^^ Even though it's cold, girls who traveled far for me, thanks you all!!^^ Beware of the cold and go back dressing warmly!!^^ (credit to @chobeeSS501)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Teen Top~ super cute~^^

Lately I've been falling into Teen Top~ I love the feeling of being a nuna~ keke.. A friend of mine tagged me a post where they perform Supa Luv, but Niel did the mistake right at the moment the camera focuses on him. Poor Niel~

credit to allkpop~

TEEN TOP playfully punishes Niel for his choreography mistake

On February 6th, TEEN TOP’s Changjo shared a fun photo of the group ‘beating’ up Niel for making a mistake on their Inkigayo“ performance last night.

Niel had performed the wrong choreography for about two seconds, before he righted himself and jumped back in.

Changjo playfully wrote, “We have not forgiven him yet! We won’t be forgiving him until he does better! How dare he get the dance wrong? Unbelievable. We’ll be working hard to show a better stage next time! We are sorry.” The picture shows the members crowding Niel into a corner and playfully punching him as punishment.

Netizens commented, “They’re so cute, just like rookies only a year into their debut”, “They’re apologizing with a ’set-up’ picture, so adorable”, “It was cute watching him get surprised when he made the mistake”, and “Niel oppa, find strength!”

Leader at Junsu's Tear of Heaven

Today I got some tweets about him went to Junsu's musical. After almost a month (i guess) without his news, finally he came out~ Surely, uri leader looks so handsome in that stylish attire.

But I got to read some tweets from those who's sort of mad at this news, as there's no news of him watching Hyung Jun's musical. No doubt, for a second I do wonder about that. I know I shouldn't be like that as a true TS, but it's nature, there'll be a voice inside you as the bad side~ huhu..I'm a bit sad when I read them say stuffs like"I hate him now", "how dare him bla..bla..".. I can't say I'm a perfect TS as well as I made mistakes too for the times I become a TS.

I texted my friend for her opinion. Coz I got so many things over my head. Then her words convinced me, and even made me recover my thinking. I know most TS feels as if Leader cares others more than his own group members. But here to say, we're not his close mate that could confirm as if he really abandoned his bandmate (of course not!). Remember, he sacrifices a lot for SS501.

And like Yen4KHJ has posted, this premiere is more like "to see and to be seen". Most of the audience are top stars, including Leader. I believe he's there for work, and also for cheering his friend. He must have solid reason on why he didn't attend maknae's musical. Who knows he maybe went there quitely? That's his style, right? He don't need to make a big fuss when he support his dongsaeng.

Seriously. From the moment after BOF casting, many realized leader has changed. He seems to be less dorky. More to maturity. And I'm sad for that. Not for he's not being himself, but I could feel the loneliness he's having now. He's the first member to start the decision to leave DSP. He's the first one that start his individual activities, without his members by his side. I still remember reading an interview, where Kyu Jong said he saw Hyun Joong used to cry alone as he was depressed back in their early years after debuting.

So that's why, I still believe he's a truly Leader. It's only there seem to be another side of him that he never wants to exposed to other people. And I wish TS won't bash at him without thinking deeply.

Actually I want to write more.. but.. seems this is way too much~ keke..

Park Jung Min's goodbye stage on Mnet's M!Countdown

His goodbye stage is awesome, just like his other live performance! He did his BEST! Though he didn't win this (the winner is Seungri) but he still wins TS' hearts~^^

Below is the vid where he sang Do You Know.. super charismatic!

And this one is.. of course, Not Alone! What a Daebak stage. I feel so proud of him~^^

Indeed this is not the last of Jung Min. Coz his charismatic performance lasts forever~

Friday, February 4, 2011

Once again~ Jung Min's corner~^^

So as I'm back into the cyberSSworld, wanna compile these interesting stuffs that i was particularly missed out during my absence~

Yeah, of course it's about my TS' dear boyz~ keke.. Since it's Jung Min peak moments, I'm here posting interesting stuffs of him. He's pretty active right now~

Jung Min appeared to be a guest in Hyung Jun's Music High~ I first found this when my cousin and I went to cyber cafe *so lucky~* I watched the webcast there.. MinJoon is so lovely! hehe.. can't resist that seriously..

MinJoon dance to [Not Alone]~ adorable!! ngee~♥

And then Nora tweeted to me that Jung Min and Han Groo done a hot kiss scene in Star Dance Battle. The show was aired on MBC~ below is the teaser shot.. though it's just a fake action, I really wanna be that girl.. *grr*

Jung Min also appear in King Of Idol~ Here's the one with subs, thanks to cllslam10 for uploading on YT

Found this one too~ the Global Star Match. Jung Min is definitely charismatic with that trot song~ keke..

This one was when he's in Bouquet variety show. Sexy Mal.. sexy dance~ hehe!

Oh, he appeared in Strong Heart too.. this is where the screen put the caption "SS501 disbandment" which made TS angry coz it's a sensitive issue, even Seung Gi, Hodong nor Jung Min mention about disbandment.. but won't post it here~ just the cut~^^

Aw~ 2011 is really the year of SS501~^^ more updates as they're gonna debut as solo this year. Young Saeng will follow up after Jung Min *anticipating!* No matter what, SS501 is the best! Sooner or later, they'll make the fantastic comeback ever! Love Ya~