Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Got UiTM's TESL Foundation.. waa..^^

okay.. maybe since my last post regarding my interview story (just below this post) kinda making me feel sad, I didn't update my blog until the day I got the UPU result.. haha..

Seriously, I was having a total frustration if there's anyone mentioning TESL.. ever since..

Until yesterday, it's the day to check for UPU. A friend of mine, Fatin (the one who saved my life by calling me in the morning telling me about the interview) called me and said she didn't get the TESL Foundation. I was like.. "What? What about me?" Okay.. my heart was pounding so hard like it's trying to escape my rib cage. (exaggerating~)

So at 2, I went to Nora's house together with Sunmie.. together, we checked for ours. But argh, Sunmie and my netbook can't load the page. So, Nora checked first. Wow! She got Biological Science Foundation in SARAWAK! Hysterically we screamed.. *her mom cried* Sunmie checked hers, and she got Poli for Civil Engineering.. I was impressed coz she also got what she wants before!

Then I checked mine. I entered my IC no. and clicked -ENTER-.. nervous, I covered the screen with my palm. Slowly, I lowered it.. and then I see..

Like crazy.. I screamed despite my sore throat from coughing.. wow! I never expected it.. coz I wasn't selected for the IPG interview, so there's less hope for me.. but this really shocked me. It's my first choice on UPU. I did COUNTLESS humiliating things that interview day. Alhamdulillah, thanks for realizing my dream.

Believe me. Since yesterday, I've been staring at this result for hours. Because I still don't believe it.


fang_extreme said...

hi,I'm Afirul,i was the one who tweeted u earlier^^

aku said...

congrats lil sis :)