Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Asasi TESL's Interview.. *the story*

Hah.. because this was actually one of the thing I'm still regretting until now, I think by putting it up here would allow myself too forgive myself.. *what?*


On Saturday morning, while I was planning on what should I do, I got a call from my friend who was telling me that she got the call for the interview. So, I hurriedly opened UiTM's website, checked my name.. and yeah.. "Congratulations, you're being called for an interview for this program."

Only 24 hours before the interview. Great.

     I prepared my baju kurung, and packed my shoes. (a sneaker type.. idk what to call). Then my mom said "NO!" So did my dad. So, we went to buy a pair of nicer shoes. Huu..

     Luckily my aunt live nearby the campus. So, we slept a night there. Early at 7 am, we set off for breakfast first. Though my tummy felt like it didn't have any space for food anymore because nervous has occupied it, I swallowed the roti canai though. I could saw there's a boy, wearing formal attire and got that nervous face too. So I guessed he's also going to be interviewed just like me.

     Meticulously, I walked out after finished the breakfast. And who knew it, because of my new+slippery+I-wasn't-used-to-wear-such-style shoes, I tripped on the chair and shook a table of which one of the customer was eating his breakfast on. OH! I feel like disappearing forever!! I could feel everyone's eyes were on me, a girl who's wearing baju kurung and carrying a big bag early in the morning. But, it's still great that I didn't slide and fell down. Or I'll absolutely cancel my way to the interview.

     Arrived at the faculty, there's already lots of applicants there. I checked my name, and went for the written test. I saw others brought in big pencil cases and lot's of stationery. But I was just holding two blue pens. =_=;; The objective question was, wow.. so high-leveled. It took my 7 times to re-read, and I need to read again for each question I was answering. Because it's just one hour, I speed up and turn to the essay section.

     'Write about 250 words about dangers of social networks to the teenagers.'

     Wow.. it has been months I didn't hold a pen and write an essay that long. Luckily, my brain wasn't jammed that time, and I could write out every ideas that came into my mind. The only annoying thing was, my table kept shaking and shaking each time I was writing. It's frustrating.

     Okay then, here's where I went to the torturing part. *kidding.. heee* I met another applicants. While I was being worried because I didn't bring a passport sized photo and other certificates, I also talked with the others. The challenging thing was, they're speaking. In English. I know it shouldn't be a problem for an Asasi TESL's applicant like me. But, my weakness is, I can't converse in English confidently. *huuhu..*

     My name was the fifth. So, after I have been waiting nervously for the bell to ring, I stepped inside. I handed the panels my files. Then I carefully sat down on the chair.

     "Okay.. so introduce yourself." She asked.

     I took a deep breathe, and answered, "I'm an 18 years old girl who loves to write stories. *smile*"

     Weirdly, she looked at me. Along with chuckles, she responded. "So the first thing you want me to know about you was, you love to write stories?"

     Okay I admit the moment she said that, I regretted on why I introduced myself like that. But, actually I've planned to say such thing from the day I applied for this program. You know, they said don't tell something the interviewer already know - name, school, b'place, etc - Just, I don't know why only now I regretted it when she said that.

     Then, we're talking about my inactiveness in sports (yeah, I'm weak at sports..), and even about my internet connection which was cut by my dad so I can focus on my SPM.. haha~ the interviewers were really good at vanishing my nervous feelings, though I was going to burst anytime. *I kept swinging my legs throughout the interview. I doubt they didn't noticed it.*

     Then it ended. I came down to see my parents.

     "Eh, it didn't take too long?" Mum said. I just smiled. Ah.. what a tiring and regretful day..

I don't know if I was good enough to compare with other more fluent and confident applicants.. T_T Well, I tried my hard.. so, goodluck for me..^^


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err. when you said you gave them file. whats in it? :D