Monday, March 30, 2009

Memories in Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre

On 28th March 2009 till 29th March 2009, I went for a camping trip at Kalumpang Resort Training Center. For the first time I stepped into the resort, I could hear the water splashing from the waterfall, it's so cool!!

First day, after 2 hours travelling from school, we arrived at the resort at 10 am. I was so fascinated with the greenery scene, cool and peace. There's a cockatoo in a cage just behind the front gate, it greet us with its human-like voice. I was so amazed! Then, we're taken to our hostel where we'll be sleeping for a night there. The girls were upstairs and the boys were downstairs.
After changing clothes and unpack the things, we went to the hall for some information.

At noon, we have our lunch at the cafeteria in front of the resort. Just then, rain start pouring. We're so anxious coz after lunch, we have to prepared for some outdoor activities - Fear factor, Jungle Trekking, River Crossing, Obstacles & Explorace-. Fortunately, the rain stopped just a few moment before we start our activities.

For the Fear Factor, on the first stage, we had to eat onion!-it's the big onion!!- I was nearly vomitted when I tried to bite the onion. Luckily, our leader could eat most of the onion himself. Thanks Fian!!

Second stage is where we have to hold a frog and kiss it for moment while the fascilitator snap our pic as evidence we kissed the frog. At first, I was so ''euww'', but, after I held the frogs backbones which made it stay calm, my nervous fade away and I kissed the frog succesfully!! Hope the frog turned to a prince someday, muargghahaha!

Third stage is eating-task. Guess what, we have to eat two slice of bread, combined with 'cencaluk' (type of food made of small and salted shrimps) and 'belacan' (shrimp paste). God knows how the taste was!

Then, we went to the fourth stage, still eating-task, but this time, just a person have to eat it. It's the salted egg, non-cook! Imagine the taste! The girls refuse to do, so the boys choose one of them to eat. At first he refuse, but then he tried too. I could see it's torturing when he ate the egg. Sorry, but that's a great job, Syazwan!!
Finished with the fear factors, we have to cross the river by holding a bunch of bread and a big bottle of water along. There, i could see the teamworks among us. although we're exhausted, we still could smile to each other..

Then, we arrived at the Obstacle's. But, there's a problem. One team have dissapeared.. the other team said they've gone for the next activities, Jungle Trekking. The fascilitator was so mad.. then, we have to continue.. We went for our Jungle Trekking then. As i was walking just behind the fascilitator, he kept asking me, ''who'd walked her,e huh?'', ''there's footprint, but whom?", ''Hey, there's not suppose to be footprints here?''.. i just ''yeah'', ''uh''.. As the walkway was a little muddy, my shoes kinda pasted with the soil, made my shoes 3x heavier and higher.. It feels like i'm dragging a stone on my own legs. Then, when we reach at the river, they ask us to stop to wait for the team that have lost. Waiting in nervous, they show up at last. We're so happy and yet mad at them coz they made the program late.. Well, they've been punished - roll on the mud - . Haha..

Next, it's Explorace. At first, there's question for the clue, i was shivering, as i haven't changed my cloth after went through the river, muds..etc.. after we managed to answer, we quickly ran, but it doesn't last too long. we're so tired.. Checkpoints after checkpoints, we've made it to the last checkpoint. At the cemetry.. Gee, it's night! And there's no light at all!! Luckily, member of mine hade light on his cellphone, so he use it in the darkness. I realized that he walks closer to me, and keep saying ''we'll be fine..'', Lol.. he's a boy.. how could he be like that.. =_=.. Then, we passed the cemetry, we walk happily to our camp resort. But, one more problem.. we forgot where is the resort.. We keep walk at the same place over ten minutes! So, we went to a house and ask them where's our resort. The man seem to be weird.. After explaining, he show us the way. I thought we're just nearby.. But, it's actually a kilometre onwards! My legs was so~~~ dunno what to say.. horrible. As the night getting darker, we feels scared.. No lamps at all.. So, we sing to convince ourself.. even Wonderpet's song, we sang!! After walking and walking, we arrived at the resort, i feel like i want to jump that we arrived, and i could get some shower.. When we ask the fascilitator are we the last group that arrived, he said it's not, we're the 3rd group.. We're so relieved. The only things that came out of my mind, the showers wouldn't be occupied as more teams still didn't arrived.. haha..

The next day, we packed and get home. Although the next day we can't walk as usual,(cramped!!), it's the best memories ever for me!! With that, thank you!! See ya!