Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Wow.. okay.. it has been a while (a looong while) since the last time I updated my blog. When was that.. before I came to Malacca. Yeah. And I'm already here for the 2nd month in the 2nd semester. My foundation is going to end in another two months. I've just took MUET, and now waiting for my foundation to end. Wow.

     What else can I share other than everything about TESL, right?

     For the time I was here, I'm having very great and challenging months. Being TESL students aren't just as easy as it sounds. It requires a lot from yourself - your passion, your skills, your strength in handling stressful assignments. Maybe you could see TESL as "just English" as a whole.

     But it's not as easy as that. You're going to explore more into English. Grammar, writing skills, reading skills, listening and speaking skills. I had improved my speaking skill a lot after I came here.

     Oh, and also, some additional subjects like Malaysian Studies, College Study Skills (this is pretty hard, no joke..) and Islamic Understanding. Everything's a memorizing subject.

     But during the second semester, you won't be having history subjects anymore. You'll have drama class (it's really fun!), literature and Foundation of Education (this subject, I think it need half of your brain to memorize..)

     I admit I'm getting stressed over and over again because of killing assignments and subjects to revise for tests. Other thing is, I'm in the 1st class out of the four, and so you know how high the lecturers expect from us. But, we've been labeled as a slow batch, we slowly catch up, very immature, sometimes some of us didn't do our homework (yeah this is true..) and so on. So, that add up to my distress. You know.. sometimes I even thought of quitting this course.

     But, despite all the stressful thing, TESL is a course that opens up variety of chances ahead. You're not just fixed to a teaching profession. TESL can lead you everywhere, as long as you work hard. Many people I know here said they took TESL because they love English, not teaching. But for me, since I've already chosen this course, I'm working hard to be an English teacher whom one day could have her own students to teach. TESL has helped me a lot in improving my soft skills. It had reduced my stage fright illness of which I've had since I was in primary school.

     I hope, Allah will ease my way and I could be a great English teacher one day.