Friday, August 5, 2011

[My Non-Fictions] Ice cream and I~♥

My mum told me about this habit of mine when I was little~ keke..

When my dad bought ice cream, don't mind whatever it is (Walls, Nestle.. and even Pong.. hah~) I'll have this one habit..

I won't sleep at night untill I AM THE ONE that finish the ice cream..

So childish, but I am a little child that time~ haha!

Mum said, even when it was 9 pm (live at Sabah before, so the 9pm can be consider as LATE NIGHT) I won't close my eyes.. my parents were confused why I'm still awake (but I didn't told them I want to eat the ice cream..)

Until my dad shove the icecream in front of me.. I finished it, and then I cleaned up and go to sleep~ haha..

Even now, my dad kept teasing me with that each time he bought ice creams~ aish~ 
p/s : But now I don't fancy ice cream as much as before.. coz I dislike sweet food~ *tangy is my fave!*

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