Saturday, May 14, 2011

Heo Young Saeng's [Let It Go] DAEBAK!

Oh~ This week is my mid-year exams, and coz of that, I couldn't watch the MV at 11pm (KST) as I'm dying doing revision.. T_T however, as son as I gets back from school, found my bro's using my computer.. So, kicked him out, sit and search! It's totally DAEBAK! Seriously, with that red hair, that teasing smirks, that wonderful voice~ *melts* I'm sure it's get an award! *yeah!* And, this is going to be my first album to have! *cheers* I've ordered it, and will be having it by the end of this month. Come Saengie, come to me! hoo.. (The words here are seems to be too overreacting, sorry.. coz I'm infected by SaengieViruSS!)

The MV is so great, with raps featured by HyunAh of 4Minute. I thought it's HyunAh who'll be the female featured in the MV~ even in the recording of the raps, HyunAh is recording it without Young Saeng, as he didn't want to have that awkwardness since they didn't really know each other.

Hyun Joong and Kyu Jong came and support him during his performance in MuBank~ aww.. I miss this kinda situation. And it'd be great if all 5 of them could gather like this~ I missed it~ T_T

Oh~ Triple S will be by your side and support you! Triple S worldwide!^^ Fighting, Heo Young Saeng! ^__^

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Heo Young Saeng To Debut in May 12~ *screams*

omo~ he is coming! I'm sure he's fighting so much to have this debut earlier than how much he's need to stay rest~ and, the teaser's out too! oh.. I can't stop myself for playing it over and over again! He's super good at teasing, didn't he? And Hyun Ah from 4Minute is featured in this MV, Let It Go.. All I can say.. DAEBAK! Heo Young Saeng, wishing this will be a successful debut for you!! FIGHTING!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New K-Drama.. 49 Days!^^

Waah~ loving this drama now.. found about it after reading on e-Pop~ Recently aired in Korea, up to 14 episodes now on SBS~ the storyline about the afterlife, pursuing the last chance to stay alive in 49 days, is totally interesting! It's a very different style of the usual K-Drama I used to watch. This got a lot of combined love story, seeking revenge, triangle love, losing the loved one -- ALL in one~ *feels like promoting drinks.. LOL* It's not a drama with all of the sensation pop hallyu stars, ( I mean, singer-to-actor things, tho I love it actually), coz it's portrayed with a line of great actors we used to see in most K-Dramas.. Jo Hyun Jae (Only You; Three Dads One Mum;) Bae Soo Bin (Shining Inheritance), Jung Il Woo (My Fair Lady) and two, new for me, Nam Gyu Ri and Seo Ji Hye.

Plus, this drama got Jung Il Woo! hoho~ I'm holding a big interest onto this boy actually.. keke~ used to watch him in My Fair Lady. But, his character here is totally different, and I like it in here better~!! Love it how he got pissed off when Ji-Hyun interrupting his days as Reaper~

And I totally love it when the Scheduler can sometimes be an idiot like this dummy Ji-Hyun~ aish.. I really like the storyline, it's like a two-sided world, days for Ji-Hyun taking over Yi-Kyung's body, and at night, the real Yi-Kyung goes to work. 

Oh, forgot to mention~ Ji-Hyun is in her quest collecting three genuine tears to prove she deserves to live, as she's in a coma state now, resulting from an accident few days before her wedding to a very bastard man..  hoho.. and Ji-Hyun's gaining more IQ as she's in her host body~

Don't want to be a spoiler, so, I'll stop here.. XD

Ah~ I know.. exam's approaching.. but can't resists this though.. what a cruel fact~ T__T