Friday, December 30, 2011

The Power of Anti Fans?

I was somehow came across this Soompi post while the unnoticed [ANTI FANS] word kept hovering my head.

Well, sure have heard a lot about anti-fans, and in Korea, the fans are MORE aggressive. 

Sometimes, I got that unfair thoughts of mine. While I watch fancams of any artists, they tend to just walk while looking down on the floor, no matter how crazy the fans are screaming. I was like "Hey! At least wave or something! Not even smiling?" 

But as I scrolled down reading, and watched the videos tagged, I could now understand why. Well, I don't know that anti-fans were divided into different categories. The serious ones, called SASAENG. (means.. KILL LIVING BEING)

They went beyond the privacy of an idol. Like, videotaping them, and show obsessed love like writing bloody notes.. (it's creepy..)

What caught my attention the most is the picture of Yoseob cleaning scribbles on the wall.

“Keep scribbling away“

Well, we understand that the love to our idols are so.. so.. BIG that we really really want to tell them ourselves "Hey, you know what? I LOVE YOU!" *okay.. that's emphasizing* Will surely do everything *even in a disgusting way* to get our idols' SPECIAL ATTENTION to us.

No wonder if I watch any variety programs, they don't really talk about their private lives too much. I know there are still rumours and gossips on papers and magazine, but I bet it's not as serious as in here.. Because the anti-fans are there. If you slipped something bad about their idols. you're dead.

Talking about the stalking fans, where they didn't even care if they spend $400 on a taxi. Even breaking into idol's dorm. 

Sometimes, while reading this, I've been thinking what is these Idols REAL THOUGHT on his fans? Does it divided into categories too? Like;

My Fans Categories:
The super duper loyal,true and great fans.
The silent fans.
The aggressive and I-need-to-stay-away fans.

And that would be bad, coz each time they went for a walk outside, and someone figured them out, they'd need to differentiate between these three categories..

Somehow I could see the tense of being popular. Fans follow you everywhere. If you wear masks and shades, they's say you have a celebrity disease. If you over-friendly with them, they'd be feeling special, and stalk you more.

I read this somewhere, 

"When an idol said he's not dating, 90% of it is a lie"

Yeah, coz if they didn't, anti-fans will be on the move and straightly haunt those who dared to take their husband-suppose-to-be idol. 

Anti-fans has a seriously, big part in Idol's life. Even I as the just-mild-crazy fan feels bad for them. No wonder suicide case kept increasing in Korea.. aish, anti-fans, just mind your own life lah..

Or, I don't know if this is the price of being popular? *shrugs*

Thursday, December 29, 2011

SS501 presents... The ANIMAL KINGDOM!

Laughing like mad upon seeing this picture.. *and it still tickles..*

Well, let's talk about who's who..

The poor turtle who is being bullied by carrying all those massive animals:
Maknae Hyung Joon
The excited horse who seems to be so happy being carried by Turtle Joon:
Mal Jung Min
The dog (?) who seems to not be bothered by the excited mal (and is wearing sleeping cap.. ready to sleep anytime anywhere?):
4D Hyun Joong
The guilty little monkey (it's suppose to be a gorilla) who is just watching the excited Mal:
Centre Kyu Jong
The shy otter on top of all of them, still figuring out why are the rest of members acting so dorks..:
Prince+Badboy Saengie.

Ah.. boys, palli and make a comeback.. or you'll be cursed to be these animals!! *I'll raise them for sure!*

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

3 months holiday.. what to do?

Haha.. it's a very long holiday eh.

Thought of finding part time job. So I talked with my parents.

"Dad.. Maybe I'll go to work somewhere here.." 
"Hmm.. okay.." , dad answered.

After a few moments of thoughts...

"Dad.. would you mind to give me allowance during my holidays? I won't have to seek for part time jobs then." 
"Well, of course I can.." , dad answered.

So that's the deal~ haha.. 3 months just staying at home. Oh, I love you dad! ^^
My mom is the happiest when she knew I'm going to stay at home. She got a FULL-TIME worker now~ haha! *sighs*

Sunday, December 11, 2011

하얀 고백♥

This is a very cute and beautiful MV shot in Japan~ The boys were so happy buying Christmas gifts.. I think this is the best gift ever for Inspirits.. ^^

The priceless face expression of Hoya when he held the Bikini postcard, haha~! Sungjong went as the first one appear in this MV.. Sungyeol gave himself (tied with ribbon on his neck) as the christmas present himself, LOL.. Dongwoo who's dissolved in the world of toys~ XD Woohyun with his mischievous looks yet so cute while playing the... mini frying pan? idk~ Sunggyu with his earphone walking followed by kinder kids.. and L who is just smiling enough to melt those girls walking passed him, haha~~

I saw someone posted this video on FB, but that time I'm still at granny's, so only today I could watch it.. So today, watch it to the fullest! ahahaha!! *went crazy already*

p/s : Still looking for the meaning of [크리스마스선물의 주인공은] which appeared at the end of the MV.. Google Translate said "The Christmas gifts' hero" but I sense some inaccuracy.. huhu~ I wish I know Korean..


Blame my busy student life that I didn't have the chance to watch Gumiho earlier, then only now I notice this hot but cute guy!~^^

No Minwoo! Haha.. the second hero from My GF is a Gumiho~ The ex-drummer of The TRAX.. haish.. at first, I didn't like him, coz the main hero is Lee Seunggi, so my eyes were only on him from the first episode. But as the episodes went on, Minwoo climbed up one stairs above Seunggi! keke.. (mian, Seunggi ah~)

My previous conversation with my cousin..

Me : Oh, he (Dongjoo) is so evil! I hate him..Cousin : But he is handsome! Far more handsome than Daewoong.. 
Next day,
Me : Hey, Dongjoo is so handsome!Cousin : He is! More handsome than Daewoong, right?Me : Nope.. Daewoong's still number one! 
The next day,
Me : Hoah! Dongjoo, my oppa is handsome!Cousin : Cheh.. you said you like Daewoong so much! Dongjoo's mine!Me : Nah.. Now Dongjoo's first.. heheh! 

Haha~ sorry dear cousins.. he's not yours alone..

err.. yeah, somehow.. 

Raining.. Raining..♥

Currently hooked up with Gumiho (so sad I was only able to watch it now~) so I'm  a little alerted when it's raining.. because;

1. SS501 is greeting me.. (haha! SS501 is my 비 남자!)
2. Miho is crying..

*I know it's nonsense.. but I do love rain~^^*

Just got home after the last day of exam where we quickly leave home to my granny's~ I miss this messy room of mine~ haha! XD If it's not coz I need to send back my textbooks, I might be staying longer away from home~ T_T

And there's possibilities I'll be away to my granny's (of my dad's) AGAIN after November 14.. aish~

These are the factors of why I'm SO OUTDATED of kpop lately.

So right now still thinking.. can I cope for another 2 WEEKS away from home? huhu.. idk~

p/s: currently doing a MASSIVE CLEANING to my messy room. And those piling papers and books. Now I can't even see my floor. Help. (ㅠ.ㅠ)

Friday, November 25, 2011

A short break!^^

안녕 하세요~^^ greet you with these cute TeddyFinite!^^♥

Still in the middle of SPM.. still got two more KILLER PAPERS!

aish.. can't even think what I'm going to be, after I took Physics. these two might KILL me.. T_T But still, I can't believe in just a week, I'll be free from books~ *for awhile*..

These short 4 days break are special for Chem and Bio. And I must study Biolohy as hard as I could.. coz.. MAMA award will be aired LIVE on 8TV THE NIGHT BEFORE MY LAST PAPER, WHICH IS BIOLOGY!

since I rarely post, (well.. coz of exam.. and coz of NO INTERNET).. would like to post about the most unforgettable moment happened during my unable-to-connect-to-the-internet time.. (T_T)

It's about my lovely grandmother..
I posted about her before, when she was still unconscious. But it turned out that a few days after that, she left us forever..
I still can't believe it, but I must accept it. She's always waits for us whenever we visit her. Put me in her special treat. Hugged me. Oh..
Next time when I come to my granny's house, she's not there anymore..

I still remember the last time I see her face before her funeral, I kissed her forehead. It's cold. Too cold that my tears dropped. The thing that I took attention the most, is that she has that smiling face. Although she didn't move anymore, I could sense it, she was like "Don't cry, I'm fine" (well of course she didn't speak.. it's my imagination.)

Ah.. granny, I'll always be praying for you.. al-fatihah~

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dear granny..

If only you could still hear me..
I want to say, I really love you who always care for me whenever I visit you at your place..
I always love it how you anticipate us when we said we're going to balik kampung..
I always love the way you call me.. you call me Ra..
I always love it when you asked me to massage your waist and shoulder..
I always love it when you notice I was depressed.

Everytime in the morning I'd hear you talk so loud, waking us up..
busy in the kitchen..
You always turn off the fan in the morning, and them mosquitoes will bit us..
Everytime you nag, I can't stand them all, but that's who you are..
And when you make the traditional bahulu.. it's so tasty..

And, I really want you to do all of those AGAIN..
please, give me the chance to say THANKS for everything.
Give my mom a chance to see you smile again.

Ya Allah.. please, let my granny recover soon.
She's been suffering too much..

The trio of us..

flying over Nora's blog.. and she posted this..
*before that, sorry i took this without u knowing it! haha..XD*

 this is the position of me, Sunmi and Nora EVERYDAY since 2008 until now~ walking to the school together..

I'm always by the roadside, Nora's always in the middle, Sunmi always next to the drain.. (what a sad way to go to school.. XD)

The best thing is that, this has lasts for 5 years. (on 2007, got other chingu with us, but she moved.. so, left us 3..)

And this is going to be THE BEST moment in our life as a middle schooler.. ♥

*yeah, best moment, other than spazzing about kpop when we reached school, with our other K-crazed friends~ Ahn Sharq, Nad, KyuQiss.. (lol.. the names..XD)*

My current craze..

Infinite's Hoya (Lee Ho-Won)

The dance machine of Infinite..

I blame Nora for injecting the Infinite virus in me.. haha! 

*Saengie. you're still number one, yeah! (it's TRUE!)..*

But this guy has seriously stole my mind for two weeks.. his gaze, when he dances, when he smiled.. (agh! I'm crazy!)

I really can't stand handsome people no matter how I resist them.. haha~

And yeah, feels like I got a new light and kpop-fancying-spirits after knowing Infinite.. they are as dorky as ever~ 

(Sunmi ah, we're sharing Hoya together eh? Haha.. XD)

*and yeah.. he has the tendency to lick lips.. just as Saengie always does.. haha~ maybe one of the features I like? pervert..*

Heo Young Saeng's 1st DVD~~

*brags* lol..
it has been so long i didn't log in.. haha~ *who cares?*
talking about the DVD, yeah it's arrived! and it's now safely stored in my safest place.. ^^

Saengie's too cute! SO CUTE! no words could describe it..
Watching it along with Nora and Mimi..
Laughing coz we don't understand what he's saying coz the DVD player's has lost its remote..

Ah.. and the photocards.. I think they best be described as POSTCARDS.. (they're big~)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sleeping Prince~


Suddenly I miss watching SS501's Thanks for Waking Us Up..

Those dorkies.. fierce Jungmin, getting-bullied-all-the-time Hyungjun, big sleepy-head Hyunjoong, sleeping-like-prince Youngsaeng, and the always-wake-up-early Kyujong~

I MISS SS501!♥

[vidSpam] B2ST reveals MV for 'I Like You The Best', the sequence from 'Beautiful' MV.

Wah~ read this on Twitter after AKP tweets.. I thought it's a new song,
but it turned out this is the sequence MV after 'Beautiful..

I watched this MV on Youtube from a fancam who record the video when they played it on one of their concerts..
I didn't know it took a long time for them to put this video officially~
Well.. this video is not bad~

And I was somehow feeling good that girl (na Eun from A Pink) didn't end up with Junhyung.. coz I hate her sudden action of breaking with Junhyung when he broke his arm (I dun really understand WHY they broke up). Gikwang is not bad -nerd and innocent- in this MV.. so yeah, matched with this girl.. No worry, Junhyung, you can contact Hara again though you two aren't together anymore.. *jjk* XD

p/s : It's just feel great to see Yoseob acts like he's older than Gikwang.. kekeke..

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Uwaaah~ So happy.. =___=


Coz I've ordered Saengie's DVD - 1st Solo Story!! *scream!*

Haha.. and my parents still don't know this.. I'd sure to die if they knew I spent such money on this DVD~ XD
The price isn't RM150, so fortunately I could afford it.. though I've to starve for weeks collecting the money.. *aww.. poor me.. lol..*

Planned to watch the DVD when it arrived at Sunmie's house together with NoraJun~

*didn't dare to put my home address.. huhu~*

What excites me is, there are 3 photocards,
with Saengie's copy of signature on it!

I dun mind even though it's just a copy of sign on three cards.. coz having a hold on this DVD of his is enough for my happiness~~♥

p/s : had a hard time when banking in the money together with NoraJun.. haha..

Korean Music Wave 2011

It was last night..
And I wasn't there!  T___T

Haish.. there's Park Jung Min. I'm sure his Not Alone stage was DAEBAK! I really wanted to see his charm again.. haha..~ His greeting is in Korean, and so cute! *though I sensed he's lonely when he clapped alone.. I want to clap with him! You're Not Alone. Minnie!*

And FT Island's greeting is super cute too! I noticed their English greeting script are the same.. huhu~ Here, it's Jaejin who's talking. I think they aren't giving it to Hongki, as for what happened when he's the one who need to talk in English for promo-vid (idk, for MTV i guess?) which took uncountable takes.. XD and the way he sways and waves.. CUTE!

Hongki did tweeted something after he arrived..

Based on Google Translate, "No spirit for arrival in Malaysia"? I dunno.. GT's translates is sometimes too weird.. =,= gonna search for the exact meaning later..

Teen Top was here too.. L.Joe is the one talking.. And Ricky, he's super excited~ Lol.. I can't help but to envy Chunji's beautiful face.. he's shining at the side.. huhu~

and here's some photos they tweeted on their official Twitter account..

Last but not least.. UKISS!^^ Kevin and Dongho are the main host last night~ Dongho greeted in Mandarin, and Soohyun was like "wow" at him.. keke~ Baby Dongho is smart!^^

And here's the selcas taken by Dongho and Kiseop.. seriously, Kiseop is definitely the ultimate 울짱!

Haha.. stupid..

I just dun have any to post..
So this filled my empty post~ keke..^^

I know this is a small matter..
But I pity this people.. and at the same time I feel like slapping this person.. =,=

Haish.. if you know nothing, just plaster your mouth.. this person is ready for my blacklist-to-do..
I know you're good in English, but your style of jokes, are too western.. and I'm not to that stuffs..

Hah.. act like you cud read '마법의성'and I know it's impossible that you cud read hangul.. Google Translate~

Oh... I hate hypocrite people..

Magic Castle.. a song my hubby sang.. *kekeke..!*

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cute Little Chicky..

My dad catch 3 of them when we went to grandma's last Monday~ haha..
I said "No dad.. just let them live here.. aish"
But he ignores me.. huhu..

But now, I think this chicks are cute though! They're tame, and didn't ran away when I touch them..
*Then catch my hands instead!*

Ah.. this reminds me of our dear little bird ( idk what bird it is.. my dad found it..) we raised last two years. Named Chiki.. (haha!)
But seriously.. Chiki is so tame! It even bath on our bathroom sink.. And when you put it on the floor, it'll follow you walk.. by walking instead of flying~ ah, cute. Now the bird is gone~  T_T

Although at first, they're chirping loudly like mad I felt like frying them in a pan.. =__=

But, the chicks we got, one of them died already~ aish..


♥~I count my heart using my calculator.. and the answer is [Y0unG5AEnG]~♥

Ah.. this is random.. and cliche! keke..
Whenever I am holding my calculator, I can't resist the temptation..
To type [Y0unG5AEnG] on it! keke..

How to make macro pictures?

Macro pictures.. the one where a pictures have super-emphasized text on it! *Lol.. a way of promoting?*

I'm super outdated. Only now I found the way to make macros~ keke..
Have been searching for ages..
Then found this website! *click image to go!*
*Just upload your pictures by clicking [Choose File].. then, add text to your pic!^^*

I tried 1 pictures there.. a pic of SS501 during their fanmeeting here~ *didn't own any pic. credit as tagged* and of course, got HyunSaeng moment!

And tadaa~ this is the result! keke.. *seriously, I'm super happy.. lol..*

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Tragic post title..
I know.. tomorrow is Biology.. and I'd just read 30% of Bio..
But I'm too stressed to read *I'm sure to die for the 2nd time tomorrow..*

And those people under my floor is karaoke-ing like UGH!! *grr..*
Even the place I'm sitting on now is vibrating and all!

So I sit here for awhile before continue revising.. (can't wait for this trial to end!!)

Found out Young Saeng's releasing his 1st Solo Story DVD!!!! (huarghh!!)
That's why I'm making a tragis post!!


Just took a peek at YesAsia, and guess what? It costs RM150!! huhu.. I only have a half of that price..
Mum and dad sure will chock me if they know I'm going to spend such money on this..
But I really want it..
Will be released by the end of September..

What should I do to earn the money? huhu.. T___T help me... (who?)

Aish.. I won't sleep well thinking of this..

Saengie ah.. come and give this free to me please.. (not even in your dream.. sheesh..)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Card project for Saengie's birthday~

I know It's WAY SO EARLY to celebrate his birthday~

But I've an examination in November, and I'm surely gonna miss the celebration..

So that's why I'm joining and made this card earlier. It's a project of a fangroup [SS501 Until Forever] in Facebook held~ haha~

Were asked to be one of SS501's member and make a card for Saeng. So I choose Leader Hyun.. coz I like Hyunsaeng! kekeke..

And I think I really like the card I made.. Lolz~~ Hyunsaeng, the awkward hyungs.. =__=

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hongki's new drama~ Noriko Goes to Seoul!

Click the image for descriptions about the drama~~

I saw this poster, then I noticed it's Hongki! *I'm too outdated.. dat's why..*

Actually, from the synopsis I read, I have the hunch that this drama is somewhat similar to Love Song In August, with Park Jung Min as the actor..

and yeah, the storyline too.. Jung Min as kpop star met a housewife, and develop the feelings in between. Same goes to Hongki's character and Takashima's (she's a housewife who got lung cancer).. just Hongki is not a star yet..

Huhu~~ I know this will be a great drama.. But I'm hoping, crossed-finger, that Noriko and Minha just be besties. No romance, please. I suffered from Jung Min's Love Song in August. (still haven't watch it yet). Not that I have something against this type of storyline (more to love story).. But I'm sick of love story with an older women. At least, I could accept that. But, a married-already woman is a bit... *sigh*

I'll put this drama in my drama-to-watch-after-my-war-ends list..

It's the WEEKS of WAR... *rawr..*

Haha.. the rawr.. *what??*

Know why it's a war?

Haitz.. this months, despite of a Raya month, it's a WAR month for me. Maybe, not just me, but also for those who studied last minutes and only gets prepared when the next day is the exam, LIKE ME.. (T_T)

Still, have one paper I didn't took due to my killer-gastric which came at the wrong time! huhu.. And I'm trying hard to keep my head FREE FROM ANY CLUE of that paper, so people won't accuse me from cheating my exam paper.. it's hard, you know.. the temptations.. T_T

And.. I'm the 'mother' in the house during my mom's absence here.. so yeah, half-crazy enough to weep for two days straight, suffering my gastric and my mad thoughts of exams.. T__T

Also, I suffered a lot thinking about this stuff.. I don't know what's and where's my wrong, but someone didn't allow me to repeat my paper (the day I got gastric). And I was so... feeling like stabbing that person crying..

With my very naive+sometimes too dumb+sometimes too kind+always lazy little dongsaeng in the house, argh!! Michyeoseo!!

Huhu.. don't speak about if the exam papers are hard or ok with me.. coz they 'killed' me already..

----->ah.. a very infected minded girl wrote this..<-------

Thursday, August 25, 2011

[vidspam] U-KISS 2nd Album NEVERLAND Teaser

It's out! XD a great teaser, I guess..

Hope they'd win an award.. feel bad coz I heard that SNSD will also comeback in September.. while Mr. Simple of Suju is still promoting..

But I believe Kiss Mes around the world can be STRONGER! ^^

Heo Young Saeng's Goodbye Stage Music Bank incident~~

Hoaah.. what a long title..

This actually is an old thing.. *but I've just figured it out now~* Aish.. what to do, Saengie's comeback was when I was having my mid-term exam.. T__T

It's his goodbye stage of Let It Go.. when he sang, I could hear the 'pop' sounds from the mic.. but still, his voice is still GORGEOUS as usual.. (lol.. gorgeous?) though he's singing live and dancing.. (that's why I LOVE him..)

But then, as the staffs noticed it, they hands him the hand mic, and Young Saeng was puzzled, I think he never thought he'd dance AND hold a mic AND sing.. (haha~) As he got the mic, he tried to take off his ear-mic, but failed (seems it's hard as it's the part he should sing and dance). He grinned so cute!

Then, this amazed me. He, just like nothing happened, sing calmly while holding the mic! With that wonderful voice.. Omo!! I'm falling for him for 501x501 times! So charismatic, till the end.. ah~

And this is Saengie at Arirang's Kpopulous~ an interview, in which he said about what's the most unforgettable thing during his solo activity..

And guess what? This incident is what he thinks unforgettable~^^ haha..

Saengie.. You're TOO CUTE!!! *screams*

UKISS is Back!^^

Uwaah.. UKISS is so quick~ the 0330 virus still hasn't cured yet, and now they're going to do comeback by this year~ 
The image and concept for this album now, I can't firgure it out. But from looking at the pic above, it's like a group of boys (angel boys) had just landed on our planet.. (lolz.. what a description..)

Kevin had tweeted last night, and posted the pics along.. he's been tweeting a lot last night as I came down hi timeline~^^

Ah.. the teaser will be out today, will check it out after coming back from school... =___=

p/s : How I wished SS501 would make a comeback too.. and how I wished that Kibum and Xander are in UKISS, preparing for this comeback.. T___T

Monday, August 22, 2011

Saengie at the Recording Studio

Dear Saengie...

Uwaaaaaaaaaah!!!! I really miss you Saengie!

Haha.. finally, scrolling down the blog, I found you! ^___^

You're recording OST for SBS 'Protect The Boss'.. aish~

You look so cute here!! *kyaaaaa....*

I can't wait to listen.. haha~


sincerely, your fan who missed you SO MUCH!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Uwaah!! My drawing! lolz..

I was surfing the net..

When suddenly my li'l bro came in..

I was about to push him out of my room (haha..) and tell him to over my dead body wait if he want to use my computer..

But he's holding his Gempak mag, and was having that kind of expression. (dunno how to describe..)..

And then he showed it to me, and said

"Sis when did you post this?!" in excitement.. so I reached my head to see..

OMO! It's my anime drawing.. posted in the [Ok ke KO] section of Gempak 282nd issue! haha..

The character's act is free and loosy, while the landscape surrounding is amazing. Well-planned art from the view of exercise, observation and research! We want this some more, can you? -idk if what I'm translating is correct..-
 the original drawing..

Seriously.. I've been reading that issue for 5 times, but didn't notice my drawing there, as I thought it would be posted last month's issue. So I gave up and thought my drawing isn't good enough.. =___=

Haha~ know what? After my fanfic posted in [e-POP], this is the 2nd time I wanna scream out loud! XD

p/s : i know i'm over-reacting for such small things.. but get to know me, I CARE even for small things!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Oh my!! DENGEKI DAISY! Please come out soon!!

Hoaah~~ finished till chapter 34 of DENGEKI DAISY..

And.. I want more! huhu.. it has been for almost 5 months since the last time I read the previous chapters.. and when I read now, it has updated like 3-4 chapters.. *so happy!*

Ah.. I love to read the idiot love of Teru and Kurosaki.. haha~ and now the evil Akira appears.. 

I don't know who he is, but he seems dangerous. (But I LOVE his appearance!)

Stopped at chapter 33.. huhu~ poor Kurosaki.. T___T tried to download the raw chapter, but the file hosting site has somehow deleted them.. *tsk..tsk..* feels like asking them to upload the raws again..

I'm reading online scanned manga not that I don't want to support Kyousuke san, but this series hasn't been released yet here..

When it's released, I"m sure will buy all the volumes!!! (over excited)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New drawing..

I posted this drawing before along with a fanfic.. * but I've deleted it.. hoho..*

I'm so excited as I managed to draw a male anime! haha..

Again, Motomi Kyousuke's "Otokomae! Beads Club" be my reference.. *I'm super loving her drawings!!*

And.. I know the guitar is kinda weird.. haha..

But this is a success.. * little one * for me! ^^ so.. chukhahae to me! lolz..

Gonna stare at the drawing until it burns.. coz I'm so happy.. *weird..*

[FanFic] Dear Star, I Love You.

Actually.. I've A LOT of fanfic.. 

The previous one I posted is one of them.. but I'm stopping that first as I need to continue with this one.. hehe..

I know exam's approaching.. But when I'm tension, this is what I do.. haha~

So, if you want to read, click the image above~

Do comments! haha..

p/s: okay.. okay.. I'm finished promoting.. I'm leaving..

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Love and Trust to SS501.. how deep does Triple S feels?

Well.. thought of posting this all of sudden, keke.. need to blurt out what has been filling over my already full brain. These has been bugging me up these few days.. I'm not accusing anyone.. Coz I'm actually in the middle of MANY SITUATIONS.. some went away, some stays, some still confused, some straightly decides.

The title post, it's not that I want to judge TS's beliefs to SS501, as if mine is greater than others. I'm just average. Still holding the trust I made since the first time I knew SS501.

Now SS501 are separated doing their own activities~ Which have made us a little heartbroken. But they beg us to wait, and support them no matter what. 

But still, even TS is a human themselves - including me. I don't want to point out on anyone to accuse, I'll just have myself as the example. I always said "I'll keep love and trust them.. they'll unite no matter when.." Honestly, I actually was so heartbroken

I was a bit hurt when I could see that Hyunjoong, somehow overshadowing other members. But I have to accpet the fact, our leader is so famous worldwide now, so no wonder he's popular~ ^_^ The Hyunjoong I KNOW is the best LEADER. I mean it..^^ I know he's trying hard to calm TS down. And somehow I pity him for having those responsibilities. That's why I hope SS501 will re-unite faster, so Hyunjoong could share the burden with all his members.

Waiting is the hardest thing to do, isn't it? While we are thinking of them, whether they'd eat or not, have they slept, did they fall sick? We're tired of it when realizing they only know us as TS, not personally (to remain professionalism). But, we still insists they'll be back on stage together for TS.

But, the time gap is increasing. It has been a year. Promises (maybe not promises, just an unofficial statement) for a comeback in this year wasn't really made, as there were solo debuts for each members to be done. And that has at least made TS felt sad, not like we're not supporting them doing solo, but after the big news of them leaving DSP to respective company which sadden us, this unfullfilled promises are like the knife that cuts deeper into our already wounded hearts.

But still, TS is still there, supporting ALL of them, and continue to LOVE and TRUST.

By this time, most TS (including me) has been SO SENSITIVE over even small issues of SS501. When there's little story of them, TS will be curious. When TS was hurt of it, it'll stay longer in their heart than usual. Because, they really missing these boys, and the faith, somehow are fading away bit by bit. And when TS were slapped by the fact some of them weren't really a TRUE FAN, that blows their mind. (even me..)

BUT ONCE AGAIN, the bond between TS sisters (and brothers, perhaps?) strengthen back those faith. We remind each other, although we know, deep in our heart, we're so sad we can't do nothing than waiting to cure the seriousness of missing SS501.

And indeed, Triple S' love for the boys is for eternity.. being a Triple S is subjective.. We can't describe how is the perfect TS actually. TRUE FAN, isn't the one always show their feels and love. You don't need to show how much you love them. Although physically you said you're not a TRUE FAN, so you're not  really a TS anymore, but if deep in your heart you're missing the boys, you are that TRUE FAN.

The term of TRUE FAN, for me, need to be highlighted as the sensitive issue, and should be restricted from being mentioned. Coz everyday we tried to be perfect, and fix ourselves. That's why there's chance..

Some says the number 501 will never be reality.. (five united forever as one).. but it's actually depends on OUR OWN perspective on whether we want it, and trust it or not.

If there's any TS reading this, I hope you'll understand what I'm trying to say. I know it's so twisted, coz it's 1 am here.. *yawns* but I really want to deliver these words.. coz I can't stand to see those fighting TS..

Hanakiss : omo.. so long.. I'm getting dizzy reading what I've been posting up... =,= *nah.. who will ever read this? huhu..*

Kingdom of Death

I have been reading this fanfic recently~ the Kingdom of Death. (by HeeTeukMae26)

The storyline is so great! - mystery, friendship, thrill, and also sad..

Combination of SS501, Suju, T-Ara, Kara and reader-self..

Found this from someone who updated their FB status, so thanks to that person~ *I forgot the name*

Just read the story here.. This fanfic is great and well-written~^^ I enjoy trying to guess the riddle, though I always end up being wrong~ haha.. If I was really in the fanfic, I'd probably be a dead meat..
oops.. a peek of spoiler.. haha~ no more spoilers, just read it yourself~^^

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ordinary Lovestory, but So Lovely!

Most of us who love to watch drama (here I'm promoting K-drama!♥) would love a story with a fresh, new storyline that didn't repeat any familiar and cliche love story, coz we found them in most of the dramas.. But actually, that CLICHE LOVESTORY is actually the sweetest thing if they do happen in our life, aren't they? ^^ And many do think of a lovestory and wish some drama will come up with those we had in thought~

Here are some of the storyline that I thought might be cliche, but I really don't think it is. And some might be from my thought of lovestory (never been in any drama I WATCHED yet..)

1. A sudden marriage with someone whom the girl didn't even know who he is. Turned out he is the son of a famous and rich family, an old pal of dad's. Meanwhile dad is in a big debt, so marriage is the solution. Conflict:Ex-girlfriend came to haunt the man (hubby of the girl) and got the girl to envy.
 Things to add: The man is so handsome, egoish but may be lovely, usually the girl had some incident, or always fighting with each other. *familiar indeed~ but I love to watch drama with a forced-marriage for the couple!*

2. A rich, handsome man who falls in love with an ordinary girl. Though he denies it at first, but then he falls for her even more, and did everything to win her heart. The girl refuses at first, but then captivated by the man's love.
Conflict:Parents are objecting the relationship, triangle-love. *many of this~^^*

3. A boyish girl and famous at the school for being the most popular with her strength. Then came in a boy (famous, handsome, genius and gentlemen). Then, the two somehow related to each other, then fall in love, though many can't accept the relationship. Yeah, a boyish girl, and a famous, handsome boy. Sooo didn't suit her. But the boy then confesses to her she's the one he needs... *awww!! I want that!*

4. *This one is the vice-versa of the above*
    A boy, who always fight in school, so dumb in studies, got girls so scared of him, never pay attention to girls, got a family problem like divorced parent, hated by the teachers (but the fact is he's handsome). Then a girl came in, whom had changed his heart. The girl, just ordinary girl. But she somehow always clinging with the boy for an incident that put them up together. After that, they secretly hides feelings for each other. And the boy even fight with others to protect the girl. *okay.. seriously infinity-stars for this!*

5. Got a handsome boy live next to the girl's. Used to fight at school (or workplace.. anywhere. this is just an idea from me) But the moments when they need each other, and plus they lived next to each other made it sweet~ *still thinking of the progress for this story*

6. A girl, with the famous star (singer, actor, etc). Not really a fan of the star, but was accidentally related to the famous star after an incident, which need them to stick together. (like, the star accidentally said the girl's his girlfriend to avoid the stalking fans?) As the girl learned to live like a star's partner, and as the star got the chance to live as a normal boy again, love grows between them. They kept it a secret or the girl is a dead meat~ XD
Conflict:To face the fans and anti-fans.. it's terrifying. *This is my dream!!*

Sorry, I could just come up with 6 stories~ coz after this is school time~

And my computers.. argh!! It kept insisting for a restart! Why it demands for a computer restart whenever I"M THE ONE using it! grr..

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Teacher, you always live in our hearts..

Found this vid after my friend told me..

This has been uploaded several days ago, but I just don't have the time to post~

Seriously, when the MC is speaking about our late principal, Encik Ruslan Bustani. I can still manage my emotion..

But as soon as the voice of him been raised up, that familiar tone of voice, with that smile on his face..

I cried.. tears run fast on my cheek.

I really miss him.. miss him SO MUCH! It's so sad we couldn't share this fight in our exam together with him until the end..

May Allah bless you, our lovely principal.

Monday, August 8, 2011

When each of the drops give you happiness~♥

Okay~ I know I've been posting so much about rain.. coz I REALLY love rain!^^ But tonight, felt like writing more~ so I give it a try.. to write about rain. *huh?* So, scroll down and enjoy~^^

Before it came down, dark clouds creep above our heads..

Rushing winds and scattering leaves. Enough to have the fear gripped strongly in our hearts.

Thunders came in, striking some fierce lighting. Nothing in our minds, other than being in our safe, cozy home.

Then, the drops came down. From tiny, to big and heavy.

Anxiety arouses in our hearts as the rain clatters along the roofs. The strong blowing wind.. oh, terrifying!

When it returned to the slow drops, then we could see..

The beautiful drops, with some light entering it, forming a beautiful rainbow as the gift..

For being brave enough to stand the pretty scarying before-rain..

We touched those last drops. Happiness contained in each of it.

For me, everytime it rains, it's like having gifts in all of those drops. With my fingers reaching out to touch the drops of rain, I feel so happy.

No matter how we were terrified of the rain before it came down accompanied with its best friends, winds, thunders and cloudy sky.. don't be so.. coz it has brought us gifts in each of the raindrops behind those.

So, fly high to reach for the hidden gifts~ and be strong!

Hanakiss : whenever I typed in [rain], will be having Jeong Ji Hoon's pic in the result! haha.. =,= that's probably one of the reasons I love rain.. *perv*