Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Another New Phase

Okay.. first let's start the day with this greasy slaps-worth boy.. ^^

Previously it was about pre-asasi.

Then it was about asasi.

After that it was about post-asasi.

And yeah, this time it's my degree life.

It has been ages, like I guess nobody ever remembered of the existence of this blog (even me). Everything I posted recently were just about my studies, No more rants or rambles on kpop stuff or just boring "today i did.." haha I don't even know why. Blogging is no more my matter of interest I guess.. 

Anyway.. today is an exception, since I felt like logging in into my rusty blogspot account, and finally I managed to edit and add stuff and all into this unknown-to-the-world blog. Sobs.

Not going to talk about TESL again, obviously, but something related to it. Slightly.

I'm a TESL reject, but right now I don't even feel sad about it anymore. Yeah, I cried a load when I got the UPU result, because TESL was like something that I yearned for since I started my foundation year. But now, I'm in BA of English Language Studies, something not so different, but better. I'm not being biased but yeah, I need to love what I've got. And I'm loving it. 

The people here - coursemates, lecturers - are very supportive and friendly. That's what make me change my mind on not to mourn over the TESL-rejected-me thoughts. 

So what am I trying to say here is, chances and new experiences are everywhere. Don't set your eyes only on one thing, turn around and you'll realize there are a whole lots of new things that you haven't seen or heard of. And they might be better.

Okay, enough talking to myself. Goodbye, have a nice day.

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