Monday, October 17, 2011

Dear granny..

If only you could still hear me..
I want to say, I really love you who always care for me whenever I visit you at your place..
I always love it how you anticipate us when we said we're going to balik kampung..
I always love the way you call me.. you call me Ra..
I always love it when you asked me to massage your waist and shoulder..
I always love it when you notice I was depressed.

Everytime in the morning I'd hear you talk so loud, waking us up..
busy in the kitchen..
You always turn off the fan in the morning, and them mosquitoes will bit us..
Everytime you nag, I can't stand them all, but that's who you are..
And when you make the traditional bahulu.. it's so tasty..

And, I really want you to do all of those AGAIN..
please, give me the chance to say THANKS for everything.
Give my mom a chance to see you smile again.

Ya Allah.. please, let my granny recover soon.
She's been suffering too much..

The trio of us..

flying over Nora's blog.. and she posted this..
*before that, sorry i took this without u knowing it! haha..XD*

 this is the position of me, Sunmi and Nora EVERYDAY since 2008 until now~ walking to the school together..

I'm always by the roadside, Nora's always in the middle, Sunmi always next to the drain.. (what a sad way to go to school.. XD)

The best thing is that, this has lasts for 5 years. (on 2007, got other chingu with us, but she moved.. so, left us 3..)

And this is going to be THE BEST moment in our life as a middle schooler.. ♥

*yeah, best moment, other than spazzing about kpop when we reached school, with our other K-crazed friends~ Ahn Sharq, Nad, KyuQiss.. (lol.. the names..XD)*

My current craze..

Infinite's Hoya (Lee Ho-Won)

The dance machine of Infinite..

I blame Nora for injecting the Infinite virus in me.. haha! 

*Saengie. you're still number one, yeah! (it's TRUE!)..*

But this guy has seriously stole my mind for two weeks.. his gaze, when he dances, when he smiled.. (agh! I'm crazy!)

I really can't stand handsome people no matter how I resist them.. haha~

And yeah, feels like I got a new light and kpop-fancying-spirits after knowing Infinite.. they are as dorky as ever~ 

(Sunmi ah, we're sharing Hoya together eh? Haha.. XD)

*and yeah.. he has the tendency to lick lips.. just as Saengie always does.. haha~ maybe one of the features I like? pervert..*

Heo Young Saeng's 1st DVD~~

*brags* lol..
it has been so long i didn't log in.. haha~ *who cares?*
talking about the DVD, yeah it's arrived! and it's now safely stored in my safest place.. ^^

Saengie's too cute! SO CUTE! no words could describe it..
Watching it along with Nora and Mimi..
Laughing coz we don't understand what he's saying coz the DVD player's has lost its remote..

Ah.. and the photocards.. I think they best be described as POSTCARDS.. (they're big~)