Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Raya!!

It've been a month that we fasting, and now it's the Eid-ul-fitri celebration!! I feel so happy although that the examination is just around the corner. There a re so many temtation hit me not to study.. owh.. by the way, as this year i reached 15, my 'envelopes' is decreasing too. Hmm.. what to do, my little brother earns much more than me.. this year, i have two pair of new Baju Kurung.
Actually, it've been a week of Eid. and, it've been a week that I didn't open my book.. My heart beats faster.. but the temptations win over. Argh!! I have to go!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

One Missed Call : Final (Chakushin Ari : Final)

Just watched this movie, and it's awesome!! At first, i thought it was a scary movie, but, i was kinda "well, just keep watching.." and it worth! This is a movie about a girl called Asuka, who get abused by the classmates after defending a student named Emiri. Then, she made a decision to hang herself till death. But, it made her stay in coma. The other students called her PAM. Then, the classmates are having a trip to Korea, and during this trip, one by one of the classmates got killed by a death call. The red candy will be on their side when they died (It's horrible, I told you..) Then, the students got crazy (kinda..) and fighting to get the cellphone of their friends who got the death call coz if the first receiver forward the message, he'll stay alive while the second receiver dies.

By the way, Emiri met her friend, Ahn Jinu, who is deaf, and yet he knows Japanese language and could communicate in signal language. (and he's cute!!!!) After a moment, Emiri tried to call Asuka, but she noticed that it's not the real Asuka who's on the phone coz Asuka is still unconscious in the hospital. (It's actually Mimiko, the girl who died for the death call in the previous sequel). Then, Emiri realized that she's the cause of this things happen as she never helped Asuka when she got abused. Emiri begged Asuka to send her the death call and promise not to forward it to anybody.

Anyway, they tried to stop the death call by persuading the people to send e-mail to Asuka as many as they can. In the moment between that, Emiri received the death call and she'll die at 2.00 am, then she'd been in another world, where she met Asuka, who wants to suicide with Mimiko to stop the horrible scene. But, Emiri ate the candy, which means she's ready to die, while Asuka kept shouting not to do so. The inbox getting full, and Mimiko starting to disappear. Then, Asuka's computer blows up and Asuka finds out she's back in her room.

Emiri found out she's on Jinu's lap when she conscious. Then, Jinu said they've to say goodbye, so they hugged. Then, Emiri revealed that Jinu's the violinist whom have a girlfriend who died too because of the death call. He said he wont regret later. Emiri got weird, she checked for her phone, but its not in her pocket. She realized Jinu took her phone while they hugged and forward the message to himself, so he'll die for the curse by 2.00 am. Emiri tried to stop him, but she's locked in the door. Then, she saw Jinu died in font of her. At the end, Asuka took Emiri to the seashore where she promised to do so. Emiri looks sad, on the wheelchair.

Maki Horikita as Asuka

Jang Geun-seuk as Ahn Jinu

Meisa kuroki as Emiri

p/s : i really hope that Ahn Jinu will be with Emiri as lovers after the death call ends.. But it ends up with the death of Jinu.. What a sad ending!!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

.....Everybody's Someone.....

Everybody's someone

No matter where you come from

There's light in every single star

You're more than who you think you are

And hey

Everybody's someone

And when it's hard to hold on

Remember you are not alone

This house is everybody's home"

I was so influenced by this song.. Okay, maybe the factor is because Brian is featured in this MV.. I miss him a lot!! He's kinda cute in the MV (the video is on the right of this blog). This song is definitely meaningful, and i kept humming the song wherever i go. I just can't found the playlist for this song so i could put it on this blog, but i found the video.. so, click to hear ..^_^..

It tells us that no matter how small you are, you're still someone.. you're not a doorpost or a wall but someone. Then, i start to realize that i'm still someone, not nobody.. ( what? just realized?!). So, no need to feels that yourself is useless, coz this song proves us that we're someone.. (i think i love to use the word 'someone' now..noticed?Lol..).. So, be someone now coz you are someone's someone.. hahaha!! Irantzu