Sunday, October 31, 2010

[Info] Superstar mini drama to start airing on 3rd December 2010

Wah~ after waiting for almost 1 year, then it'll be released soon!^^

So glad! Can't wait to watch the charm of theirs! hehe..


credit : hyunderella@wordpress

Chinese translation: 朴政玟台湾首站(
English translation:

Running date: 3 December 2010 (Friday) start
Running time: (Friday) 13:00 ~ 14:00
Re-run: (Sunday) 14:30 ~ 15:30

□ 4th Chapter: “BLACK CITY” Kim Hyung Joon
□ 6th Chapter: “Never Ending Love” Kim Kyu Jong
□ 8th Chapter: “MEET” Park Jung Min

New little cousin!^^ And the story~~

Just got back from grandma's, visiting my aunt who got new baby.. She's cute! ^^

We also stay for a night there, as my mum follow her husband to the hospital to hold the baby in the car.

When her mum arrived, Anis, the sis was very excited. She kept tagging beside her sister, saying "I'm your sister! Do you love me?" So cute!^^ She even sings her to sleep, lay beside her, and kept telling her mom "I love you, mom!". I just smiled at her actions, as I adore along that cute little baby.

That night, Anis wanted to play with her sister, but as I noticed the baby needs to sleep, and my aunt seems to be exhausted, I picked Anis away and played with her instead of her disturbing her sister.

Later then, I go to sleep. After a few hours later, I heard Anis crying downstairs, where they sleep. She cried, "Mom, I hate you! Hua~" and cried again. It lasts until 2 am. I, of course can't sleep. Even my mum and my grandma went downstairs to look what's the matter. I was so sleepy, that I just stay on my bed place.

That morning, I asked my mum, what's that all about last night. She said, Anis wants to cuddle with her mom, as she usually did before and play with her sis. But, her mom refused as my aunt is still in pain. Then I see what's the problem.

And my mom kept recalling like how I used to act when I first got my little brother.

Previously, I was 5 years old when I got my little brother. Mom said, I seems like I hate him so much, that I never cuddles with him, nor saying "I love you" to him. I even got emotional, and so sensitived coz my mom have this little brother as her priority more than me.. (Lolz.. I think that's how every young elders would act). I scissors the house's curtain, bed cloth, and even my little brother's pillow that I nearly cut his ears.. (but that time, who cares?) I was in my rebellion time. I always said mom doesn't love me anymore, and even wanted to run away from house. I can feel that even until now, that 'isolated' feeling coz sometimes it DID happen. Lolz~

When Anis got her new sister, reminds me of those days, huhu.

But well, it's good I don't have other younger siblings (L0lz?). This one is enough.. He even said before, when he was 5 yrs old, that he'll kill the baby if there's one out. Scarier than me.. resembles me so much then..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My lovely notebook.. =,=

Hahas~ here's introducing my bestest place for doodling kpop stuffs.. =,=

The cover's decoration is actually just the golden circle..

But, well~ kpop influence lead me to creatively put my own decorations along..

Even the back cover has SS501 symbol, proves that SS501 influence me 501% in my life!

And.. when we're bored, or juz dun really in the mood to study..

The pages of this books is more to kpop stuffs rather that notes.. uhuhu..~

p/s : now the book's page is finished.. I'll start over with other book.. and it'll also be like this later.. hoho~

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yosh!~ Anime time! ♥

Guess today have to run out of topic from kpop..^^ Coz I'm super addicted to this anime!

Heheh.. thanks to my brother.. he influenced me to get addicted along.

After Cardcaptor Sakura, Melancholy Suzumiya Haruhi, Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh, this is the best anime I've ever watch..! Oh.. I'm really into this..

I just love the storyline, about the shinigami, hollow, espada etc ~

And this anime is up till 296 eps.. I just watched till 256.. (quite fast, eh?)

Oh.. and I just love the two characters, Ichigo and Rukia!^^ They got chemistry, hoho..

Ok then.. enough for this.. I'm still in the mid of exam.. gotta go..
Just wait when this torturing weeks end.. I'll seek for revenge!! Ganbarimasu!!

[News][23.10.10] Kim Hyung Jun Jokingly Exposed Being Bulled in SS501, Jealous That His Pet is More Popular

credit :
Source: Taiwan Yahoo News
Trans: Only Jun (

SS501 Magnae Kim Hyung Jun becomes courageous enough to talk about everything when he comes alone! For his 24th evening First Taiwan Fan Meeting at Taiwan NUS Sports Center, he answered almost all questions posed to him during his interview with Taiwanese media. He even exposed that, “Because he is Magnae, so previously during group activities, he not only has to act as the peacemaker, but also was bullied”, he also revealed that it is true that SS501 has plans to come together next year, and currently all the relevant people are discussing about the most appropriate time to do so.

Since he has always been visiting together with his group, Kim Hyung Jun expressed that he is a little nervous to be coming alone, and had contacted his other group members before coming. With regards to him finally taking up acting, he hopes that he could act as a baddie in the future or a role that is more “MAN” (i.e. manlier role), and it would be best if it requires throwing punches. He even jokingly said that in the past, he used to be always bullied by everyone in SS501, especially by Kim Hyun Joong. Although they (i.e. all members) didn’t really literally fight, but there were times when they threw tantrums and hence he had to take up the role as a peacemaker since he is the magnae. Kim Hyung Jun smilingly said, “Everyone is very petty.”

When asked about his pet dog, Kim Hyung Jun jealously expressed that now everybody is only concerned about his dog, even gifts are all dog foods. He also jokingly put on a sad expression, and comically sends greetings to Taiwanese fans on behalf of his dog, hence showing his playful side. Regarding plans for the 5 members to come together, he expressed that although discussions are still going on, it would require a little more time, and it would be possible next year.


The articles made by the TW reporters below is really different from the above. The use of inappropriate words and phrases, enough to say that those aren't actually Hyung Jun's..

Even said "resembling gigolo"? gah~ they sure would do anything to grab attentions to their articles!

Here's the articles mentioned..

Source: The China Times
Trans: Only Jun (

Idol Group SS501 Kim Hyung Jun came to Taiwan on 23rd to complain, jokingly said that members are all going into solo careers, although he feels lonesome, but he is happy that he no longer has to be bullied, “I’m the Magnae, everyone loves to bully me, especially Kim Hyun Joong, (doing it) like a mad person.”

Soft Tender Looks, Wants to Act as A Baddie
With a handsome outer appearance and soft tender looks, resembling a “gigolo”, he is always being pranked in the group, “Kim Hyun Joong is always calling me Baby on the stage, or he would pull my pants down, or fool around wearing a towel with my face imprinted on it on his head. He is that crazy.” Although he may get upset at times, but after having meals together, everything would go back to normal.

Enduring all these bullying, he has now started his solo activities, and hopes to have a chance to act as a baddie, or a role that is manlier, with a condition of having action scenes, “I am already prepared to fight in order to release the many years of pent-up anger, haha”

Good looking Genes, Not Afraid of Comparison
Mother who is a model, has passed down all her exquisite genes to him and his brother, Ki Bum, who is also a singer. The muddle-headed him smilingly stated that they are normally pre-occupied with their own stuff, he only realized (that Ki Bum is having a comeback) when Ki Bum has officially released a new CD.

Whether he is worried that his brother’s group, U-KISS, would surpass him? He replied calmly that, “It is true that they are very popular, but compared to me, they are quite a distance away.”

Thursday, October 21, 2010

SS501 will return as 5 next year!~

Wow.. I'm so happy to read this!^^
I will be anticipating their album!
I'm wishing them good luck for their activities, and hope for the comeback so much!^^
It's proven that they're still as close as how they used to be..
Miss them so much~

Reveals plans for album release... “Holding group concert”

10/20 [news] Kim HyungJun “Will return as SS501 next year”

Credits : + + (English Translation) xiaochu @ + ode@blogspot

SS501 Kim HyungJun revealed about the plans on SS501 album release early next year.

Kim HyungJun who moved to another agency recently said during an interview with SportsWorld “Among our members, we were saying that we will release SS501 album in the first half of next year after ending our individual activities. We are planning to have a concert at the same time when we release the album.”

Kim HyungJun explained “Though the view of others on us is harsh when we searched for our own agencies (to sign with), we have definitely not disbanded. Like group Shinhwa, we will have our own solo activities in different agencies while gathering together when doing group activities.”

He added showing their friendship, “When we decided to go separate ways finding our own agency, we promised each other that the group existence is of the first and foremost importance. Even when we signed the contract with a new agency, that condition was the first one that we put up. Because the relationships among the members are as good as ever, we only need to decide as to when SS501 album will be released next year.

Meanwhile, Kim HyungJun who has signed with S-Plus Entertainment who houses Kang JiHwan, will become a musical actor as he was casted as the male lead for musical ‘Café in’ which will start on 24-Nov at Baekam Art Hall in SamSung-dong.

Currently he is also busy with activities such as being DJ for SBS radio ‘Kim HyungJun’s Music High’ and MC for MBC Every1 variety program ‘Oh Bam Ah’, on top of the 6~7 hours per day practice for the musical.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kyu Jong and Young Saeng officially join B2M agency~

I think this is the news that Young Saeng said during his Baseball match..

Kyu and Saengie will be under the same agency with Hyori, B2M.

Guess I'll get some official photos from these two later.. hehe~

KeyEast, CNR, S-Plus, B2M.. we're a family now, hehe.. ^^

SS501 members Heo Yeong Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong will soon be“eating off the same plate” as Lee Hyori, as it was just revealed that they have officially decided to join her new label B2M Entertainment.

The company stated, “We’ve decided that we’ll be finishing up the contracts for Heo Yeong Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong this week.”

The two SS501 idols are said to still be on good terms with the CEO of their former management company, DSP Entertainment. In addition to pursuing their music careers, they plan to add acting on their resumes in the future.

Despite the members being split up amongst different agencies, they have all asserted that ss501 will still remain as a group.

Source + Photo: Newsen
credit : elliefilet / AllKPop, Liezlie@blogspot


Popular idol group SS501's members Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong has finally finished moving into their new agency.

The place where these two will be settled into is B2M Entertainment consisting of top star Lee Hyo Ri who has recently ended her contract with Mnet Media.
Both of them have wrapped up their final decision to settle into this company with a full time contract already signed in this week.

BSM related personnel has mentioned, "Just like how Lee Hyo-ri unconventionally chose loyalty over signing on with us with about billions of won, Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong, too, signed on to us because of their close affinity with the present CEO of our company who once worked with them in the previous agency DSP Media before".

For now, both of them are in preparations to move forward as a singer and actor, and is also still in close and amiable relationship with the rest of the members.

This result is after SS501's full time contract with DSP Media ended in the first half of the year as each member move into each's respective agency. Kim Hyun Joong is into Bae Yong Joon's Keyeast, Kim Hyung Jun is into Kang Ji Hwan, Jo Sung Mo's S-Plus Entertainment, while Park Jung Min is into newly established agency CNR Media.


-3rd paragraph-

B2M related personnel has said, "Due to the affinity shared between Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong and the CEO of B2M in their previous agency DSP Media, they have thus chose this loyalty and amazing affinity to set foot into our company", "Not just as a singer but also as an actor, they will be expected to carry out diversified activities".

With regards to SS501's existence,
"They still maintain close and amiable relationships with the other members".

With this decision made now, all the 5 members are now scattered all over the place.
Despite the agencies of all the members being different, all of them will still hold aggressive decisions to participate in any SS501 related activities. However, due to the fact that they all have different management agencies, it might not be so easy to carry out group activities after all as they all have different working directions.

Prior to this, Kim Hyun Joong and Park Jung Min and Kim Hyung Jun have already moved into Keyeast, CNR Media and S-Plus Entertainment respectively.

credit : ode@blogspot

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Park Jung Min hospitalized due to fatigue.

Read about this when I was scrolling over the tweets on my Twitter timeline.

Jung Min seems to be so exhausted, I think coz this is his first time. Even Leader, back then when he first shoot for BOF, he always falls ill.

Oh, Mal~ Take care of your self, coz we want to see that dorky, childish side of yours everyday..

Don't push yourself too hard.. and, #getwellsoonPJM ~^^

Source: asiae
Credit: (Chinese translation) 피오나@PJM IFC + SS501 Baidu + (English translation)

SS501 Park Jung Min eventually requires hospitalized due to his recent busy schedule and overseas activities.

Park Jung Min fainted yesterday (12th) afternoon and was rushed to accident and emergency for treatment because of the accumulated stress and fatigue.

The hospital told Park Jung Min to have adequate rest, and encourage him to recuperate at home.

The company agency manager said ‘because of the exclusive contracts and overseas contracts signed, he has never relaxed for once. In addition due to the season change, thus he fell ill’, ‘He was having fever in the hospital due to fatigue, now he only requires a lot of rest so he can quickly recover. ‘

At the same time, Park Jung Min will release an album on November 25, and holding a fanmeeting on November 27.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Another meeting with the Killer-Papers!

Ah~ though I'm having my 5 days off-school.. can't stay home at peace, coz the exams is waving to me from far..

Exam : "just one more week, I'll be there.. Prepare ya self! Muarghahaha~"
Me : "NOOOOOOooooo!!!~"

This is, I think the scariest exam for my year. 10 subjects.. lots of formulas.. lots of calculating, lots of memorising, lots of writing (which sure would break my hands). I'm not the type who's super-smart like Baek Seungjo, but not as bad as Oh Hani I guess (ah.. not my life rolls around Playful Kiss~ Lolz.) I'm the type who will be the NIGHT-rider.. studying the night before the exams.. that's why I suffer so much.. Lolz~ just can't help it..

And I guess it'll takes for 3 weeks to finish! Yay~ I"m doomed~

Just now revising for a subject (just half of it) and my brain is full.. don't know where to put another subjects..

It's easy if I have USB port on my head.. I'd rather type everything for the exam, save it in Exterbal hard disk etc, and bring it during exam than memorizing 'dyingly'..

Well.. success is not a simple thing.. guess I need to double-up my work starting now, before that evil,white, plain, organized alphabets, with blanks provided paper beats me..

If Oh Hani has Baek Seungjo to teach her till he got tired and slept on the desk, i'd like to have Young Saeng as my tutor, who would sleep this cute..~ *slaps on face* dang~ wake up.. go study now lorh..

Jjang for myself! See you.. Saengie... ^^

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kim Hyung Jun as the leading role in musical 'Caffeine"

wah~^^ before, i was amazed at Jung Min for his success in musical Grease.. Although that hairstyle reminds me of Bong Joon Gu from Playful Kiss.. *sigh*

But still, now it's time for our lovely Maknae Joon to shine~^^ he'll be in this musical, called Caffeine.. such a handsome pose..^^ *but you'll always be the Baby!*

Credit : allkpop, TSPH

SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon is rising as ‘Asia’s multi-entertainer’ after being cast for the leading male role in the musical“Caffeine.”

“Caffeine” has already enjoyed much recognition due to the involvement of its producer, actor Kang Ji Hwan. Yet the positive reception lies substantially within the musical’s witty and realistic comparisons between the romance of a man and a woman to coffee and wine. “Caffeine” has become particularly popular with audiences in their 20’s and 30’s.

Production company SH CREATIVE WORKS revealed, “Kim Hyung Joon will be performing in season 2 of ‘Caffeine’ with the support of Kang Ji Hwan.’”

Kim Hyung Joon begins singing rehearsals this week, and will perform by the end of 2010. He will also be going through physical training in order to keep up his stamina for the 100-minute-long

Kim Hyung Joon stated, “This is my first musical and I feel that it’s an
excellent blend of acting and singing. I’m also very nervous and excited as it is a work that has received much praise by musical critics. I’ll use my six years of experience as a background, and be working with the mindset of a rookie actor in order to put my passion and effort into doing my best. I want not only my fans, but my seniors as well to be proud of me.”

The producers of the musical praised Kim Hyung Joon, saying, “He’s shown great stage presence through various concerts as a singer. He’s also got exceptional dancing and singing skills, with handsome looks to boot. Kim Hyung Joon basically has everything a musical actor needs. Although it hasn’t been that long since practice has begun, we’ve fallen in love with his sincerity and passion.”

Kim Hyung Joon recently held his first solo fan-meeting in
Singapore with 3,000 fans in attendance, and is receiving the courting calls of many Asian media companies.

“Caffeine” will begin on November 24th.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TS is the best! ^^

Just finished trending #wemiSS501 for SS501 on twitter..^^

After about two hours, the result is:

#wemiSS501 got #2, while SS501 got #7 .. this is strong enough to prove that TS is powerful!^^

I got a very great time trending with the other TS..^^

credit to Cheryl eonnie, SS501 appears to be the trending topics on Twitter main page..^^ awesome! hehe..

Wished that SS501 wud comeback soon~ but, no matter when, our love won't fade even for a bit..

TS jjang! SS501, jjang!^^

p/s : oh.. really have to sleep now.. my eyes hurt already.. T^T

~TS miss you, SS501!~

Just can't stop posting on how I miss the boys so much right now..

After I watched the previous SS501's Wings of the World fan-made vid, i can't get that emotional meaningful song out of my head. It's obvious that I missed them, hehe..

I know, they are working hard to pursue their dreams now, that they are working on their solo activities. Many said that they are going to separate or whatever words that persist. But, my heart strongly insists that they will FOREVER be the wonderful SS501, united for ETERNITY. I believe, TS is always in their heart.

I'll always be the loyal fan for them, along with the other TS. Although I was not there when it's their very own first stage, performing their hard works, I promise that I'll be there for them FOREVER.

Won't lose any single faith of ours for them, even in a second. Because the laughs, tears, warmth, chants, victories, loves and trusts that we shared altogether is too PRECIOUS.. to BEAUTIFUL to let go.

We, GREEN PEAS in this harmonious GREEN FAMILY, will be you sea of GREEN WAVE, your sky of GREEN STARS just for you, SS501.. ^^

"I remember, we were the sky's day
The natural world and for that dream
We can do it, always the same dream, the happy smile, a full place
We can make it"
--Wings of the World--

Monday, October 4, 2010

[Break Time] UKISS - Shut Up

The teaser is out!^^ This time, their image is totally different from the previous. Meanwhile this one is the full version audio. And, the music is kinda different from the teaser.

This is the full version audio for Light It Up. Quite nice actually.. ^^

All of them have their hairs dyed black. (more 'namja'.. hehe..) And I have to say, Kevin's abs (he got abs! Lol..) is so.. daebak! ^^

This is what he tweeted just now:
Right now, it's the trending for UKISS 4th mini album, Break Time, with the tag .

The music, is quite nice, with different style from Man Man Ha Ni and Bingeul Bingeul. Can't wait for the full MV to be released.. ^^ UKISS, Kiss Me, TripleKiss, FIGHTING!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

SS501.. Wings of the World..

I was just browsing for some SS501 videos on Youtube..

But, I felt like I wanna watch Wings of the World's live, so I searched some, and I found this video..

It's definitely a very touching, beautiful fan-made video.

It contains pics and clips from their very first debut, the moments they shared their tears, the moments they shared their laughs, they shared their nervous heartbeats on their very first stage, they cried of their success, that brotherly hugs, and of course, the never-ending thanks to Triple S.

I can't stop crying soon as I listened to the song of the vid.

Wings of the World, match them well.. This song is Young Saeng and Kyu Jong's favorite, because of the feelings in this song.

From what I read, the boys even cried during Seoul Persona Encore Concert, when this vid was played on the concert.

Though I was not there when it was their first day holding the mics, but I promise, I'll be with them FOREVER. Because, this love is too beautiful, too precious to let go even for a second.

Lastly, SS501, jjang! 사랑해!


[News] SS501 Park Jung Min expressed that he wish to do activities with the other members again [30.09.10]

Credit: + (Chinese translation) 镜子&MIKO@No. 43 Park + SS501 Baidu + (English translation)

I'm admiring Jung Min right now..

Though he's in his solo activity right now, and not with the 4 boys current;y, he never forget SS501 even for a second.

And I believe, he misses his hyungs and maknae a lot.. hehe..

SS501 Park Jung Min expressed that he wish to do activities with the other members again.

On the 30th, he officially announces his contract with
Sony Music Taiwan.

During an interview with a Korea media, he said that Korean wave is very competitive in Asian market. Because he wanted to perform well in the Chinese market, so he choose to sign contract with
CNR Mediaafter considering for a very long time.

While doing his solo activities,
in addition he also said the activities for SS501 ‘SS501′s activities is one of the condition in the contract, i will not make concessions to SS501′s activities.’ The presence of SS501 affirmation for the future is conducted.
Park Jung Min said that
The planning for activities with SS501 is not yet confirm but if we can get together for one activity each year will be the best. He emphasized that ‘All my experiences now are brought by SS501.’

He was also indecisive of his solo activities. He said
Group activity and solo activity is equally important. Making a last decision like this is hard.’ He felt a little scare when doing solo activities compared to group activities but he will be prepared. He looks thinner now compared to the time where SS501 did activities together.

I felt lonelier this time coming to Taiwan compared to the time where 5 of us came together. But i will change the sense of burden to working seriously.’ So recently, he started to learn Japanese again.

With regards to the possibility of SS501 getting together, he expressed that Of course it is possible, the way is to choose a period of time in a year to schedule a series of activities.’

He expressed his gratitude with regards of him debuting in a Chinese market, ‘I will massage after waking up in the morning. After that i will be like a student and go to exercise and study. Everyday, i will be learning Chinese, acting and vocal training. I felt that i have returned to 5-6 years ago when i first debuted.’

The activities in the Chinese industry will be announced in the Fanmeeting during December. It is scheduled that in the next half of the year, he will act in a drama. He will also released a mini album in Korea in November.