Friday, July 23, 2010

30 Facts on Why Triple S Loves SS501

1. Jungmin & Kyujong mentioned during the broadcast of Young Street Radio that they will buy food for their fans waiting outside the radio station, in the end they really did buy for their fans.

2. On a cold day Leader bought Hottokyu (a rice cake soup with sugar added) for their fans waiting for Music Bank!

3. Some fans waited in front of Baby’s house until midnight and the last bus has already left during that time. Bebe felt that it wasn’t really safe for them to go home late at night so he sent them to a Sauna that was open all night.

4. Baby sends hot water to their fans waiting outside their home.

5. Jungmin and Kyujong heard that one of their fans wasn’t able to continue her studies because of money, the two of them gathered up their money and paid for the fans tuition fee.

6. Young Saeng likes to mention his fans as his “babies” from time to time in his last entries.

7. When a fan cried once in a signing event of SS501 after shaking Baby’s hand, he stood up and helped the fan wipe her tears away.

8. Leader posted an entry last October 2009 (if I’m not mistaken) where he mentioned this “I told you all this before right? I will protect you all…”

9. Even if Leader sometimes doesn’t show his leadership skills because he loves having fun with fans and being silly like Jungmin, although he shows his great leadership skills when it is most needed.

10. MKMF had a voting through cellphones, Jungmin mentioned that they don’t need that kind of award and told their fans not to waste their money voting for them.

11. Kyu Jong says he must always do an impressive job considering he is part of a group like SS501.

12. Leader always says that sincere and lovely letters made by fans mean more and are more expensive compared to actual expensive material things.

13. During 2006 MKMF there were some Triple S members who were not able to enter the stadium because of the guards, Leader then spoke indignantly saying “It’s a really cold weather, why won’t you persistently let our fans in?” as he spoke for Triple S.

14. There were fans who gathered up in front of SS501′s house making noise causing the neighbors to get mad. Leader made the other members return inside the house and apologized to the neighbors himself.

15. Leader mentioned that it wasn’t Triple S’ job to protect them, but instead it was their job to protect their lovely fans.

16. When someone asked Leader what they wanted as gifts form fans he went out to say “The things that we need, fans do not need to buy for us because we will buy it ourselves.” (claiming that fans do not need to spend too much money for material things for the boys.)

17. A fan sent Leader a branded handbag and he said he felt bad about accepting the gift because it felt like she just bought a million of the same CD of SS501.

18. Kyujong loves to use the things fans give him, one of them is xiaochu’s horse stick which appeared a lot of times in Young Street.

19. It is known if Korea that a person must bow down 90 degrees towards someone who was was sunbae (senior) to them but Kyujong even bows 90 degrees to those who aren’t. (a little trivia, in the SM Megamall Mall Tour of U-KISS 7 lucky girls got up on stage to be partnered with the boys and Kim Ki Bum bowed down more than practically 90 degrees towards the girl he was with on stage.)

20. When Triple S fans were blamed for throwing lightsticks at SNSD during their performance once, Leader and Jungmin defended their fans and said “Green is a color, it can represent anything, so there is no need to blame our fans because they share their love to all artist and respect even those they hate or dislike.”

21. When SS501 was busy working preparing themselves for their performance the following day on Music Bank, a bunch of fans were outside and did not expect the rain to start pouring hard, SS501 fans tried to find anything that can cover up their fans and sent it to them outside.

22. SS501 have spent their time with their fans over at Jeju Island which they gave as a treat for them and they spent a night with them as well.

23. Leader said that when he renews his contract he wants DSP to be nicer to their fans and that guards to protect them and their fans.

24. Prince mentioned before that when he prays at night he always asks God to protect his fans, Kyujong said that this was true as he’s seen it several times and he constantly stares at Prince when he prays. The last part about Kyujong staring led people to laugh. (I forgot what show it was sorry)

25. When Bebe was once coughing during a fanmeet, the fans spread it to the others at the back and the last girl ran out to buy some cough medicine near a pharmacy and when guards wouldn’t let her in she passed it to a friend inside and when it was her turn she gave it to him. he then read through one of his fan letters where one of them mentioned that her friend couldn’t come because she was sick so he decided to ask for the staff to help him find the best medicine for a very high fever.

26. During their concert in Thailand, there was a fan who had a Kidney transplant and was eagerly waiting to see SS501. Because there were some complications with her kidney, her friend wrote a letter to Leader about it and gave it to her friend who was going to give a gift to Kyujong, making Kyujong the bridge so that the letter could pass onto him. Leader read the letter and sent the fan a gift (when i saw the picture it was a bunny).

27. There was a fan who argued with the guard that taking pictures using personal cams/phones are not allowed and a professional photographer was hired for this. the fan still took a picture with her fave member on stage and the guard went and broke her phone. Jungmin bought her a new one on the spot and the fan even mentioned it was a better phone than the one she had before and she was speechless. After a month, a fan updated her cyworld account and showed a photo of the phone still looking the same as it was bought.

28. A pregnant fan was in the crowd of people who were standing, she was bearing her child for almost 4 months now and when Young Saeng saw her and saw how hard it was for her to stand and cheer for them, he asked the guards to escort her to a safer place for her to watch the boys. (in other words, one of the seated sections on the VIP spot.)

29. When SS501 was given a letter by a fan asking if they could come to her 18th birthday party they sent her a letter and a big cake (bigger than her original one) and apologized to her and sent a video of them singing happy birthday a 4 of their songs and dancing to it. They apologized because they couldn’t come due to conflict schedules but mentioned they would have otherwise, Jungmin even joked and said “And also if we came Hyun Joong would eat your cake and your food at the party and make everyone hungry in the end because he’s eaten eveyrthing.”

30. Even with much pain due to the recent car accident of Leader, he still continued the making of the MV and some netizens even spotted him wearing his support/bandage around his waist. The staff mentioned they had to stop from time to time because he was at pain but due to the postponement and long wait of fans Leader decided to continue doing the MVs and performances as well as their performances despite the pain he was physically carrying.

These is why we love SS501 very much! Triple S goes first in their heart.. SS501, we will Love Ya forever..~

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Heo Young Saeng - Is It Love? ~사랑인거죠~

Oh.. i love this song very much!! Young Saeng's voice is like an angel! The song is very meaningful too.. will love you forever, Prince a.k.a. Badboy Saengie.. ^^ 사랑해!!~

love of my life cheo-eumman nattdeon nal
When I first met the love of my life

geudaeui balgeun misoreul bo-attjyo
I saw the bright smile of yours

love is my life utdeon geudaeneun nawa eoneusae gakkawojin geojyo
love of my life, that smiling you quickly became close to me

urin hangsang manheun shigandeureul
Many times, we are always

hamkke hamyeonseo seororeul yaegi haesseottjyo
Together while talking to each other

ijeseoya gi-eogeun malhaeyo
I will talk about my memories right now

geudaewa haettdeon shigandeul naegen haengbogirago
To say that the times that I've had with you are my happiness

can't you feel my love for you sarang ingeojyo
Can't you feel my love for you, is it love?

imi geudaen saranghalsu eopneun
I cannot love you anymore

bogoshipeoyo soksagi deut wechyeo bojiman eodi ittjyo geudae neun
I miss you, I shouted my whispers but where are you?

nan geudaeman boyeoyo naega ireohke aewonhago ittneunde
You're the only one I see, I am pleading like this

o geudae neun eodil bonayo gyeote naega ittjyo
Oh where are you looking at? I am just here beside you

ijeneun saranghandago malhalsudo eopgettjyo
Now, I could not even say 'I love you'

can't you feel my love fore you sarang in geojyo
Can't you feel my love for you, is it love?

imi geudaen saranghalsu eopneun
I cannot love you anymore

bogoshipeoyo soksagi deut wechyeo bojiman eodi ittjyo geudae neun
I miss you, I shouted my whispers but where are you?

bogoshipdago saranghandago gipeun mamsoge geudaega isseoyo
I miss you, I loved you, you are deep in my heart

geureon saranggwa neun dareun ttodareun sarangboda
This love, if compared to other love

gipeun geudae saenggage mami apayo
It hurts my heart to think of you so deeply

duson mo-ayo geudaega bogopeul ttaen
Putting both hands together, when I think of you