Monday, September 26, 2011

Sleeping Prince~


Suddenly I miss watching SS501's Thanks for Waking Us Up..

Those dorkies.. fierce Jungmin, getting-bullied-all-the-time Hyungjun, big sleepy-head Hyunjoong, sleeping-like-prince Youngsaeng, and the always-wake-up-early Kyujong~

I MISS SS501!♥

[vidSpam] B2ST reveals MV for 'I Like You The Best', the sequence from 'Beautiful' MV.

Wah~ read this on Twitter after AKP tweets.. I thought it's a new song,
but it turned out this is the sequence MV after 'Beautiful..

I watched this MV on Youtube from a fancam who record the video when they played it on one of their concerts..
I didn't know it took a long time for them to put this video officially~
Well.. this video is not bad~

And I was somehow feeling good that girl (na Eun from A Pink) didn't end up with Junhyung.. coz I hate her sudden action of breaking with Junhyung when he broke his arm (I dun really understand WHY they broke up). Gikwang is not bad -nerd and innocent- in this MV.. so yeah, matched with this girl.. No worry, Junhyung, you can contact Hara again though you two aren't together anymore.. *jjk* XD

p/s : It's just feel great to see Yoseob acts like he's older than Gikwang.. kekeke..

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Uwaaah~ So happy.. =___=


Coz I've ordered Saengie's DVD - 1st Solo Story!! *scream!*

Haha.. and my parents still don't know this.. I'd sure to die if they knew I spent such money on this DVD~ XD
The price isn't RM150, so fortunately I could afford it.. though I've to starve for weeks collecting the money.. *aww.. poor me.. lol..*

Planned to watch the DVD when it arrived at Sunmie's house together with NoraJun~

*didn't dare to put my home address.. huhu~*

What excites me is, there are 3 photocards,
with Saengie's copy of signature on it!

I dun mind even though it's just a copy of sign on three cards.. coz having a hold on this DVD of his is enough for my happiness~~♥

p/s : had a hard time when banking in the money together with NoraJun.. haha..

Korean Music Wave 2011

It was last night..
And I wasn't there!  T___T

Haish.. there's Park Jung Min. I'm sure his Not Alone stage was DAEBAK! I really wanted to see his charm again.. haha..~ His greeting is in Korean, and so cute! *though I sensed he's lonely when he clapped alone.. I want to clap with him! You're Not Alone. Minnie!*

And FT Island's greeting is super cute too! I noticed their English greeting script are the same.. huhu~ Here, it's Jaejin who's talking. I think they aren't giving it to Hongki, as for what happened when he's the one who need to talk in English for promo-vid (idk, for MTV i guess?) which took uncountable takes.. XD and the way he sways and waves.. CUTE!

Hongki did tweeted something after he arrived..

Based on Google Translate, "No spirit for arrival in Malaysia"? I dunno.. GT's translates is sometimes too weird.. =,= gonna search for the exact meaning later..

Teen Top was here too.. L.Joe is the one talking.. And Ricky, he's super excited~ Lol.. I can't help but to envy Chunji's beautiful face.. he's shining at the side.. huhu~

and here's some photos they tweeted on their official Twitter account..

Last but not least.. UKISS!^^ Kevin and Dongho are the main host last night~ Dongho greeted in Mandarin, and Soohyun was like "wow" at him.. keke~ Baby Dongho is smart!^^

And here's the selcas taken by Dongho and Kiseop.. seriously, Kiseop is definitely the ultimate 울짱!

Haha.. stupid..

I just dun have any to post..
So this filled my empty post~ keke..^^

I know this is a small matter..
But I pity this people.. and at the same time I feel like slapping this person.. =,=

Haish.. if you know nothing, just plaster your mouth.. this person is ready for my blacklist-to-do..
I know you're good in English, but your style of jokes, are too western.. and I'm not to that stuffs..

Hah.. act like you cud read '마법의성'and I know it's impossible that you cud read hangul.. Google Translate~

Oh... I hate hypocrite people..

Magic Castle.. a song my hubby sang.. *kekeke..!*

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cute Little Chicky..

My dad catch 3 of them when we went to grandma's last Monday~ haha..
I said "No dad.. just let them live here.. aish"
But he ignores me.. huhu..

But now, I think this chicks are cute though! They're tame, and didn't ran away when I touch them..
*Then catch my hands instead!*

Ah.. this reminds me of our dear little bird ( idk what bird it is.. my dad found it..) we raised last two years. Named Chiki.. (haha!)
But seriously.. Chiki is so tame! It even bath on our bathroom sink.. And when you put it on the floor, it'll follow you walk.. by walking instead of flying~ ah, cute. Now the bird is gone~  T_T

Although at first, they're chirping loudly like mad I felt like frying them in a pan.. =__=

But, the chicks we got, one of them died already~ aish..


♥~I count my heart using my calculator.. and the answer is [Y0unG5AEnG]~♥

Ah.. this is random.. and cliche! keke..
Whenever I am holding my calculator, I can't resist the temptation..
To type [Y0unG5AEnG] on it! keke..

How to make macro pictures?

Macro pictures.. the one where a pictures have super-emphasized text on it! *Lol.. a way of promoting?*

I'm super outdated. Only now I found the way to make macros~ keke..
Have been searching for ages..
Then found this website! *click image to go!*
*Just upload your pictures by clicking [Choose File].. then, add text to your pic!^^*

I tried 1 pictures there.. a pic of SS501 during their fanmeeting here~ *didn't own any pic. credit as tagged* and of course, got HyunSaeng moment!

And tadaa~ this is the result! keke.. *seriously, I'm super happy.. lol..*

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Tragic post title..
I know.. tomorrow is Biology.. and I'd just read 30% of Bio..
But I'm too stressed to read *I'm sure to die for the 2nd time tomorrow..*

And those people under my floor is karaoke-ing like UGH!! *grr..*
Even the place I'm sitting on now is vibrating and all!

So I sit here for awhile before continue revising.. (can't wait for this trial to end!!)

Found out Young Saeng's releasing his 1st Solo Story DVD!!!! (huarghh!!)
That's why I'm making a tragis post!!


Just took a peek at YesAsia, and guess what? It costs RM150!! huhu.. I only have a half of that price..
Mum and dad sure will chock me if they know I'm going to spend such money on this..
But I really want it..
Will be released by the end of September..

What should I do to earn the money? huhu.. T___T help me... (who?)

Aish.. I won't sleep well thinking of this..

Saengie ah.. come and give this free to me please.. (not even in your dream.. sheesh..)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Card project for Saengie's birthday~

I know It's WAY SO EARLY to celebrate his birthday~

But I've an examination in November, and I'm surely gonna miss the celebration..

So that's why I'm joining and made this card earlier. It's a project of a fangroup [SS501 Until Forever] in Facebook held~ haha~

Were asked to be one of SS501's member and make a card for Saeng. So I choose Leader Hyun.. coz I like Hyunsaeng! kekeke..

And I think I really like the card I made.. Lolz~~ Hyunsaeng, the awkward hyungs.. =__=

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hongki's new drama~ Noriko Goes to Seoul!

Click the image for descriptions about the drama~~

I saw this poster, then I noticed it's Hongki! *I'm too outdated.. dat's why..*

Actually, from the synopsis I read, I have the hunch that this drama is somewhat similar to Love Song In August, with Park Jung Min as the actor..

and yeah, the storyline too.. Jung Min as kpop star met a housewife, and develop the feelings in between. Same goes to Hongki's character and Takashima's (she's a housewife who got lung cancer).. just Hongki is not a star yet..

Huhu~~ I know this will be a great drama.. But I'm hoping, crossed-finger, that Noriko and Minha just be besties. No romance, please. I suffered from Jung Min's Love Song in August. (still haven't watch it yet). Not that I have something against this type of storyline (more to love story).. But I'm sick of love story with an older women. At least, I could accept that. But, a married-already woman is a bit... *sigh*

I'll put this drama in my drama-to-watch-after-my-war-ends list..

It's the WEEKS of WAR... *rawr..*

Haha.. the rawr.. *what??*

Know why it's a war?

Haitz.. this months, despite of a Raya month, it's a WAR month for me. Maybe, not just me, but also for those who studied last minutes and only gets prepared when the next day is the exam, LIKE ME.. (T_T)

Still, have one paper I didn't took due to my killer-gastric which came at the wrong time! huhu.. And I'm trying hard to keep my head FREE FROM ANY CLUE of that paper, so people won't accuse me from cheating my exam paper.. it's hard, you know.. the temptations.. T_T

And.. I'm the 'mother' in the house during my mom's absence here.. so yeah, half-crazy enough to weep for two days straight, suffering my gastric and my mad thoughts of exams.. T__T

Also, I suffered a lot thinking about this stuff.. I don't know what's and where's my wrong, but someone didn't allow me to repeat my paper (the day I got gastric). And I was so... feeling like stabbing that person crying..

With my very naive+sometimes too dumb+sometimes too kind+always lazy little dongsaeng in the house, argh!! Michyeoseo!!

Huhu.. don't speak about if the exam papers are hard or ok with me.. coz they 'killed' me already..

----->ah.. a very infected minded girl wrote this..<-------